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E LIT: Bet On Electric Cars And 5G With This ETF
The rise of electric cars and 5G are some of the biggest trends in technology right now. These technologies all require lithium to power them. Thus as they become more dominant, lithium will be in high demand. This ETF is one good way to play this.
E Enbridge: Stable In The Current Environment With Growth Prospects
Enbridge is the largest midstream company in North America and boasts stable cash flows, significant growth opportunities, and the likelihood of forward dividend growth. This is exactly the kind of company that should appeal to retirees.
E HTD: A Solid Dividend CEF For Anyone Wanting To Grow Their Wealth And Generate Income
The John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income Fund (HTD) has consistently beaten the market and sports a very nice 8%+ yield.
E Williams Companies: Strong Results, Forward Growth, Possible Opportunity
The Williams Companies reported very good results but has been unfairly beaten down by the markets. This may be the opportunity of a lifetime for investors to get in and secure a safe high-yield for the future.
E Retail Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction? Part 3
The end is nigh for retailers! Is that the actual current state of retail? For some, it can be. For others, not so much.
E Retail Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction? Part 2
A look at the history of the retail industry as well as where it is heading.


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The Pandemic Recession And Central Banks
12 days ago

Interesting. The question is whether or not this unprecedented money supply expansion will lead to inflation.

The Election Trade Is Not Stocks
13 days ago

Wouldn't gold be a pretty good way to play the increased amount of bonds under a Biden administration? After all, that would dramatically increase the money supply?

Fundamentally Speaking: Earnings Don’t Support Bullish Thesis
2 months ago

Interesting concept, but you have a point. People are still terrified of COVID-19 and it is likely that we will see a permanent shift towards work-at-home. Many companies have begun to move this way just because workers seem to prefer it. Those companies that can help with this will likely see increased business. I'm still not sure that justifies some of the insane valuations that we are seeing though.

I agree with you about not being in commercial property. Residential property REITs might hold up okay because people still need a place to live but they are still dangerous in the short-term because about a third of renters nationwide are behind on their rents. Where I live though, rents actually have gone up slightly (although vacancies also appear to be ticking up). When it comes to REITs, I'd rather be in something like a farmland or data center REIT right now.

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Fundamentally Speaking: Earnings Don’t Support Bullish Thesis
2 months ago

The market is not being driven by fundamentals. It is being driven by passion.

If you equal-weight the S&P 500, it's only a percentage point or two above its March lows. Literally, all of the action is being driven by the five mega-cap tech stocks that now account for 23% of the total market cap of the entire index.

The Federal Reserve has added more than $3 trillion to its balance sheet since March and that money needs a home because everybody is so terrified about inflation that they are afraid to sit on cash. They are therefore buying the momentum stocks (The FAAMG names + TSLA).

This is exactly what a bubble looks like. You will never see a greater destruction of wealth than when this bubble bursts. The question is when exactly it will happen.

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Oil Set To Plunge As OPEC Seeks To Boost Output By 2 Million Barrels
3 months ago

This is an incredibly stupid move if they go through with it. The market is still oversupplied with oil and the COVID-19 headlines keep getting worse, which is undoubtedly scaring a lot of people.

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Game Over Spending
3 months ago

This whole situation is basically making my whole case for gold and farmland for me. This could very easily be game over.

Powell Promises Fed Remains "Committed To Using Every Tool" To Save The World From Virus' "Considerable Risks"
5 months ago

The more I see what the Fed is doing, the more confident I am in buying precious metals.

Retail Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction? Part 2
7 months ago

I'll let Robert know (if he's not reading comments already).

Retail Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction?- Part 1
7 months ago

Part 2 is. I'm on Rob's back to get part 3 ready.

Gold And Silver Holdings Of Trusts And Funds - Price Manipulation
7 months ago

I haven't been as active on this site as I should be and I need to change that.

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