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The Coronavirus Market Selloff: 3 Watchpoints For Markets
Reports in recent days of new outbreaks in Beijing, Italy, South Korea, and Iran have investors worried about a deeper and more durable threat to the global economy. And these fears are not unfounded.
Will China's Growth Rebound This Year?
The coronavirus outbreak has put the brakes on a Chinese growth rebound in the short-term, but assuming that the outbreak is contained, we expect a slight pickup in China’s year-over-year growth rate.
EC What To Expect From The Fed's Strategic Review
The U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) is undergoing a once-in-a-decade strategic review, with an announcement of its results expected sometime during the first half of the year.
EC Life In A Post-Brexit World: What's Next For The UK?
After today, Britain will not be able to reverse the formal process of exiting the EU by revoking article 50. In that sense, Brexit is final.
Value And Growth Investing: How Are You Positioned?
Conventional wisdom has long held that value stocks and growth stocks work in different ways, and therefore wouldn’t be found in the same mutual fund.
Is Passive Feeding The FAANGed Mega-Cap Beast?
According to researchers from the U.S. Federal Reserve, as of the end of 2018, 47% of total U.S. equity fund assets were in passive funds, up from around 14% in 2005.
Expensive Stocks And Expensive Artwork
Stocks are no different from any other merchandise, yet somehow the expectation is that once you like a stock, you should like it regardless of price.
Risk From Chinese Debt? We Think It's Overblown.
Besides focusing on the latest headlines surrounding China-U.S. trade relations, markets are also becoming increasingly concerned about the risks that China’s high level of debt poses to the global economy.
2020 Resolution: Resolve To Let Go Of Your Home Country Bias
As we begin a new year and a new decade, the time has never been better to look forward and re-invent your investment philosophy and strategy.
Could The Tech Bubble Burst Again? How Today's Market Stacks Up Against The 90s
From 1994 to early 2000, technology and telecommunication stocks grew in euphoria with the prospects of the quickly developing internet.
The Ghosts Of Investing Past, Present And Yet To Come
Nearly all assets are up. U.S. equity markets returned approximately 25%. U.S. government bonds returned approximately 10%. Italian government bonds had returns of more than 15%, with emerging markets bonds returning more than 12%.
UK Elections: Conservatives Win Big, Brexit Will Happen – What Kind Of Brexit Is Still Unclear
Given that the pound is still undervalued vis-a-vis the dollar on purchasing power parity and that positioning was short sterling going into the election, the GBP/USD exchange rate has the potential to extend its uptrend toward 1.38.
Battling Market Uncertainty: Is The Best Offense A Good Defense?
Whoever said that the best defense is a good offense probably wasn’t thinking about financial markets. At least not in the latter stages of the market cycle.
Was The September Repo Spike An Anomaly?
Several factors converged to cause disruption in the repo market last month. The bottom line is that the system held inadequate reserves, which led to a lack of liquidity in the overnight financing markets.
The Fed Cuts Rates Again. Is A Pause Next?
At 75 basis points, the current easing cycle now matches the degree of insurance that the Fed provided around similar slowdowns in 1995 and 1998.
Better Late Than Never… GE Pension Risk In Focus
Among the 20 largest US-listed corporate DB sponsors, General Electric Company ended 2018 with the third lowest funded ratio at 75.6%.
1 to 16 of 101 Posts
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