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My name is Robert Desmond, the founder and President of The Contrarian Trader Inc. I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those ...more



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Best Stock Charts - S&P 500 Technical Breakdown?
4 years ago

Hi great question. I have not done due diligence on $FRAN so I will answer with the assumption that there are no ongoing concern issues. That caveat being addressed I am bullish on the stock as an unsustainable extreme oversold trade. That does not mean that I love it first thing Monday. The probability of lower lows continuing is quite high. We are however nearing a point where a dead cat bounce should be expected. This is not an investment.

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Bitcoin And Ethereum Buy, Sell Or Hold?
5 years ago

Hi Alexis bubbles are usually known only in hindsight. For now anyway you are seeing a confirmation breakdown of the market leader which is Bitcoin. As panic begins to set in the others will follow. You will have your chance as far lower prices. Don't catch a falling knife here. The markets will send signals on the charts when it is time to buy.

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Bitcoin And Ethereum Buy, Sell Or Hold?
5 years ago

Peter it was late and didn't plan on doing a video but you make a fair comment. Thank you for the feedback

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