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Paul Schatz, Founder, and President of Heritage Capital has a wealth of experience investing in equities, fixed income, options, and futures. While he is best known for his equity index and precious metals models, his technical driven strategies have taken him into other asset classes as well. ... more


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3 Election Tidbits Which Point To A Winner – Biden Portfolio Outperforming
Three election tidbits. Since 1952, no incumbent has been reelected with recession during election year.
Market Scaring Out The Weak Holders Ahead Of Halloween
Stocks digested the recent decline on Tuesday and a number of positives started popping up, including the narrowest intra-day range of any day of the past 7 days.
Line In The Sand – Market Following Change Of Power In DC
This morning, stocks were looking to open lower by 1%. The media is going to blame this on new highs in the daily number of new virus cases. That would be a stretch as we have seen this news before.
Risk/Reward Favors The Bulls
The major stock market indices have pulled back to interesting junctures. The risk/reward now favors the upside as long as prices do not close below the low for this week. That’s not much to risk on the downside.
Bulls Hit The Wall But Path Of Least Resistance Remains Higher
The bulls ran into a little trouble on Friday afternoon and gave up all of their gains and then some. Unless we see downside follow through on Monday I am not going to be too concerned.
Lines In The Sand – Semis Strong
As I continue to cherry pick from my favorite canaries in the coal mine, like high yield bonds and the NYSE A/D Line, I want to share what has been my top sector pick for several years and one of four key sectors. That is semiconductors.
Broad Participation In The Rally
The bulls finally took a breather on Tuesday after a solid run, even in the face of seasonal tailwinds. I still do not get the feeling they are done just yet.
Bulls Continue To Press Higher
The bulls continued their winning ways to end the week on Friday although it wasn’t as lopsided as the previous two days.
Bulls Running Hot
The rally this week has been powerful and broad. No doubt about it.
Lots Going On Beneath The Surface
No one can be surprised that an unexpected tweet from President Trump threw the market for a loop. Certainly, that wasn’t in my forecast nor list of reasons why stocks would fall one more time.
Bulls Start The Week In Control
Stocks are set to open higher, following through on the rally that began that began at lunch on Friday as more chatter and rumors of another stimulus deal began to take hold.
Trump Contracts Corona – Do Markets Care?
As everyone now knows, President & Mrs. Trump have the Coronavirus. Health scares from the West Wing have not been commonplace and markets typically do not like the uncertainty.
Election Year Octobers – Don’t Believe What You Hear
October begins today with its reputation of major stock market crashes. 1929, 1987, 1989, 1997 and 2008 come to mind.
Stocks Bounce Right On Schedule – Imagine That
With month and quarter-end upon us, don’t be surprised to see a few portfolio games coming up. The bull should have more upside left. If the stock market is still super bullish, the decline is over and new highs in Q4 will be coming up.
Looking For A Bounce Now
It’s been a relatively volatile week in the markets, but nothing compared to Q1 and April. Here is what we know as the week comes to a close.
Market Finds Temp Low On Schedule But More Downside Ahead
The major stock market indices found their initial low in the expected zone of Monday/Tuesday. That’s the good news.
1 to 16 of 45 Posts
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