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CEO of Raygent Associates
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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ...more


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Healthcare And Biotech Investing: Breakthroughs In The Treatment Of Cancer At ASCO
Healthcare stocks underperformed YTD because of weakness in UNH and strength in Technology and Communication Services.
Large Cap BIopharmaceuticals Overview
As a defensive play healthcare is weighted at about 12% of the S&P 500.
Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals Performance
The biotech sector remains a laggard YTD as can be seen by the IBB​​​​​​​.
Healthcare And Biotech Investing 101: What You Need To Know.
Healthcare as a sector represents only about 12% of the S&P 500. If you want to overweight healthcare as a sector you need to add equities. Healthcare is usually a defensive sector because of demographics and government funding through Medicare.
Healthcare Stocks Are Lagging With Big Earnings Weeks Ahead
Healthcare stocks disappointed again last week with the XLV down over 3% and up only 1.65 % YTD, in a continued downtrend since March 28.
Healthcare And Biotech Stocks Review: Q1 2024 Performance
We just had one of the best first quarters in recent market history since Q1 in 2019 when the market was up 13%. But changes in sector performance may be coming. The S&P 500 was up 10% showing a slight trend toward more balanced performance.
Biotechnology And Healthcare, A Bit Of A Lull
Strong momentum of Tech and Chip stocks may be too good of a distraction for biotech investors.
Healthcare And Biotech Update With Market At 2024 Highs
The bull market is intact with technology Stocks dominating, but XLV is up 6.89%YTD.
It's A Bull Market But Harder To Pick Small Cap Biotech Winners Because Of Volatility
Biotech is in a bull market aș measured by 2023 trends with a double testing of lows on 11/23.
Healthcare Stocks Are Looking Better But What About Biotech?
Large cap biopharmacuiticals remain a core holding for growth and value despite political cross-currents on drug pricing.
Healthcare And Life Science Funds And ETFs Performance 2023-2024
Healthcare stocks usually provide a defensive posture to a stock portfolio.
Biotech And Medtech Portfolio Notes On A Fed Day
The Fed held rates keeping their future options flexible with no expectations for future cuts. The market did not like it and sold off with the Russell 2000 down 2.45% and the NASDAQ down 2.23%
Momentum Shifts Back To Tech Stocks As Healthcare Lags In 2024
Small Cap traders are taking a break in 2024 as XBI is down 2.51% YTD.
Biotech Playbook: Small Caps Show Momentum Peaking During
The momentum of selected stocks was strong up until early January was encouraging but we need less volatility in period ahead to conform a new bull market.
Small Caps Are On A Tear Including Speculative Biotechs
So far 2023 is going well with our game plan -an end-of-year seasonal rally coupled with a run in speculative biotechs driven by innovation.
Biotech Is Coming Back, Can The Run Last?
The rally can be attributed to lower interest rates and seasonal factors from the end of Q4 through January. But recently some major biopharmaceutical deals have supported the rally.
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