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My name is Robert Desmond, the founder and President of The Contrarian Trader Inc. I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those ... more


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S&P 500 Bear Market Rally?
In Best Stock Charts this week we discuss the anatomy of a bear market rally. We will use technical analysis to discuss where we believe there is resistance above, and where it is safest to sell short the stock market.
Stock Charts For The Coming Week
Robert Desmond discusses the charts for the new trading week.
Bob's Early Prediction On The Stock Market
In Best Stock Charts this week we discuss Bob's stock market predictions which have come true lately.
When Will I Close My Tesla Short?
After reporting strong earnings, is it time to buy Tesla, Microsoft, and Facebook?
Short Amazon (AMZN)?
In this week's Best Stock Charts we talk out the 6 best stock charts for the coming week. We like Amazon, short and we want to buy shares of Blue Apron, Alcoa, Arch Coal, Scorpio Bulkers, and Golar.
Short The Stock Market?
A review of a few stock charts and a discussion if Palladium is flashing a blow-off top.
War With Iran? Time To Buy Gold?
Should you buy gold on war with Iran? Here's a technical analysis of the charts in order to help you decide. Do we buy physical gold or gold ETFs?
Gold Melt Up?
A discussion about inflation and how it may be moving higher. How to trade the inflation trade?
Buy Tesla Stock?
A few stocks review together with Tesla stock moving forward as it is breaking out of a long-term base.
Time To Buy Gold?
A discussion about the Federal Reserve's dovish announcement if it is time to buy gold.
Countdown To QE4?
A discussion about the Federal Reserves announcement today. Will the stock market rally on a new QE4 program? If so will Gold and Silver begin to breakout as we expect?
UGAZ: Time To Buy?
Is it time to buy natural gas ETF UGAZ?
Yield Curve Inversion?
A discussion about a contrarian trade.
Post Trade Review: Caterpillar Short Sale
No matter how well you are trading, you eventually take a loss. But these losses can be ideal learning opportunities. In this video I discuss the loss we took on the Caterpillar (CAT) trade using technical analysis.
Is China In Recession?
A discussion about the statistics that indicate that the Chinese economy may be headed for recession.
Auto Loan Delinquencies At All-Time Highs
A discussion about the stock market futures price action as well as the rise in auto loan delinquencies at a time when the S&P 500 is making new all-time highs.
1 to 16 of 182 Posts
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