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Inflation Eases Off. What Does That Mean For Fed Action And Recession Risk?
Inflation, recession, and China are the key topics on this week's Market Week in Review.
Will The Inflation Reduction Act Of 2022 Increase Taxes?
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, has been approved by the Senate and now moves to the House for a vote. While there is always a possibility of additional changes occurring, the probability of that is pretty low.
Does July’s U.S. Jobs Report Bolster The Odds Of Another Big Fed Rate Hike?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the U.S. July jobs report, the latest rate hike by the Bank of England (BoE) and results from the second-quarter earnings season.
Q2 2022 Equity Manager Report: Deep Recession Not Expected
Equity managers remain cautious in their positioning amid a backdrop of persistently elevated inflation, aggressive central-bank tightening, and rising recessionary risks.
Fed Rates, GDP And Technical Recessions: What Does It Mean For Investors?
On this week's Market Week in Review, we discuss Fed announcements, U.S. GDP, recession realities, European natural-gas woes, and China's stimulus.
July FOMC: The Last Easy Rate Hike
The Fed might stick a perfect soft landing, where inflation moderates back down to 2% and economic activity bend but doesn’t break, but it is not an easy feat to achieve, and recession risks are now elevated.
When It Comes To Portfolio Transitions, Minutes Matter
Investors should be aware of potential real-time market exposure risks when implementing large changes to their portfolios and they must be intentional in managing these risks. 
Could The Fed Raise Rates By 100 Basis Points At Its Next Meeting?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the U.S. CPI reading for June and the reasons behind the Bank of Canada (BoC)’s massive rate hike of 100 basis points (bps).
What Is Holding Back China Stimulus?
One of the vexing questions for China watchers has been the lack of stimulus delivered, despite the maintenance of the government’s 5.5% GDP target for 2022.
Is China’s Economy Starting To Rebound?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the Fed meeting minutes from June, review the latest economic data from China and Europe, and discuss potential additional stimulus measures in China.
Could UK Inflation Reach Double Digits?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the latest inflation numbers from Canada and the UK as well as June PMI data from the U.S. and UK, and the recent decline in the U.S. 2-year government bond yield.
Is The U.S. More Vulnerable To A Recession?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss key takeaways from recent meetings by the U.S. Fed and the European Central Bank (ECB), and also assess the risks of a U.S. recession.
Fed Doubles Down On Fight Against Inflation With 0.75% Rate Hike
The Fed expects the federal funds rate to reach 3.375% in 2022 and 3.75% in 2023, implying an additional 175-bps tightening in the remaining four meetings this year.
June Swoon: U.S. Stocks Slip Into Bear-market Territory As Inflation Concerns Rattle Investors
The principal driver of the ongoing weakness in markets continues to be inflation, which has haunted investors for the past several months.
June FOMC Preview: What To Expect When You’re Expecting … Aggressive Fed Rate Hikes
A year ago, to support a recovery coming out of the pandemic, the Fed set an extremely accommodative monetary policy and said it was willing to tolerate an inflation overshoot in the process. Well, now the chickens have come home to roost.
Bank Of Canada Lifts Rates By 50 Basis Points Again. Is An Even Steeper Increase In The Cards?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the recent PMI index readings from China and the U.S. and the latest interest-rate increase from the Bank of Canada, as well as skyrocketing inflation in the eurozone.
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