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Adam C. Parris is the founder of Searching for Value, an investment educational website dedicated to empowering individual investors to achieve their investment dreams. Adam runs a Investment Analysis Program, endorsed by prominent fund managers. You can check it more

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Little Bluey Portfolio Update – From $1,000 Into $10,000
This year has presented investors great opportunities to purchase great Australian companies at great prices. And, we may not see an opportunity like this for some time. The Little Bluey portfolio certainty benefitted from this period.
What ASX Stocks To Buy?
In our search for high-quality, safe companies to buy and hold, a few still stand out.
The Price You Pay Determines The Base Earning Yield
A sample $1,000 portfolio, Australia-style.
The Truth About The Earnings Power Value
The cost of capital is knowable but not notable. What I mean by this is that the cost of capital is an important concept to understand, but implementing it in to practice causes more troubles than what it is worth.
Make The UK Economy Great Again
Investing in stocks not traded in our own country requires us to assess the foreign country’s rules and laws that govern its political and economic systems. And even then, an event like Brexit creates clouds of uncertainty.
Analysis: The Fuzzy Thinking In The Value Vs. Growth Debate
In this video, I make the case for why you should not separate “value’ from “growth’ in your investment approach.
Quantitative Analysis Of The Balance Sheet: When The Rubber Hits The Road
A quantitative analysis of the balance sheets of the major Tire & Rubber Companies, which are out of favor with investors and could be a great investment.
Wesfarmers' Overstating Coles' Earnings
We explore Warren Buffet's owner-earnings earnings concept to several listed companies.
Could The Coming Wesfarmers Coles Demerger Turn Into A Train Wreck?
Australian Holding company Wesfarmers is demerging it's largest holding company, Coles. And we'll explore if we should purchase an ownership share in Coles?
The Last Mover Advantage
Identifying the variables that contribute to the success of an organization is hard. It requires the investor to conduct a multi-variable analysis and identify other factors besides the mythical First Mover Advantage
Corporate Tax Rate Changes Causing Distorted Final Earnings Figures
President Trump's corporate tax cuts have produced large one-off gains and losses distorting reported earnings, but is it all that it seems?
How Your Learning Process Is Intertwined With Your Investment Process
Some ask "Why do the majority of individual investors under perform the market over a 20 & 30 year period?" The correct question is "What does the learning process of the individual investor encompass and how can it be improved."
The Secret To Achieving Warren Buffett’s Success
Warren Buffett gave a talk to Columbia business school students and the last question that was asked was, what was his secret for success? His response may surprise you as anyone can do it.
1 to 13 of 13 Posts