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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ... more


Can Healthcare Stocks Continue To Outperform?
Large-cap healthcare and biotech stocks have been resilient amidst the market turmoil caused by rising rates and the global geopolitical crisis.
Healthcare Sector Still Looks Good But Lacks Momentum
The summer rally is over it’s a holiday weekend with low trading volume and bad news is pervasive. A decent jobs report on Friday brought in buyers in early hours until Russia intervened with a Nord Stream suspension of natural gas to Germany.
Whither Small Caps After Fed’s Tough Talk?
For now its better not to “Fight the Fed” because they are fighting the with the market. Now that everyone is scared of the Fed's rhetoric it would be better to wait a week or so as more data and earnings reports become available.
Check Your Portfolio For Small Cap Weighting: Growth, Innovation Or Speculation?
The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF remains our key indicator for small cap biotechs. It is up 14.55% over one month at $93.78 but is still down 16% YTD. The Russell 2000 is up 16.5% over one month mirroring biotech small cap performance.
Small Cap Biotechs Perk Up On Dealmaking
With M&A picking up we would think smaller deals make sense for large cap biopharma to expand pipelines and complement technology.
Broad Market Rallies Despite Currency Headwinds
HealthCare and Biotech shares have been strong over the past 30 days as investors have sought trades away from macro and earnings concerns. In times of volatility portfolio strategists may re-balance positions toward defensive healthcare stocks.


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Regulatory News For Rare Disease Products - Hot Stocks: BLUE, ICPT, SRPT
7 years ago

Getting trial information and following them is the hard part as it takes too much time. Just sett up the stocks in a Yahoo portfolio and track daily. The WEB site of the Company usually lets you know if trial results are coming in and when.

In this article: BLUE, ICPT, SRPT
Biotech Buzz Is Broken
7 years ago

Here is the YTD for KITE down 4.7%:

In this article: JUNO, KITE, GILD, REGN
2015 Biotech Stock Preview: Rhythms Of The “PermaBull”
7 years ago

prefer a fund like FBIOX but XBI will work when the market heats up

In this article: XLV, FBT, FBIOX, GILD
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Biotech Investing Strategy For 2020: Part I… Update-1 Jan 24
We remain on hold for taking on new positions. Biotech and healthcare stocks have made nice gains so let’s get through the earnings cycle.
Asco Rally Fizzles: The Nascent Rally In Biotech Stocks Fades
ASCO Rally Fizzles Two Weeks ahead of May 31-June 4 Meeting: XBI down 0.9% to $83.

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