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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ...more


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US Retail Sales Beat Expectations – USD Follows
US retail sales finally shine: headline sales are up 0.6% in July, on top of a significant upwards revision for June: 0.3% against 0.2% originally reported.
The Week Ahead: US Housing Data And Time To Digest
The inconclusive UK elections found Theresa May scrambling to form a coalition. She is pressured to soften her stance on Brexit, but the UK could face a fresh round of elections should her coalition crumble.
Technical Levels For Majors And Crosses – Mid-June
It is the middle of June and currencies are on the move amid the all-important Fed decision.
GBP/USD: Between Rock And A Hard Place
UK data is important with rising inflation boosting the pound. The BOE convenes amid a worsening dilemma about interest rates. Which way will the pound go?
The Week Ahead: All About The (Dovish?) Fed Hike
The highly anticipated June decision will likely result in the third rate hike in six months. But given some weakness in the economy, will the Fed hint about a break?
ECB: The Beginning Of The End Of QE?
The ECB is moving slowly but the economy’s growth has accelerated. Does the economy still need intensive care?
UK Elections: GBP Waiting To Explode, But To Which Direction?
With leads of between 1% to 11% for the Tories, a lot depends on the turnout. The pound could certainly move ahead of the results but are we bearish or bullish?
All Set For Super-Duper Thursday
Markets are tense and somewhat worried ahead of three huge events on Thursday: the ECB, Comey’s testimony, and the British elections. USD/JPY reflects the worries with a drop while the choppiness is clear to see in cable.
The Week Ahead: Critical ECB Decision, UK Elections And More
After a focus on the US, markets now shift to the old continent. In the UK, the night between Thursday and Friday could be critical for the pound as election results are finalized.
Eyeing Earnings In The NFP – Video Preview
If the Fed is data dependent, earnings are the most important data point. They combine jobs and inflation, core inflation. The initial reaction to the headline jobs figure could easily turn into the wrong one.
How To Use The Forex Fibonacci
Beginner traders feel like they have achieved something by dragging out the indicator and making a perfectly symmetrical swirl, but Fibonacci is a lot more than a pretty indicator.
Trading The Trump Scandals And Not Improbable Impeachment
The Russia investigation refuses to let go, just like Clinton’s email were omnipresent on the campaign trail. How does this affect markets? The US dollar is reacting.
June Begins With The NFP Buildup And More
After a long weekend, the week is about the Non-Farm Payrolls, this time with few preparations. Trump is back in Washington but so is Comey, in testimony that could turn explosive. Top-tier figures from other countries could also prove interesting.
EUR/USD Rally Was Fully Justified, But Can It Break High Resistance?
Our special focus is on euro/dollar, which gradually made its way to the upside. The odds are improving for the common currency.
Technical Levels To Watch – Last Week Of May 2017
The dollar dropped on Trump’s troubles but managed to recover, or at least correct. Some currency pairs have reached new highs and some are redefining ranges. What lines should we watch?
Wrap-up Consolidation Ahead Of The Fed Minutes
The US dollar manages to stabilize as the euro consolidates its gains. Will the Fed raise rates in June? This is an open question and the minutes could provide some answers. The loonie is on a better footing as it awaits OPEC and the pound hugs 1.30.
1 to 16 of 179 Posts
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