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Robert P. Balan runs a trading and trading advisory service, Predictive Analytic Models, (PAM) at Seeking Alpha. PAM provides REAL-TIME trading advice and strategies and actual trades using guidance from US Treasury, Federal Reserve and term market money ... more


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Verdict Of The OpEx: Consolidation Ends Soon; We Sell Dow, Russell, And Gold If Bond Yields Fall Further
The bond market is the real indicator which we learned to trust in 5 decades. This is the market that's attuned to the real fundamentals. And right now the bond market is telling us a readjustment will be happening soon in the stock markets.
The Equity Market Outlook Until The First Half Of December 2020 Is Not A Pretty Sight, Liquidity-Wise
Unfavorable seasonal liquidity patterns are teaming up with weak Q4 2020 GDP outlook and a new COVID-19 wave, to undercut the current bullish sentiment in the equity markets.
The Burden Of The Bullish-Bearish Meme: Unleash The Total Power Of Compounding And Large Numbers Laws, Instead
Forget about being bullish or bearish in your investments. Trade according to the seasonality of systemic liquidity flows instead, especially during an era when the primary driver of risk asset prices is largess from the Fed/Treasury.
We Very Likely Have Seen An Equity Market Peak As Biotech, Junk Fall Along With Bond Yields
With geopolitical and global health scare issues, as well as signs that the Fed is slowly devolving from very loose liquidity conditions to something that is more normal, risk assets are at significant risk, and bonds will benefit.
We May Be Looking At An Equity Market Blow-Off Stage, Getting More Proof To Position Downside
Equities have risen further; yields rose too but reversed quickly. Biotech and Junk are being hammered. Divergent moves, but it's because equities could be in the final blow-off stage.
Geopolitical Tensions Calm Down; Equities, Yields, And Oil Lower Near-Term; Gold To Resume Its Long Uptrend
Pardon us for being blasé, but we don't see war spelled in any of these risk assets e.g., equities, yields. We don't see it either, in the energy sector or gold.
'Prepare For Breakout': Assault On SPX's 3025 All-Time High May Succeed On Second Attempt
Assault and breach of 3025 all-time SPX highs probably on course in two to three trading days. The initial probe likely to fail, setting off a 2-day correction lower. A rally after breach of SPX ATH may crest circa November 6 at just below SPX 3100.
'We Have Lift-Off': Yields Lead The Charge Higher; Load Up On Equities, Exit Gold Longs, And Sell US Dollars
The new uptick in yields likely kicks off more sustained risk assets rallies. Indications for equities from models are very encouraging. We focus at implication of our High-Frequency model, which suggest a rally may last until October 30, at least.
The SPX Lost 250 Points In 6 Trading Days: When, And At What Level, Will The Bloodbath End?
The S&P 500 Index lost circa 250 points in 6 trading days. There's a system which called the top, and may also call the bottom. The market's monetary systemic liquidity models called the interim top in mid-July, and also called the current sell-off.
Equity Counter-Trend Rally In Place; Yields Bottoming Out; DXY Resumes The Uptrend
Here is the Market Report At The Chat, March 26, 2019. The report includes updates throughout the day.
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