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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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Q4 Earnings Shocker: Excluding The FAAMGs, Net Income Is Down 7.5%
With S&P earnings per share set to rise by a modest 2% Y/Y, virtually all of the earnings upside came from just the top 5 biggest companies, which collectively saw their EPS rise by a whopping 16%.
"The Situation Is Evolving" - AAPL Cuts Guidance Due To Virus Disruptions
Apple has issued a press released, admitting it does "not expect to meet the revenue guidance we provided for the March quarter" due to coronavirus related issues.
Cable Sinks To Session Lows As UK Slams "Absurd" EU Trade Rules, Expects "Open & Fair" Competition
The pound tumbled to session lows after Frost's speech.
US Firms In China Suffering "Severe Shortages Of Workers," Warn Virus Impact Hitting Supply Chains
The economies of the world are more interconnected than ever. There are many 'single points of failure' in these complex and global operations, of which many of them originate in China.
China Stocks Surge, S&P Futs Hit All Time High On Latest Chinese Monetary Stimulus
Gains in Europe's Stoxx 600 Index were led by the China-heavy sectors of automakers and miners. US futures climbed, though Wall Street is shut for a holiday, and Treasuries weren’t trading.
"It's Winter-Time For Capital Flow" - Outbreak Sparks Collapse In Chinese Tech Venture Funding
Tech companies in China faced a "capital winter" last year, where funding shortages increased as the global economy continued to decelerate.
Sino-US Trade Flows Reveal The Next Market Crash Could Be Nearing
China and the US have enjoyed two decades of increasing trade flows. But the ugly end of globalization is starting to be realized
Meet The 5 Hedge Fund Managers Who Made More Than $1 Billion Each In 2019
Despite the record inflows into passive investing products and a record amount of Fed liquidity constantly forcing U.S. equity markets to all time highs, there are still "old school" hedge fund managers on the street managing to cash big checks.
Investors Agree To Unprecedented 95% "Gate" As They Hand $3 Billion To Englander's Millennium
Izzy Englander's multi-billion "pod-based" fund, Millennium Management has managed to raise $3 billion without batting an eyelid, a remarkable achievement for a hedge fund at a time when its peers suffered nearly $100 billion in outflows in 2019.
BofA: We Are Witnessing The Biggest Asset Bubble Ever Created By A Central Bank
Investors appear to be buying anything that is not nailed down, resulting in record annualized inflows into bond and equity funds.
China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero
Demand in the construction steel sector has literally hit the bottom, down an unprecedented 88% Y/Y or as Goldman puts it, "construction steel demand is approaching zero".
United Pulls Boeing 737 MAX From Schedule Until September 4
Boeing stock dipped modestly on the news, seemingly ignoring the fact that as of this moment, almost three-quarters of 2020 will pass without most major airlines flying the "cost-effective" airplane.
Nissan Slashes Profit Guidance By 43% As Auto Industry Plunges Deeper Into Recessionary Abyss
Nissan slashed its annual operating profit forecast by a stunning 43%, blaming a slump in vehicle sales.
Headline Retail Sales Steady In January, Control Group Disappointment Sparks GDP Growth Anxiety
After December's massive surge in consumer revolving debt (i.e. credit card spending), one might have expected a retail spending 'hangover' of sorts in January but headline data came in up 0.3% MoM, as expected.
Tesla Prices Offering At $767 Despite Warning About Coronavirus, SEC Subpoena, & Chinese Model X Recalls
Tesla stock is volatile in early trading on Friday morning after the company announced that it priced its recent $2 billion stock offering at an astronomical $767 per share.
Caterpillar Sales Post Biggest Drop In Over Three Years As North America Plunges
If Caterpillar is still the global industrial bellwether and leading manufacturing sector indicator it has been for the past century, then the world is about to enter the worst manufacturing downturn since the financial crisis.
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