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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is thelead writer at ZeroHedge. Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity. After having experienced the inner workings of capitalism at various asset managers and advisors, Tyler believes that the current model is ...more


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Bond Yields Soar As Rate-Cut Hopes Plunge; Stocks, Oil, & Gold All Sold
A quiet macro day in the US, a mixed bag of regional Fed survey data, followed a hotter-than-expected inflation print in Germany, which sparked a further hawkish shift lower in rate-cut expectations.
How The War Redirected Ukraine's Grain Exports
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the temporary blockage of its Black Sea ports have redirected the flow of grain from "the world's breadbasket". When the war stopped the flow of Ukrainian grain, food commodity prices surged to unprecedented levels.
Blackrock Surpasses Grayscale As World's Largest Bitcoin ETF
GBTC saw $105.2M withdrawn, its biggest one-day outflow in over two weeks, while BlackRock's IBIT added $101.9M. IBIT has now surpassed GBTC as the world's largest bitcoin ETF, with $19.795B vs. $19.758B for GBTC.
Yields Surge After Ugly 2Y Auction As Foreign Demand Tumbles
This was a very ugly auction that saw very weak demand from foreign buyers, forcing Direct bidders and Dealers to step in.
Boeing's Starliner Crewed ISS Mission Will Still Launch Despite Helium Leak
After a nearly 1-month delay, NASA and Boeing (BA​​​​​​​) are moving forward with the CST-100 Starliner launch despite a helium leak. This crewed mission will mark the first time the spacecraft ferries astronauts to the International Space Station.
Regular Cannabis Users Exceeds Drinkers For First Time Ever
For the first time, a nationwide study on tobacco, alcohol, drug use, mental health, and other health issues found that daily cannabis use has surpassed daily beer or vodka consumption.
First Time Since GFC: Holders Of AAA 'CRE-Backed' Debt Hit With Losses
Investors holding a tranche of top-rated debt backed by commercial real estate have suffered losses for the first time since the housing meltdown collapsed the economy 16 years ago. This development signals a worsening multi-year downturn.
DARPA And DoD-Backed AI Chip Company Seeks To Raise $70 Million
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is hurriedly throwing in with the ongoing AI trend. It is backing a company called EnCharge AI Inc., which seeks to build chips specifically suited for AI.
Rents Are Plunging In These Major U.S. Cities
This year's increase is not only smaller than usual but also less than the growth observed in the previous month, bringing the national median rent in April to $1,396.
Average US Vehicle Age Hits 12.6 Years As Inflation Takes Toll
Cars, trucks, and SUVs across the U.S. are getting older, with the average vehicle age now at a record 12.6 years. According to S&P Global Mobility, high prices for new cars and massive economic pressures on buyers account for the trend.
52% Of Top US Hedge Funds Own Bitcoin ETFs
In a blog post published this week, Bitcoin app River noted that over 534 entities, each managing assets exceeding $1 billion, have now incorporated Bitcoin ETFs into their portfolios.
OJ Prices Squeeze Into Blue-Sky Breakout As Food Inflation Fears Soar
Orange juice futures in New York surged to new record highs on Friday morning, with prices squeezing over 30% in just a few short weeks. The price jump comes as citrus crop troubles across Brazil and the US continue to worsen global supply fears.
First McDonald's, Now Burger King Admits Consumers Are Broke With Planned Reintroduction Of $5 Meal Deal
The bigger story is that mega-corporations are cutting prices and offering deals because, as Goldman has shown, working-poor consumers have hit a proverbial brick wall. 
NYC Tourists Expected To Generate $4.9 Billion In Tax Revenue For The City
While residents and businesses continue to pour out of New York City in favor of tax-friendlier locations, tourists appear to be doing all the heavy lifting in helping the city raise tax revenue. 
'Best' Macro Week In 4 Months Is Bad News For Most; But Nasdaq And Ethereum Surged
After six straight weeks of 'weakness,' US Macro Surprise data surged higher this week (which is 'good news') - it's biggest positive weekly shift since January. And that 'good news' sent rate-cut expectations tumbling (hawkishly) lower.
NVDA Tops $2.5 Trillion As Traders Sell Everything Else On 'Good News'
NVDA smashed earnings and guidance out of the park and shares exploded over 10% higher...to make the AI-darling above $2.5 trillion market cap for the first time.
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