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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Britons Face "Perfect Storm" Of Rising Taxes, Heating Costs, & Food Inflation
The British people are facing a serious cost-crunch in terms of their cost of living as heating costs surge up to 50% while taxes climb and inflation eats away at people's earnings.
Sunday Funnies: Iceland Unveils Its Own Meta- 'Verse' Where "Everything Is Real"
A meta take on Meta, courtesy of Iceland.
Visualizing The Rise And Fall Of Social Media Platforms
A look back at the rise and fall of social media platforms – and possibly a glimpse at the future of social media as well.
10 Years And 401% Later: A Look At The Longest "Bull Market" Ever
Since March 9, 2009 the S&P 500 has climbed by 306% in price, or 15.2% annualized, while including dividends, the index has generated a total return of 401% (17.5% annualized), ranking in the 94th percentile of 10-year annualized returns since 1880.
Key Democrat Admits Trump Has Authority To Declare National Emergency To Build Wall
Democratic Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), chair of the House Armed Services Committee, admitted that President Trump has the authority to declare a national emergency and have the military build a wall along the US-Mexico border.
In 1995, Steve Jobs Explained Exactly How Apple Will Fail
With Apple's share price hitting record highs we are reminded of none other than Steve Jobs 'lost interview' from 1995 on how tech monopolies die.
White House Releases 55-Page, $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
Just like Trump promised during his State of the Union address late last month, the White House has released an infrastructure package Monday that hopes to raise $1.5 trillion to help rebuild American roads, bridges and airports.
China Deleveraging Hits Corporate Bonds As Cascade Effect Begins
Following the market lockdown during October’s Party Congress, many commentators were disturbed by the continued rise in Chinese government bond yields as we returned to “business as usual”, with the 10-year rising to 4%.
Kyle Bass Interviews Mark Cuban: "AI Will Help The FANG Stocks Crush Bitcoin"
Cuban insists ICOs are “an opportunity” though he says he avoids the “speculative” side of the market....which is confusing because the market is a massively speculative bubble where products are rare and “pitches” are legion.
Natixis Warns, US Economy Will "Slow Down Substantially" In 2018
As US GDP growth rises at 3% or more for the second quarter in a row, French investment bank Natixis urges investors to prepare for the U.S. economy to "slow down substantially" as early as 2018.
Gundlach Warns "The Order Of The Financial System Is About To Be Turned Upside Down"
Gundlach showed how investors in European “junk” bonds are willing to accept the same no-default return as they are for U.S. Treasury bonds, pointing out that this phenomenon has been caused by "manipulated behavior" by central banks.
Watch Live: Former Equifax CEO Faces Congressional "Public Shaming" Over Hack Farce
Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith can expect a serious grilling this morning as he faces a congressional hearing into the utter farce surrounding the company's gross mishandling of a cyber-security breach.
Retail Investors Are Piling Into "The Most Dangerous Trade In The World"
It shouldn't be too surprising that the XIV exchange-traded note - which is designed to deliver the inverse performance of the well-known CBOE Volatility Index (or the VIX) - is attracting fresh attention after surging 87 percent this year.
Carson Block Says "Laws Of Economics" Dictate China Will Face "Day Of Reckoning"
Chinese government’s massive stimulus has led to a potentially destabilizing explosion of corporate-debt growth in the world’s second-largest economy.
Jeff Gundlach Explains Why It's Time To Sell US Stocks, Buy Emerging Markets
In terms of his recommendation this year, Gundlach suggested that emerging markets will likely outperform the overvalued US stock market, and that he would short the SPY.
Kyle Bass Warns "All Hell Is About To Break Loose" In China
China's credit system expanded "too recklessly and too quickly," and "it's beginning to unravel," warns Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass.
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