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Tyler Durden (pseudonym) is the lead writer at ZeroHedge.  Tyler represents the idea that a return to truly efficient markets is a possibility and a necessity.

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China Refuses To Confirm Trade Deal As Local Media Stays Dead Silent
China indicated that a near-term trade agreement with the U.S. has yet to be completed despite President Trump’s signoff, highlighting the unpredictability of a negotiation process that has rattled global markets and businesses.
US Net Worth Hits All Time High: Just 10% Of Americans Now Own $91 Trillion In Assets
In the third quarter, when the S&P500 rose to a new all-time high, so did US financial assets according to the latest just released Flow of Funds report published by the Fed.
Tremendous Demand In 30Y Treasury Auction Following Morning Rout
From the top to the bottom, this was one of the strongest auctions on record, largely aided by today's dramatic rout across the curve which built up a substantial concession ahead of the auction.
Apple Shares Slide After Credit Suisse Reports Plunge In China Iphone Shipments
Apple shares were already sliding in the pre-market session as tariff fears re-emerged but a report from Credit Suisse that iPhone shipments fell meaningfully in November sparked considerably more selling pressure.
The Global Auto Market Collapse In 4 Charts
It is no secret that the auto market worldwide has been mired in recession that looks to not have any plans of decelerating anytime soon.
FOMC Leaves Rates Unchanged, Signals No Action Until 2021 Earliest
The Fed leaves federal funds target range unchanged at 1.5%-1.75%, as expected, following three straight cuts.
Boeing Slides After FAA Chief Says 737 MAX Won't Return This Year
Exactly one month ago, Boeing stock soared despite the company's dismal earnings because it claimed that 737 MAX deliveries "could" resume in December.
Aramco Stock Soars Limit Up In Debut After Saudis Force Locals To Buy
Saudi Arabia's oil company Aramco soared 10% limit up on its first day of trading, reaching a valuation of $1.88 trillion, higher than any other publicly traded company in the world.
WTI Slips From 12-Week Highs After Surprise Crude Inventory Build
Against expectations, API reported a surprise 1.41mm barrel crude build - the 11th build of the last 13 weeks.
Mediocre 10Y Auction Sees Sharp Drop In Indirects As All Eyes Turn To Settlement Date
In lights of Pozser's dramatic claim that the Fed is about to lose control of overnight rates resulting in a spike in yields, today's 10Y was hardly evidence of fears.
US Productivity Slumps Most Since 2015
US productivity slipped 0.2% QoQ in Q3 2019, worse than the preliminary 0.1% decline and the biggest QoQ drop since Q4 2015.
China's Pork Hyperinflation Hits A Record 110%, Keeping Credit Growth In Check
China's CPI accelerated further to 4.5% Y/Y in November, well above the 4.2% consensus expectation, and the highest annual increase since 2011, driven by higher inflation in fresh vegetable and hyperinflation pork prices.
Small Business Optimism Surges As Plans To Raise Worker Compensation Soar Most In 30 Years
After stagnating for much of the past year following its 2018 all-time highs, small business optimism posted the largest month-over-month gain in 19 months.
Major Freight Carrier Bankrupted, Leaving 3,000 Truckers Jobless, Many Stranded On Highways
As the manufacturing recession gains momentum, the largest U.S. truckload carrier filed for bankruptcy Monday morning, leaving 3,000 truck drivers and 500 administrative positions without a job two weeks before Christmas.
Stocks Slide As Bond Yields, Dollar Erase Friday Jobs Spike
It appears Friday's "goldilocks" jobs data has not cheered the bond and FX traders as much as the equity algos after all...
Meet The Old School Fund Manager Who Wants To Be The First To Embrace Quantum Computing
Hedge fund manager Michael Hintze of CQS is still a certain type of "old school" but he may be ready to embrace a superfast new technology, saying in a interview that his firm has now turned to "quantum computing".
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