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Paul Schatz, Founder, and President of Heritage Capital has a wealth of experience investing in equities, fixed income, options, and futures. While he is best known for his equity index and precious metals models, his technical driven strategies have taken him into other asset classes as well. ... more


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Seasonal Headwind Today As Black Friday & Cyber Monday Get Weighed
Today, we have a strong seasonal headwind and the bears look ready to fight.
The Pieces Are Falling Into Place
It seems like pundits pivoted to buying for a year-end rally. After a 12% rally in the S&P 500, the masses are tired of missing out.
Europe & Dow Showing Emerging Index Leadership As Dollar Plummets
Europe and Dow Industrials are approaching their August highs, but the Nasdaq 100 just looks like a feeble bounce so far.
The Fall Of SBF Continues As Markets Yawn
We know that the Dow Industrials have led this month. That’s not something to celebrate. It’s 30 price-weighted stocks where investors typically try to hide because liquidity is so high.
A Crypto Era Ends – And Not Well
It’s a tragic end here, but one that will ultimately create a real sector that can be more safely invested in under the umbrella of U.S. regulators.
Strong Jobs Report But Look Under The Hood
On Friday the government released the employment report. The economy grew by 261,000 jobs versus the 205,000 estimated. On the surface that is great news.
Powell On The Warpath
The Fed hiked rates 3/4% on Wednesday as the world expected. Jay Powell poured a fire hose of cold water on the markets with his very hawkish commentary about higher rates for longer and that the Fed will be undeterred.
Confounding The Masses
The markets will bottom (and they may have already) long before the Fed stops raising rates and even pivots. There will be two steps up and one step back. In the end, markets usually do their best to confound the masses.
More Signs Of A Bottom
Having the markets close up solidly today would be an important victory for the bulls. Having them close at new highs for October would be the next step.
How Inflation Affects Your Taxes In Retirement
Inflation is an inevitable part of life. It means that prices will increase over time, and (believe it or not), in some cases, that is good news.
Fedex Offering Many Market And Economic Clues
One of the really key bellwether stocks in the market is FedEx. The stock is certainly forecasting weak economic growth or outright recession.
Bells May Not Be Ringing But They Are Being Polished
This is definitely not normal behavior, but this kind of action is usually seen during the bottoming process. It’s a process not a point in time.
Barrage Of Bad News – Looking For Volatility To Spike
The news is dreadful. It’s a constant barrage of bad news. But real bottoms are only made in the face of a very negative backdrop. You don’t see unicorns and rainbows at lows.
Strong Employment Not Good For Stocks – Good News = Bad News
Stocks ended last week on a sour note although they did fill the price gap left by last Tuesday’s big up opening.
New Bull Market Or Just Another Bounce?
Strictly on price, we have a mixed bag of indices that breached their June lows.
Ready Or Not, October Is Here – Major Bottom Coming
The S&P 500 lost 10% in September and its reputation as a cruel month plays out again.
1 to 16 of 229 Posts
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