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Adam C. Parris is the founder of Searching for Value, an investment educational website dedicated to empowering individual investors to achieve their investment dreams. Adam runs a Investment Analysis Program, endorsed by prominent fund managers. You can check it more


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Don't Know How To Pick Shares? Do This Before You Do...
A member asked an important question... 'I have $2,000 to 3,000 saved that I want to invest, but how do I pick stocks? Because I don't want to miss out.' The general advice I'd give to you is the same advice I'd give to my sisters or brother, which is...
Pre-order The Book On Amazon!
Invest your money into Australia's best companies. Get the list of 50 prominent Australian companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). Australian companies growing and creating value for its shareholders, and contributing to Australia's social and economic prosperity.
New Videos | YouTube Channel - The Shoe Shiner Kid On Wall Street.
New youtube channel discussing all things related to stocks. * Valuation * Strategy * Commentary * Conversations with Investors
What You Need To Know About The High Yield Credit Cycle
Want to know in real-time when the market is turning Bearish or Bullish? We'll understanding the Credit Market will give you these clues.
(the) Two Minute / Formula - A Formula For Finding Undervalued Stocks
Find that golden needle in the haystack with the 2 minute formula!
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Road to Mastery Series Update
The Road To Mastery: What Is Investment Analysis?
What is Investment Analysis? What are the key factors involved in conducting an analysis of a stock? Has it changed since Benjamin Graham layout the the investment framework since 1934?
The Discovery Series | Identify, Observe, Decision, And Action (IODA)
This Discovery Series post is produced to show you how to conduct an industry analysis, and identify potential investment opportunities within complex systems.
New | 10-Week Investment Analysis Program
A 10-Week in-depth Investment Analysis Program for Immediate Investors.
A Sound Premise Used To Support An Unsound Conclusion
This is an open letter to all financial media organisations to stop referring to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as investments. Thinking that you're investing in Bitcoin or any other speculative cryptocurrency is like playing with dog shit thinking you're playing with brown play-dough.
GE Annual Meeting 2018
I'd hate to be managements position to explain why they prematurely booked revenues before actually receiving them.
Your Learning Investment Process
Learn how to improve your investment performance by improving your learning process.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts