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Wirecard’s Chronically Low ESG Scores Reflected Governance Challenges
What stands out in Wirecard’s ESG score is its poor governance performance. The company received a score of 4 (out of 100) in the governance dimension in the most recent review cycle for the CSA.
Demystifying The June 2020 Annual Dividend Rebalance
During the months of March to May this year, dividend concerns came to the fore as many companies, globally, announced cuts, cancellations, and postponements to their respective dividend programs.
A Conundrum In A Different Key
The conundrum arises because low volatility, high dispersion, and high correlation almost never occur at the same time.
Indices Made Remarkable Recovery In Q2
After a volatile start to 2020, many investors were looking at double-digit declines and were probably re-evaluating their 2020 expected returns. But while COVID-19 continued to determine market sentiment, Q2 hosted a remarkable recovery.
Viewing 20 Years Of Indexed Core Assets Growth Through A SPIVA Lens
While S&P DJI’s SPIVA series regularly looks in more depth around the world and by fund style, perhaps now is a good time to review the longer-term trends and continued value behind indexing.
Quality Premium Needs Long-Term Investment Horizon
The quality factor has been outperforming the S&P 500® YTD, an accelerating trend in place since 2019.
S&P/ASX All Technology Index Proved Resilient Through The Pandemic: An Update Following The Q2 Rebalance
The Australian technology industry roared back to life following a steep first-quarter selloff.
BBB Bond Downgrades Added USD 88 Billion To The High-Yield Bond Market YTD
In recent years, one noticeable development in the corporate bond market has been the rapid growth of the BBB bond market in terms of its absolute amount and relative share of investment-grade corporate bonds.
Have Defensive Sectors Stood The Test Of Time In Global Markets?
In March 2020, the S&P Global BMI TR declined 14.3%, marking its third-worst month over the past 25 years.
The Progression Of Passive
The evolution of indexing is one of the most noteworthy trends in modern financial history.
Taking Up The Challenge Of Turbulent Markets With ESG And Multi-Assets
After a long bull market, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the financial markets and put the question of how to earn a smooth return stream over a long period of time back on the table.
Like The Virus, Credit Spreads Could Be At Risk Of A Possible Second Wave
Ever since the Fed released its tsunami of credit, credit markets have rallied the most since the depth of the Global Financial Crisis.
Not That Wrong
Stock markets continue to rally globally, ascending a wall of poor economic data and significant negative sentiment.
Crude Oil Can Get Carried Away By Contango
The long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on commodities markets is not yet known. There have undoubtedly been short-term impacts on supply and demand, ranging from a collapse in oil demand to supply disruptions at individual mines.
2020 – The Dawn Of The Passive Investing Era In India: Part Two
Indian passive trends have continued to favor plain vanilla indices due to their ease of understanding, rather than exploring alternative thematic indices, such as the S&P Kensho New Economies Indices or factor Indices.
From COVID-19 To U.S.-China Tensions, What To Expect Next For Chinese Equities
As China is a non-oil-exporting country with minimized exposure to falling oil price and the Chinese renminbi has remained largely stable relative to other emerging market currencies.
1 to 16 of 240 Posts
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