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EC Is Today’s Bull Market Sustainable?
Economic output and corporate earnings are projected to grow above-trend over the next couple of years. Valuations, however, are a concern.
A 2x4 Costs How Much? U.S. Inflation Comes In Hot Again In May
While May’s inflation numbers came in higher than anticipated, the bulk of the increase in costs continues to be driven by transitory issues that are likely to be resolved later this year as supply catches up to demand.
2021 Active Management Outlook: Will The Rebound Continue?
Opportunities become more pronounced when coming from extreme starting points. Valuation spreads, fiscal/monetary policy, and market concentration are all coming off historically elevated levels.
How Are We Going To Pay For This? That’s The $5.7 Trillion Question
We are 14 months into what many of us would agree is one of the most disruptive crises we will experience in our lifetimes.
5 Reasons Why Rate Increases Are Likely To Slow In The Months Ahead
Financial markets are inherently volatile, and fixed income performs the critical function of offsetting equity market volatility. Seen through that lens, the rise in rates over the past year doesn't seem all too disconcerting. 
Capital Gains Taxes: Squeeze Play On Appreciated Assets
By taxing appreciated assets at death, investors will have fewer options in trying to avoid the capital gain tax.
Taper Time: Bank Of Canada Scales Back Asset-Purchasing Program
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss recent economic data releases from the U.S. and the UK, as well as key central bank announcements.
What Is Liability-Driven Investing?
Liability-driven investing, or LDI is an investment strategy that focuses on matching assets with current and future liabilities.
Private Debt – Outlook For 2021
Providing loans to companies has historically been one of the main components of commercial banking activity and goes back hundreds of years.
Tax Rate Uncertainty: Should Investors Consider Realizing Gains Sooner Vs. Later?
Investors hate uncertainty. Today’s tax rate environment is the definition of uncertainty.
2021 Global Market Outlook – Q2 Update: The Second Coming
Vaccines and U.S. stimulus have the global economy on track for a strong rebound in the second half of the year.
Lower For Longer: Fed Reasserts Accommodative Stance On Interest Rates
A discussion on the recent high-level talks between U.S. and Chinese diplomats and the potential impact on markets, and a recap of the Fed’s announcement from its latest policy meeting.
Don’t Ignore Currency Exposure When Investing Globally
In 2021, U.S. investors are likely to find improved return opportunities in overseas markets. This increased investment offshore creates currency exposure which is often an implicit bet rather than an intentional investment decision.
Could The U.S. Economy Grow By 7% This Year?
A discussion on the latest developments pertaining to COVID-19 relief measures, including the American Rescue Plan and the ECB’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program, and an update on U.S. inflation and equity-market performance.
But Wait, There’s More! The Near-Term Outlook For Credit Markets
With strong returns in the fourth quarter, both investment grade and high yield corporate markets in the U.S. ended the year with positive returns over equivalent duration Treasuries.
Biden Gets His Bazooka: U.S. Fiscal Stimulus Set To Supercharge Economic Recovery
The American Rescue Plan, valued at $1.9 trillion, was passed by the Senate over the weekend and is set to be approved by the House of Representatives tomorrow.
1 to 16 of 195 Posts
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