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Rod Raynovich is an entrepreneur and executive with a focus on life science companies and medical technology trends.He has over 35 years executive experience including Abbott and JNJ and has been involved three successful start-ups. Before starting Raygent and other companies he was also a ... more

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J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Report 2: Covid Vaccines Based On MRNA Platform
The Biotech rally resumed this week as investors and traders digested the news updates and still found reasons to buy. The small cap momentum-driven XBI was trading near its all time high.
Report From J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference 2021: Current Portfolio Positions #1
The Conference boosted many stocks as you might expect in a bull market for biotech. We reviewed rather quickly some of the presentations from the JPMorgan Healthcare Conference and will comment on specific companies and stocks in a series of posts.
Best Biotech Trades Of 2020: New Picks Coming For 2021
All the news from the Capitol and the worsening pandemic makes this past week a challenging one to look back on. Nonetheless, stocks are booming and many financial writers and analysts feel there is room for optimism .
Nov. Rally In Biotech With Small Caps Taking Off
The market pivoted upwards in November as investors looked ahead to 2021 with expectations that COVID-19 vaccines would temper the pandemic. Vaccine stock leaders took off again with BioNTech and Moderna up 30% in one week at new highs.
Large Cap Biopharma Performance And Metrics Q3 2020; ETFs Are Winners
Surging coronavirus infections has even nicked the healthcare sector down 3% for the week.
Healthcare Portfolio Performance - Small Stocks Perk Up!
Three weeks ago, we suggested that investors stay the course with healthcare and biotech because of potential volatility with the 2020 Election and COVID-19 cases spiking. We have seen a big shift toward energy, financial, and industrial stocks.
Healthcare Stocks Rally Huge Through Election Whipsaw
The healthcare stock rally this week was huge lifting all ETFs in the sector. We went from a horrible week to one of the best weeks in months. But a big risk from COVID lies ahead as coronavirus cases soar daily to the 120k mark.
Healthcare Stocks To Buy After A Nasty Week: ABT, ABBV, And MRK
This text discusses healthcare stocks to buy for future good news and seasonality factors. Going forward, we expect healthcare stocks to fare better than tech stocks in a volatile market.
Biotech Stocks Are Poised For Another Run Over July 2020 Highs
A momentum market can be hard to trade and that is why you need to always have core positions like funds and ETFs.
Biotech Stock Playbook In A Choppy Momentum Market
Biotech stocks peaked in mid-July but we have assumed a fourth quarter rally driven by clinical news in oncology and important scientific breakthroughs in diagnostic testing for coronavirus and COVID vaccine data.
Biotech Stocks Are Lagging, Position Your Portfolio For A Q4 Rally With The XBI
Technology stocks dominate gains over six weeks and lead YTD; cloud software, semiconductors and FAANG.
Tough Time To Trade Biotech Stocks, Is The Momentum Market Easing?
Until a new stimulus package emerges and coronavirus transmissions get under control stocks will remain volatile despite raging bullish sentiment.
Speculative Rally In Biotech Today, Is The Correction Over Already?
The economy and the market wants solutions to the pandemic and biotech seems to have breaking news on therapies and vaccines for traders daily.
Biotech Traders Will Face Strong Headwinds
A good day for the market and Biotech IBB up 2.67%, Semis Very Hot SMH up 4.03%.
Biotech Portfolio Review: What To Do Next?
Your biotech portfolio is probably up at least 10% YTD because the IBB is up ~17% and the XBI up 18.35%. Do you raise cash or go more defensive with the life science positions you own?
Coronavirus Stocks: Take A Breather - The Easy Trades Have Been Done
The coronavirus trade is not over because COVID Cases are spiking and the scientific news buffets stocks every day. The gains since mid-March are huge so that adding to existing positions in your portfolio will become more difficult.
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