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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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NY Fed Inflation Expectations Plunge Most On Record, But There Is A Catch...
Today, the NY Fed released its latest Consumer Expectations survey which showed a record drop in short-, medium- and longer-term inflation expectations
Nvidia Plunges After Preannouncing Terrible Q2 Results, Slashes Guidance, Blames "Macroeconomic Headwinds"
Nvidia preannounced disappointing Q2 earnings more than 2 weeks early, blaming the reverse bullwhip effect for taking $1.3 billion of charges "primarily for inventory" and slashing guidance due to "lower sell-in of gaming products.
Consumer Credit Surged In June, 2nd Largest Monthly Increase Ever
Consumer credit rebounded dramatically with an additional $40.154 billion piled on (well above the expectation of a $27 billion rise). That is the second largest monthly spike in consumer credit in history.
In Desperate Need Of FX, Turkish Central Bank Sends Gold To London
Amid economic turmoil that’s weakening the Turkish lira, CBRT is likely using its gold at BOE as collateral for foreign exchange (FX) loans. Turkey’s situation is reminiscent of Venezuela several years ago. ​​​​​
Despite ISM Slump, US Factory Orders Soared In June
This factory orders increase comes as ISM's survey shows manufacturing orders tumbling.
Key Events This Busy Week: Jobs, ISM, And Even More Central Banks And Earnings
Before the BoE, economists expect the RBA to also hike +50bps tomorrow.
Enough With The Focus On Jobs: They Will Tell You Nothing About The Recession
JOLTS began to decline on a year-over-basis some five months after the economy started losing steam and will continue to lag, offering no real clues for changes in monetary policy.
Biden Nemesis Exxon Reports Record Earnings As Company Prints $20 Billion In Cash
Exxon reported record Q2 earnings which smashed expectations and also reiterated guidance while maintaining its generous buyback program.
Amazon Soars After Smashing Top-Line Expectations Thanks To Solid AWS, Blows Away Guidance
Not only did Amazon beat on the top line and reported stellar AWS growth, but also guided solidly above consensus.
Facebook Slides After Miss On Top And Bottom Line, Atrocious Guidance Amid "Weak Ad Demand"
One quarter after imploding after catastrophic Q1 earnings, Meta has doubled down with an even uglier set of earnings after the close which not only missed on the top and bottom line but also guided far below consensus expectations.
Fed Hikes 75bps: Remains "Highly Attentive" To Inflation But Cautions Economy "Softening"
FOMC acknowledges that “spending and production have softened,” yet also affirms that “job gains have been robust in recent months”.
European Gas Soars As Russia Throttles NS1 Flows To Just 20% Of Capacity
Less than 24 hours after EU countries approved the European executive's emergency natural gas consumption proposed cut of 15%, Russia further throttled gas supplies Wednesday.
Boeing Misses Across The Board But Stock Jumps After Operating Cashflow Unexpectedly Turns Positive
It was another ugly quarter from Boeing which missed on the top and bottom line, again, with unexpected weakness from the company's defense segment.
Google Jumps Despite Missing On Top & Bottom Line Thanks To Stronger Ad Sales
Alphabet reported earnings that missed on both revenue and EPS, and yet GOOGL​​​​​​​ stock is, at least for now, higher in kneejerk response.
Shopify Shares Slump After Reports Of Major Layoffs
Shopify’s job cuts are among the largest so far in a wave of layoffs and hiring freezes that is washing over technology companies.
Here Comes The Earnings Barrage: Highlights From GE, GM, 3M, RTX, MCD And UPS
A snapshot of General Electric, McDonald's, Raytheon, 3M, General Motors, and United Parcel Service, Inc. quarterly earnings.
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