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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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WTI Fails To Extend Overnight OPEC+ Gains Despite Big Crude Draw
Oil prices are up overnight, with WTI topping $74 (and Brent topping $75 - a fresh two-year high), after a bigger than expected crude draw reported by API.
Warren Buffett Resigns From Gates Foundation Board
Buffett, now 90, announced his decision to step down from the Gates Foundation board in a statement that also announced he had reached the halfway point in giving his Berkshire Hathaway shares to charity.
WTI Rebounds Back Above $73 After Bigger Than Expected Crude Draw
Oil retreated on the day after Brent topped $75/bbl in London for the first time in over two years, as Russia and other OPEC+ nations were said to consider increasing production.
Bitcoin Tumbles Below $30,000 For First Time Since January
Bitcoin has dropped below $30,000 for the first time since January. Ethereum is also ugly this morning, breaking below $2000.
Meet The One Chipmaker The Entire World Is Now Depending On
There is no doubt about it: Taiwan Semiconductor has emerged as the world's most important chipmaker.
Oil Rises Above $73 As Iran Talks Again Fail To Reach Deal
Iranian negotiators in Vienna confirm that they plan to continue pressing toward a deal after Iran's presidential election weekend.
Top Ag Traders Forecast "Mini Supercycle"
Higher commodity prices are great news for farmers who can boost incomes and reinvest into operations. Many farmers have seen their net incomes deteriorate over the last decade.
Bitcoin, Ether Tumble As China's Crypto Crackdown Continues
Bitcoin, ether and most other crypto tokens tumbled to their lowest levels in more than a week Monday morning as more FUD out of China appeared to rattle traders.
Finding New Ways To Cool Data Centers Is Big Tech's Newest Arms Race
Engineers are scrambling to suppress costs as much as possible by finding new and innovative ways to cool the processors in their data centers (since cooling often accounts for half, or more, of a data center's energy usage).
HH Cars On US Highways Hit Record Age, May Unleash Repair Boom
More and more Americans are driving older cars. A new report found the average age of a vehicle on US highways hit a record high of 12.1 years in January. What this suggests is that a repair and maintenance boom may lie ahead.
Lacy Hunt Warns Fed Has Reached Its Limit, Sees 'Inflation Today, Deflation Tomorrow'
Dr Lacy Hunt made a strong case in a keynote presentation that deflation -- not inflation -- will win the day going forward. He predicts that much of the sudden sharp rise we are seeing in input prices will indeed be transitory.
"They're Not Going Away" - Retail Trading Continued To Surge During First Half Of 2021
Thanks to zero-commission trading and the advent of payment for order flow, retail's share of average daily US equity-market turnover rose to 20%, double its level from a decade ago.
Australia Takes China To WTO Over Wine Tariffs As Biggest Export Market Gutted
Australia continues reeling from its ongoing trade war with China, lately seeing retaliatory tariffs cause the price of wine to double or triple in China, essentially wiping out Australia's biggest export market.
High Churn Rate Of Amazon Workers Alarms Execs Worried About Labor Shortage
An untold story about Amazon's workforce is its high turnover rate even before the virus pandemic. Many of the over 350,000 workers Amazon hired in 2020 stayed with the company for just a couple of weeks.
Here Are All The "Technical Obstacles" Standing In The Way Of Global Corporate Tax Deal
Reality will ultimately limit the degree by which the US corporate tax rate can be raised. The G-7 deal will require the consent of dozens of nations.
"Bullard Bomb" Sparks Quad-Witch Chaos, Yield Curve Collapse
There have never before been so many S&P 500 stocks plunging to 1 month lows, while SPX is trading this close to all time highs. Meanwhile Gold was clubbed like a baby seal, suffering its worst week since March 2020.
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