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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Here Comes China's "National Team" To Bailout Markets
Earlier today we said that with Chinese stocks suffering historic losses, HK's tech sector imploding..
Ether Trading Volume Growth Beat Bitcoin's In H1 For The First Time
Total ETH volume reached $1.4 trillion, up 1,461% from $92 billion in H1 2020.
Apple Reports Blockbuster Quarter: Record Service Revenue, Blowout Iphone Sales... But No Guidance And Stock Drops
Apple didn’t give guidance for the current quarter, the one where it will announce its next slate of devices. 
Microsoft Shares Slide Despite Top- & Bottom-Line Beat
Microsoft's fiscal year total revenues were $168.1 billion, up 18% with diluted EPS up 40%.
Strong 5Y Auction Stops On The Screws Ahead Of An FOMC Meeting Nobody Is Afraid Of
Overall, it may not have been as strong as yesterday's 2Y auction but there was enough demand for 5Y paper to suggest that virtually nobody is worried about a major hawkish surprise tomorrow.
Tencent Shares Tumble As WeChat Removed From Chinese App Stores
Beijing's crackdown on its education and tutoring industry continued Tuesday, further rattling Chinese stocks traded in Hong Kong and the US.
Goldman Applies For Blockchain And DeFi ETF
On Monday the bank which has been increasingly ramping up its exposure to cryptocurrencies in recent months filed an application with the SEC for a crypto ETF.
Tesla Jumps After Beating On Top And Bottom Line
Tesla managed to set a record for vehicle deliveries in the second quarter: 201,250 cars.
Surprisingly Strong 2Y Auction Stops Through, Sees Most Directs Since 2019
In the end, the bulls were right by 0.2bps, which is how much the just completed 2Y auction priced inside the 0.215%. When Issued, stopping out at 0.213%, and some 3.6bps lower than the June 2Y auction.
Tesla Q2 Earnings: China Remains Key, Questions Loom About Bitcoin, Batteries, Bailouts And The FSD Bait And Switch
There's going to be a long list of topics on the mind of Tesla investors, skeptics, analysts, and the financial media alike during Tesla's upcoming Q2 earnings report.
New Home Sales Crash In June To Lowest Since April 2020
Against expectations of a 3.7% MoM jump, new home sales plunged 6.6% MoM in June (and worse still May was revised lower from -5.9% to -7.8%)
Semi Shortage May Let Up For Autos, But Broader Supply To Remain Limited Until 2022
The global semiconductor shortage looks as though it could finally be turning a corner for the automotive industry. Smartphone production, however, may have to continue to suffer from deficient supply until well into 2022.
Judge Refuses To Identify Five Market Participants Accused Of VIX Manipulation
LJM Partners lost $446.8 million in one day from the market moves, wiping out 86.5% of its assets in seconds. On Friday a federal judge refused to identify five market participants accused in the lawsuit of manipulating the VIX index.
In Shocking Overhaul China Bans For-Profit Tutoring, Wiping Out Billions In Value
Public tutoring companies will no longer be allowed to raise capital via stock markets, while outright acquisitions are forbidden; all vacation and weekend tutoring related to the school syllabus is now off-limits.
The Massive Costs Behind The Olympic Games
Tokyo is just the latest of a number of host cities to learn a harsh economic lesson.
How Much Of A Risk Is The Coming Debt Limit?
According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimate released on July 21, the Treasury will exhaust its ability to finance government activities in October or November.
1 to 16 of 13824 Posts
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