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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ... more


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Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals: Provide Growth, Value And Yield
Now that all major biopharmaceutical earnings are in, we can review the financial metrics and see if our portfolio needs re-balancing.
How Is It Going With The Big Biopharma Earnings Week?
Abbott and JNJ kicked off healthcare earnings last week and the results were just OK.
Healthcare Stocks Lead The Way Up As The Market Fades
With inflation and energy costs soaring, the Fed ever threatening with higher rates and headlines from the war in Ukraine investors are seeking more defensive positions.
Good Entry Point For Biotech Stocks
Life science and biotech stocks had a good week with the most well-known ETFs up 3-4% for the week and off recent bottoms.
Biotech Funds And ETFs Continue To Lag
It’s no secret that market sectors driving inflation are leading the market. With the US economy still strong and the War in Ukraine limiting supply of nat gas and raw materials, producer costs are rising.
How Do Biotechnology Funds And ETFs Perform Over Five Years?
Biotech investing can be difficult for short-term traders but can offer good returns over five years if balanced with other healthcare positions like the XLV.
Tough Slogging Ahead For Investors, Diversification Is Important
Speculative small/mid-cap biotech stocks hit new lows this past week with the XBI at a “triple bottom” about the $84 level only 10 points above the March 2020 lows.
Healthcare Stocks Rally Through Market Turmoil
Healthcare and biopharma stocks gained in the last two days of trading in a volatile week in a major reversal.
Large Cap Biopharma - Well Positioned For Choppy Markets
If the past week is any indicator large-cap biopharma stocks are a good place to hide from the turbulence of 2022 markets.
Small Cap Biotech Stocks: Is It Time To Start Trading?
It’s time to trade beaten-up small cap biotech stocks.
Looking For A Biotech Boost This Week From The JPMorgan Healthcare Conference
We are looking for a biotech boost this week from the Health Conference and the beginning of the pivotal earnings season. Many companies will present news updates and guidance for 2022 and some analysts believe January sets the pace for next year.
Healthcare Stocks Are Winners And Provide Diversification To Your Portfolio
As we have written their year many times speculative small cap biotechs have not done well in 2021 since they peaked in February.
Biotech Playbook 2021 Part 2: Rotation Rally Brings Relief After Fed Pivot
The new aggressive Fed taper combined with a rise in interest rates for 2022 adds a new element of risk to portfolio management. Monetary policy is a headwind for 2022.
Biotech Playbook 2021 Part 1: No Help From Small Caps In Q4
Mid-cap stock picks have done better today but are way off their 2021 highs. Cryoport and Veracyte are still up and look better technically. Quidel was up 5.48% today on Omicron concerns globally but the stock has been choppy over the past month.
How Did Healthcare Stocks Perform Over This Volatile Month?
It’s been a rough month for small-cap biotech stocks amidst a general correction in the market which brought general indices down about 10%.
COVID Is Back Disrupting Markets And Causing More Sector Uncertainty
Just when you were having an enjoyable four day weekend cruising along the interminable bull market COVID is back disrupting trends. Healthcare stocks held up reasonably well .Will there be new respect for biotech and healthcare stocks?
1 to 16 of 300 Posts
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