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How Soon Could The Fed Begin Tightening Monetary Policy?
In this video, we discussed key takeaways from the recent Federal Reserve’s policy meeting as well as the reports on inflation from around the world.
EC Is Today’s Bull Market Sustainable?
Economic output and corporate earnings are projected to grow above-trend over the next couple of years. Valuations, however, are a concern.
Why Are Bond Yields Declining As Inflation Surges?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the May U.S. inflation numbers and the puzzling reaction in bond markets, and how the Group of Seven (G-7)’s proposal to establish a global minimum corporate tax rate could impact markets.
A 2x4 Costs How Much? U.S. Inflation Comes In Hot Again In May
While May’s inflation numbers came in higher than anticipated, the bulk of the increase in costs continues to be driven by transitory issues that are likely to be resolved later this year as supply catches up to demand.
3 Key Takeaways From The May U.S. Jobs Report
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, we discuss the May U.S. employment report, recent purchasing managers’ index (PMI) surveys from around the globe, and the outlook for equity markets through the rest of the year.
Fed’s Preferred Inflation Measure Tops 3% As U.S. Economy Strengthens
Recently released data shows that the U.S. economy continues to recover from the damage inflicted by the coronavirus, Robison said, noting that weekly initial jobless claims dropped to 406,000 for the week ending May 22.


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