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A Practical Look At How Risk Is Shifting In Sectors
A closer look at market trends through the lens of S&P Composite 1500 data.
How Are Insurance Companies Using ETFs Today?
Insurance companies continue to increase their ETF usage to serve a broad range of functions within their general account portfolios.
Looking Under The Hood Of S&P 500 Information Technology Performance
S&P DJI’s Anu Ganti takes a closer look at the relationship between sectors and factors to explore what’s driving IT’s climb over the past 12 months.
Exploring SPIVA On A Risk-Adjusted Basis
S&P DJI’s Gaurav Sinha takes a closer look at SPIVA data from markets around the globe.
Market Dynamics Amid CARES Act Influx
S&P DJI’s Gaurav Sinha takes a closer look at fixed-income spreads, small- and mid-cap equities, and a potential role for the quality factor moving forward.
How Are India’s Capital Markets Changing?
COVID-19 has left its mark on India’s capital markets, as gains of the past five years were given back in Q1 2020.
Seeking Durability In Dividends
S&P DJI’s Anu Ganti explains how dividend growers are positioned for the current climate.
Exploring Low Volatility Over The Long-Term In India
How does the low volatility factor respond to periods of crisis and do the results tend to hold over the long term in India?
Using Sector & Industry Indices To Uncover Opportunity
S&P DJI’s Anu Ganti explores how index data can be used to inform tactical sector rotation strategies in periods of high volatility.
Is Mid-Cap Outperformance An Illusion?
S&P DJI’s Craig Lazzara explains how style drift could be responsible for inflating the perception of active manager skill.
Is Volatility An Investor’s Friend Or Enemy?
Exploring how high volatility and high dispersion can impact passive and active managers’ performance.
Exploring VIX In Volatile Markets
Exploring what recent historical highs for VIX could mean for equity and commodity markets moving forward.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts