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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ... more


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Large Cap Biopharmaceutical Companies-Metrics And Valuations…
The IBB is at $122.69 near the 52 week high but short of 5 year high of $132.53 from Jy ’15.
Biotech Reversal Off 2020 Bottom But Within Trading Range
Biotech stocks reversed from a bearish trend last week from a 1/31/20 short-term bottom.
New Buy Ideas For 2020: Glaukos Corporation (GKOS)
Glaukos new products are rolling out in 2020 so there is revenue and earnings risk because of new technology and competition.
Biotech Sector Watch: After JPMorgan Conference
It was only a modest one week drop of 1% in the S&P-500 but investors seemed to be shocked that the run ebbed. The reason for the loss of momentum is not yet clear but ostensibly it was concerns about the coronavirus.
Geopolitical Uncertainty Curbs Biotech Stock Gains
The strong end of year biotech rally was stalled through lackluster holiday trading now with geopolitical uncertainty on the news front.
Biotech Stocks Make Q4 Comeback In 2019: Our Calls Were Excellent
The biotech sector was virtually flat on 10/3/ 2019 and took off from there to give 30% gains in the XBI.
Biotech Scoreboard, November: Gene Therapy Stocks Gain Momentum
IBB is up 11.2% for November, XBI up 6.3%, but NASDAQ-100 (QQQ) leads up 14.5 %. The big winners for the month include NTLA up 47.24%.
Biopharma Stocks Rally And Gene Therapy Stocks Are Still Hot
Mid-Cap biotech stocks ran up today along with a broad market rally in tech stocks with the NAZ up 1.42% and the XLK​ up 2.51%.
Biotech Stocks Hold After Brief Sell-Off Last Week…Updates
Biotech ETFs lost momentum last week but held near term support near the 20 Day moving average. Now that most companies have reported we should not expect fundamentals to create volatility.
Sideways Market Vexes Traders: Biotech Stocks Are Fading
The 2019 rally is fading with few clues as to what comes next. The narrative gets more complicated once a slower global economic outlook gets factored into the fundamentals.
Small Cap Biotechs Lead The Market In 2019 Up 20% YTD
Gene Therapy stocks soar on Spark (ONCE) Deal: BLUE, CRSP, RARE; and XBI up 4.2%.
HH Biotech Bear Market: But Is It Time To Start Trading?
The Nasdaq is down 1.6% and the Russell 2000 is down 1.8%, killing hopes of a continued Post-Election rally. The biotech sector is for experienced traders only. Healthcare still looks good overall with the XLV down only 0.29% at $92.95.
Biotech Bull Market Under Pressure: Now Flat To Down In 2018
Here are some positive and negative indicators to consider on the future direction of biotechnology stocks.
Biotech Snapshot: Healthcare Sector Remains Strong
FBT down 0.75% at $151.78, IBB down 0.58% at $117.32, XBI down 0.64% at $96.08.
Biopharma Portfolio 2018 YTD: Performance Summary
The best way to make money in biotechnology is to hold the best companies over the long-term.
Biotech Snapshot During A Rally Day: No Summer Doldrums…
Biotech stocks were mixed trading closer to the flatline after the close last night, on light summer volume. Macro issues such as drug pricing, trade and the Fed remain a concern.
1 to 16 of 236 Posts
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