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Gold Breaks Out To A New All-Time High As The U.S. Dollar Drops
Historically, there have been periods when the correlation between gold and the U.S. dollar was significantly negative. Current market conditions are ripe for the strength of negative correlation we are seeing in 2020.
Getting Up To Speed With The Essentials Of Index Construction
Indices offer a wide range of options whereby their calculation methods might vary. Most equity indices are market-cap weighted and float-adjusted, where each stock’s weight in the index is proportional to its float-adjusted market value.
Active Managers’ Outperformance In Brazilian Bond Funds – Skill Or Price Distortion?
Despite the positive results in the short term, fund performance worsened over longer horizons, as 84.8%, 92.0%, and 95.8% of Brazil Corporate Bond Fund managers underperformed the benchmark over the 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods, respectively.
The Beat Goes On For The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats
The bottom line for the Dividend Aristocrats appears to be that they will pay through Q3 2020, and absent a downturn (cash flow), they will also pay through Q4 2020.
Latin American Equity Markets Staged Recovery In Q2 2020 Despite Continuing Battle With COVID-19
Among S&P Latin America BMI sectors, Information Technology (63.2%), Consumer Discretionary (47.6%), and Energy (41.2%) were the best performers for the quarter.
Impact Of Inflation Expectations On Retirement Income
The cost of retirement income rose above USD 25 for most vintages, the first time any such measure recorded a quarter-end reading above USD 25 (based on data since January 2016).
The Less Precious Metal
Silver has soared since mid-March 2020, fueled by renewed industrial demand and investor appetite for alternatives to gold and government bonds.
Why Should You Diversify?
When international stock returns lag, investors may feel tempted to double down on their home market. Historical data suggests the long-term benefits of diversifying globally.
As ETF Fund Flows Surge, Don’t Fight The Fed’s Passive Investing Philosophy
A review of key index-based product performance leading up to the Fed’s intervention and detail the ETF fund flows that followed.
Q2 2020 Performance Review For The S&P Risk Parity Indices
The performance of the S&P Risk Parity Indices exceeded that of the manager composite, which is represented by the HFR Risk Parity Vol 10 Index.
What Is In Store For S&P 500 Dividends? Only Time And The Pace Of Recovery Will Tell
In the first half of 2020, the total amount of dividends paid out by S&P 500 companies rose 5.1% on a year-over-year basis. However, the forward declarations for Q3 2020 show a decline.
Battle Of Factors: Low Volatility Versus High Beta
2020 has surprised us all with a number of firsts. Not only did we witness wild swings in the market from one quarter to the next, but we also saw an unusual performance of commonly followed factors.
A YTD History Of S&P 500 Dividend Increases, Cuts, And Suspensions
In mid-February 2020, S&P 500 issues were easily on track to set their ninth annual record for dividend cash payments, as forecasts called for double-digit 2020 returns. All was good until the word “corona” turned from a beer order into a virus.
Indian Capital Markets Followed Global Trends In The First Half Of 2020
2020 has been overshadowed by the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown across the world.
Wirecard’s Chronically Low ESG Scores Reflected Governance Challenges
What stands out in Wirecard’s ESG score is its poor governance performance. The company received a score of 4 (out of 100) in the governance dimension in the most recent review cycle for the CSA.
Demystifying The June 2020 Annual Dividend Rebalance
During the months of March to May this year, dividend concerns came to the fore as many companies, globally, announced cuts, cancellations, and postponements to their respective dividend programs.
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