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Philip R. Davis is the founder of Phil’s Stock World, a stock and options trading site that teaches the art of options trading to newcomers and devises advanced strategies for expert traders and fund managers.

Mr. Davis is a serial entrepreneur, having founded software company ... more


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Phil Davis On Oil, Russia, The Fed, And The Trade Of The Year
Phil Davis talks about his target price range for oil and presents an options trade idea that he is calling the "Trade of 2015."
Phil Davis On Money Talk
Phil talks about the stock market, his expectations for the near future, and how he protects his portfolio from selloffs. Phil also outlines some option trade ideas.
Bernie Sanders, American Hero – Speaks Out On Income Inequality
Thank God for people like Sanders – there's so few of them left (video length - 22:12).
EC Watch Phil Davis On Money Talk
Phil why low volume market rallies are not convincing--and gets a medal for his explanation! He also discusses the "be the house and not the gambler" approach to trading options and his thoughts on an upcoming market correction.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts