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My name is Robert Desmond, the founder and President of The Contrarian Trader Inc. I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those ... more


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Top Stocks To Buy Now - Sunday, Oct. 11
This video provides technical analysis and discussion of various stocks to look into, such as Align Technologies, Idexx Laboratories, Shake Shack, Rent A Center, and more​. Is it time to buy these stocks as swing trades or investments?
Has The Stock Market Hit Bottom Or Do We Correct Further?
This video discusses the movements of the markets in the past week and the possibility of the stock market hitting rock bottom.
What Is The Contrarian Looking To Buy This Week?
If you thought last week was a volatile time in the market, you haven't seen anything yet. The volatility in the coming week is going to heat up. 
The Stock Market Correction Is Over?
An update and a review of the stock market.
S&P Correction Over?
Is the S&P correction over?
Bank Stock To Rally?
The markets continue higher but the fade continues. Let's watch the closing hour.
VIX Signaled Stock Market Correction
In this video, we discuss how the VIX signaled a stock market correction. We also discuss the stock splits of Tesla stock and Apple stock, which was an indicator of a market top in the technology sector.
Stock Market Correction?
A review of the stock market.
Stock Market: Inflation
Are biotech stocks now getting ready to lead the stock market?
Is Best Buy Stock A Short?
This week we review the best stocks to buy now. Is Best Buy stock a short? We think it is due to the RSI being overbought at unsustainable levels.
Stock Market Live: Technical Analysis Sunday Night -Trump CCP Virus
Technical Market Analysis With Robert Desmond.
Tesla Stock Split, Time To Buy Or Sell?
Today I discuss if it is time to sell Tesla stock given the $TSLA stock split.
US Dollar & Yield Breakout?
A discussion about whether it is time to sell silver, gold and gold mining stocks.
Bitcoin Flash Crash
This week, we discuss the flash crash in Bitcoin this weekend. We review our stock market trades of the past week and then segue into our watch stocks for the new trading week.
Stock Market Night Review: Amazon, Facebook Earnings
A discussion about the earnings of the AMZN, FB, GOOGL, and AAPL which are all trading up higher in the after-hours session.
Stocks Review, And Buying Twitter?
We will be discussing the movements of the stock market of the past week, successful investments throughout the month of July, and the weekly charts.
1 to 16 of 208 Posts
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