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Adam C. Parris is the founder of Searching for Value, an investment educational website dedicated to empowering individual investors to achieve their investment dreams.

Adam runs a Investment Analysis Program, endorsed by prominent fund managers. You can check it more


Little Bluey Portfolio Update – From $1,000 Into $10,000
This year has presented investors great opportunities to purchase great Australian companies at great prices. And, we may not see an opportunity like this for some time. The Little Bluey portfolio certainty benefitted from this period.
What ASX Stocks To Buy?
In our search for high-quality, safe companies to buy and hold, a few still stand out.
The Price You Pay Determines The Base Earning Yield
A sample $1,000 portfolio, Australia-style.
The Truth About The Earnings Power Value
The cost of capital is knowable but not notable. What I mean by this is that the cost of capital is an important concept to understand, but implementing it in to practice causes more troubles than what it is worth.
Make The UK Economy Great Again
Investing in stocks not traded in our own country requires us to assess the foreign country’s rules and laws that govern its political and economic systems. And even then, an event like Brexit creates clouds of uncertainty.
Analysis: The Fuzzy Thinking In The Value Vs. Growth Debate
In this video, I make the case for why you should not separate “value’ from “growth’ in your investment approach.


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Work Experience

Founder & Coach
Searching for Value
January 2015 - Present (7 years 9 months)

Searching for Value (SfV) was created to coach individual investors how to invest smarter, by providing them with the core investment principles and strategies used by the World Class Investors. 

Apart from coaching students, my other role is to rationally allocate the earnings from the website at an internal rate of return greater than 20 percent (before tax).

Volta Prize
January 2015 - March 2016 (1 year 3 months)

I created Volta because Australia is falling behind the world in transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy and Australia’s productivity has been stagnant for over 8 years. The competition was initially targeting the heavy vehicle automotive industry.


University of Canberra
Bachlors of Accounting & Commerce
2011 / 2017
Columbia Business School
2013 / 2013
Value Investing