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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ... more

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Looking For A Biotech Boost This Week From The JPMorgan Healthcare Conference
We are looking for a biotech boost this week from the Health Conference and the beginning of the pivotal earnings season. Many companies will present news updates and guidance for 2022 and some analysts believe January sets the pace for next year.
Healthcare Stocks Are Winners And Provide Diversification To Your Portfolio
As we have written their year many times speculative small cap biotechs have not done well in 2021 since they peaked in February.
Biotech Playbook 2021 Part 2: Rotation Rally Brings Relief After Fed Pivot
The new aggressive Fed taper combined with a rise in interest rates for 2022 adds a new element of risk to portfolio management. Monetary policy is a headwind for 2022.
Biotech Playbook 2021 Part 1: No Help From Small Caps In Q4
Mid-cap stock picks have done better today but are way off their 2021 highs. Cryoport and Veracyte are still up and look better technically. Quidel was up 5.48% today on Omicron concerns globally but the stock has been choppy over the past month.
How Did Healthcare Stocks Perform Over This Volatile Month?
It’s been a rough month for small-cap biotech stocks amidst a general correction in the market which brought general indices down about 10%.
COVID Is Back Disrupting Markets And Causing More Sector Uncertainty
Just when you were having an enjoyable four day weekend cruising along the interminable bull market COVID is back disrupting trends. Healthcare stocks held up reasonably well .Will there be new respect for biotech and healthcare stocks?
Biotech Stocks Are Due For A Rally
There are many rebalancing trades left in your stock portfolio but biotech is in the doldrums.
Looking For Growth In Small And Mid Cap Life Science Stocks
2021 is an unusual year for biotech with a “blow-off” February high in speculative small caps.
Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals Metrics And Review: JNJ Splits Up
Today JNJ announced a split of the Company separating its legacy consumer products from higher growth growing biopharmaceutical and medtech products.
Biotech Stocks Are Lagging, Is It Time To Rebalance Your Healthcare Portfolio?
You may have seen that biotech stocks have been in a funk. The IBB has broken through the SMA-200 support line near $160 and it holds a perilous perch at $155, up only about 2.5% year-to-date. The IBB has been down over 10% for the past 30 days.
Biotech Playbook Revisited As Technicals Weaken
Recent breakthroughs with mRNA vaccines over the past two years have shown the enormous potential for transformative therapies. DNA sequencing took off five years ago and new applications are still being developed.
Look For The Q4 Biotech Bounce In Mid-Small Caps
Large-cap biopharma stocks are off their highs because of prospects that drug prices may be directly negotiated through Medicare but several Democrats are not in agreement as to how this could be best accomplished.
Small Cap Biotechs Sagging But More Deals Are Likely To Perk Up The Market
Despite record highs in the Nasdaq recently at the 15,000 level the biotech market seems sluggish. Speculation has ebbed. As if we need a green screen every day.
Healthcare Stocks Hit New Highs But Small Caps Lag
Many smaller cap biotech stocks trade on news and milestones and have no earnings so require more expertise in the field.
Large Cap Biopharma Stocks Provide Growth And Value
The S&P 500 Healthcare Index was up 0.53% and biotech still lags in healthcare yet Large Cap Biopharma is doing well YTD.
Mid-Cap Biotech Picks: Seasonal Rally Underway
Many Mid-Cap biotech stocks were hit hard after the February peak. We suggest three new mid-cap biotech picks. All three picks can be volatile but very tradable.
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