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Yohay Elam has been into forex trading for over 5 years, and shares the experience and the knowledge accumulated after taking a short course about forex. Like many forex traders, Elam has earned the significant share of his knowledge the hard way. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ... more


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EUR/USD Has Three Fundamental Reasons To Rise
EUR/USD trades around 1.1350, sticking to familiar ranges and not going anywhere fast. There are three fundamental reasons to favor the upside for the pair.
Cryptos Are Under Hard Caps
Bitcoin got close to 4K while Ethereum and Ripple surged. However, after the necessary correction and consolidation, things have worsened.
EUR/USD Set To Fall As It Cannot Bank On Good News
EUR/USD is trading around 1.1330 once again after it topped 1.1370 late on Wednesday. It fails to gain despite two positive developments.
EUR/USD Fears American Tariffs On European Cars
EUR/USD is trading around the 1.1300 level, consolidating moves from previous days. US President Donald Trump repeated his satisfaction from progress in the US-Chinese trade talks.
3 Reasons For Euro/Pound To Rise, And Where To
Bad news may be priced into the euro and not to the pound.
EUR/USD Trying To Recover, But It Has Limits
EUR/USD is “hugging” the familiar 1.1300 level once again after kicking off the week with a move to the upside.
EUR/USD Downside Looks Attractive For These Three Reasons
EUR/USD remains depressed below 1.1300, unable to stage a meaningful recovery. Markets are down, suffering from a risk-off mood that also pushes EUR/USD lower.
EUR/USD Is Still Worried Despite Three Reasons To Rise
EUR/USD is trading above 1.1300, balanced after recovering from the two-month lows at 1.1257. Stock markets are optimistic amid three positive drivers. The positive mood weighs on the safe-haven US Dollar.
Crypto Confluences Point To Losses, At Least In The Short Term
Ethereum led the rise of cryptocurrencies from the lows, Ripple enjoyed it as well, and Bitcoin also moved a bit higher. After consolidating, Bitcoin is best-positioned, or better said: the least badly-positioned.
EUR/USD Stable Above The Triple Bottom Amid Some Hopes
EUR/USD is trading below 1.1300, unable to recover from Monday’s fall.
EUR/USD: When All Talks Are Stuck, The Only Way Is Down
EUR/USD is trading around in the lower 1.1300s, unable to stage a recovery after a downward week. Apart from ongoing concerns about the slowdown in Europe, three sets of negotiations remain stuck and weigh on the mood.
USD/CAD Forecast Feb. 11-15 – Canadian Dollar Loses Luster
With the Canadian economy showing signs of a slowdown, the mood of consumers remains fragile.
EUR/USD Depressed By Trade And The Economies
Eurodollar is trading in the lower half of the 1.1300 handle after extending its losses. The latest disappointment came from developments around trade talks.
EUR/USD Pressured By Data, But May Be Oversold
Euro dollar is trading close to 1.1350, in a slow yet persistent grind to the downside.
EUR/USD Downfall Continues Gradaully
EUR/USD is trading below 1.1400, extending its losses in a gradual downward drift.
EUR/USD: Pressure Mounts After Losing Critical Support
EUR/USD is trading closer to 1.1400, extending its falls.
1 to 16 of 2924 Posts
1 2 3 ... 183