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Weakening Wednesday – Markets Down Ahead Of The Fed
There’s nothing more fun than a good sell-off when you are well-hedged.
Fabulous Friday – Market Marches On
The Nasdaq closed over 18,000 yesterday and its RSI is also over 70 (overbought) but no one wants to say a bad thing about the markets at the moment.
Transactional Tuesday – Retail Sales Stay Strong
Christmas spending is expected to hit $1.1Tn this year, that’s 18.3% out of $6Tn of total consumer spending for the year.
Wednesday Reversal – Time For A Pullback
We’re expecting a 3% pullback on the indexes, which will be 4,600 on the S&P 500, which was our July high.
Watchful Wednesday – China Troubles Back In Focus
Oil is back to $76 this morning. That’s good news for Q4 inflation but bad news because it’s a reflection of the weakening demand outlook in China, the world’s largest oil consumer.
CPI Thursday – Inflation Watch Two Weeks Ahead Of The Fed
Today’s CPI number will be the last big inflationary data point the Fed has to digest ahead of their October 31/Nov 1 meeting.
Which Way Wednesday – Currency Moves Make Waves
The Dollar has gotten so strong that it’s having a negative impact on other currencies with both Japan and China announcing their intent to intervene to boost their currencies.
Non-Farm Friday, Is America Working?
There are 8,827,000 unfilled jobs. That is 5% of our entire labor force missing in action.
Friday Thoughts On Apple And Amazon Earnings
Futures are off their highs this morning. That’s because AAPL’s $5 loss outweighs AMZN’s $10 gain.
Oil Bulls On Edge Ahead Of Saudi Production Cut Extension
We noted earlier (below): “We see no looming change in the group’s current supply cadence, nor the required production adjustments set to take effect in 2024,” says Helima Croft at RBC Capital Markets.
Follow-Through Thursday – Big Earnings Test
It looked as though Sales and Earnings were growing, but after 73% of S&P 500 companies reported, Sales Growth is now barely positive (0.7%) and earnings growth is at -7.4%.
TGIF – Bank Earnings Boost Markets
BLK, C, JPM, STT​​​​​​​ , and WFC all beat estimates this morning with JPM (got ’em) pulling in $14.5Bn in profits for the quarter, boosted by a net $1.5Bn windfall from their takeover of First Republic Bank during the crisis.
Tuesday Already?
Since Europe opened this morning, the Dollar has dropped 0.5% and the US “agrees” to add 15% to the National Debt over the next 24 months.
Monday Market Mayhem – Trade Wars
Yesterday, China’s Cyberspace Administration announced that Micron’s products sold in China have failed their months-long review. 
Faltering Friday – Wrapping Up A Weak Week At Nasdaq 13,000
It’s too early to draw conclusions but we concluded it’s a good time to cash out and start with fresh portfolios in a couple of weeks – once we have a better handle on where things are going. 
Which Way Wednesday? S&P 4,200 And Bust?
We’re testing the same 4,200 line on the S&P 500 coming into April Earnings as we did in January Earnings. 
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