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5% Friday – Down Week Needs 2% Bounce Into The Holiday Weekend
The US markets are closed on Monday and that could be a good thing because they certainly suck when they are open.
Just Another Manic Monday - June 6, 2022
There's no news or no reason but we're bouncing a bit this morning after being down 1.2% on the S&P 500 last week.  CPI is our big data point for the week and we have to wait until Friday and it's a quiet week for the Fed.
Turnaround Tuesday – Retail Sales Provide A Boost
0.9%. That's the rate this month and the inflation rate for the month is 0.7%. It means that Consumers are buying 0.2% more stuff and the rest is just paying more for the stuff they were already buying. 
Mandarin Monday – China’s Economy Slows Considerably
Compared to Q2, China's Q3 GDP was up just 0.2%. Citing mounting economic risks, China's Statistics Bureau said that “There are increasing uncertainties in the external environment, while the domestic economic recovery is unstable and unbalanced.”  
Happy Columbus Day!
On Wednesday we get our second to last FOMC decision for the year but Friday's poor jobs report has given them cover to hold off on raising rates or even tapering yet again.
Thursday Thrust – Limitless Debt Re-Energizes The Market
The Republicans offered a short-term debt-limit extension – so the Government won't go Bankrupt until December! That's certainly worth celebrating and the indexes are up 1% pre-market.
TGIF – Ending The Week We Went Nowhere
We went nowhere this week but what an exciting time getting there. First, we were down, now we are up but, in the end – we're nowhere and the longer-term trend is still down from 4,550 for the month on the S&P 500.
Monday Market Movement – Back To Up Again
Money keeps pouring into the market via 401Ks and IRAs, etc. The reason our Corporate Masters like to keep the population employed is because the workers then put their money back into the market in the dumbest way possible – through ETF investing. 
GDPhursday – Dollar Dead-Cat Bounce Drops Commodities
The Dollar may have found a floor but probably not as it's down 5% in 50 days so up 1% (90.50) would be a weak bounce and 91.50 is the strong bounce line, which we already failed on the way down in early May. 
Malware Monday – Cyber Attack Cuts Off 45% Of East Cost Fuel
Cybersecurity is going to become a much bigger long-term cost for businesses.
TGIF – Working For The Weak End
We're down for the week. You wouldn't think so, listening to the pundits but we started the week at 3,916 on the S&P 500 (/ES), and this morning we're at 3,910. 
Retail Wednesday – Is America Shopping?
Retail Sales. They make up 60% of our GDP and December's Retail Sales were down 0.7% in December from the previous month, rather than up 3-4% as expected for the holidays.
Weakening Wednesday – Presidential Debate Spooks The Market
Debates are a time when we talk about what's wrong with the country and, unfortunately, there's a lot wrong with the country and neither candidate seems like the guy who's really going to fix it.
Troubling Tuesday: Oil’s Not Well
There's no big news but there's no good news likely to hit this week and the market momentum has shifted down a bit and we'll see if we test some support lines. 
Falling Thursday – Fed Fails To Firm Up Markets
We got the Fed's minutes yesterday, they were not helpful.
Which Way Wednesday - Fed Edition
30M unemployed is 1/10 of our fellow Americans and you know how many more businesses are struggling in your neighborhood.
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