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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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The CPI Is Underrepresenting Food Inflation By 40%: Here's The Proof
Bloomberg suggests that the US government is under-representing arguably the most important aspect of the consumer price inflation basket, that of food, by as much as 40%.
The Week That Finally Burst The Tesla Stock Bubble
It was a week that Elon Musk will want to forget: after a chorus of skepticism about Tesla from the very same analysts that have been bullish on Musk and the automaker for years, the Tesla stock bubble is officially bursting.
Trump Plans Executive Order To Help Lower Health-Care Costs
While Democrats dither over the virtues of 'Medicare for All', the Trump administration is about to embark on an all-out offensive to lower health-care costs in the US.
Crude, Credit, & Yield Curve Collapse As Stock Shorts Soar To 4-Year Highs
US equities were a bloodbath with tech wrecking once again...Trannies are the worst on the week, and The Dow is outperforming (though all are red on the week).
Dow Dumps 400Pts, Below Key Technical Support As Bond Yields, Dollar Plunge
Something finally snapped in market sentiment.
Panic In The Bond Market: Yields Tumble, 10Y Inverts To Fed Funds
The rush to safety means that the 3 Month-10 Year yield curve has once again inverted, dropping to -3.2bps, while the closely watched 2Y-10Y curve is down to just 16bps, and also fast approaching inversion.
Crude Crashes To 2-Month Lows - Breaks Below $60
For the first time since March, WTI Crude is back below $60 as fears over demand (trade tensions) and supply (inventory glut) overwhelm any Mid-East geopolitical risk and is helped by extreme positioning.
Pound Headed For Record 14-Day Losing Streak As May Resignation Expected
Rumors that May had been preparing to resign on Wednesday night didn't pan out, but many still expect May to either resign or decide on a firm departure date before the end of the week
Cryptos Just Flash-Crashed (Again)
Following a mini flash-smash higher this morning, cryptos just knee-jerked abruptly lower across the board...no immediate catalyst was evident.
FOMC Minutes Confirm Hawkish "Transitory" Inflation Outlook, Remains "Patient For Some Time"
There was little discussion about the U.S.-China trade war, a sign that the worsening of tensions since the meeting probably came as a surprise.
Expect A Long Trade War: China Offers Tech Companies Five-Year Tax Break To Offset Tariffs
While the escalation of US trade tariffs and the Huawei blacklisting have reinforced Beijing’s long-standing belief that it has to rely on itself for key technologies and resources, it appears that the opposite is happening.
Qualcomm Shares Crash After Losing Landmark Anti-Trust Case
Just weeks after Qualcomm secured a clear victory in its long-running legal battle with Apple, sending the chipmaker's shares rocketing higher, a federal judge in San Jose ruled against the company in a high-profile anti-trust lawsuit.
Nordstrom Crashes To 8-Year Lows After Slashing Guidance
On the heels of an ugly week for several other retailers, Nordstrom capped the day by crashing after hours to its lowest since August 2011 after missing on revenues and cutting earnings guidance for the fiscal year.
Rare-Earth Stocks All Soar "Limit Up" After Xi's Threat
Chinese rare-earth stocks soared overnight for a second day following the implicit trade restrictions (export ban?) threat signaled by Xi Jinping's visit to JL Mag, a material producer in Jiangxi province.
Amid Soaring Inflation, Turkey Bizarrely Cuts Rates; Lira Tumbles
What do you do if you have borderline hyperinflation coupled with accelerating capital flight and a collapse of international confidence in your country's institutions? In Turkey, the answer is apparently to cut rates.
Tech Wrecks, Semis Slammed As Trump's Trade Turmoil Hammers Huawei
The Nasdaq led today's declines in US markets. Futures show the action really accelerated during European hours as Google and others cut ties from Huawei.
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