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Paul Schatz, Founder, and President of Heritage Capital has a wealth of experience investing in equities, fixed income, options, and futures. While he is best known for his equity index and precious metals models, his technical driven strategies have taken him into other asset classes as well. ...more


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Complacency Rises – People Getting Giddy, Cocky & Greedy
While stocks have marched steadily higher since the October bottom, the VIX tells a slightly different story as it fell into December and then mildly rallied since.
Ducks Are Quacking
The ducks were quacking last week, especially on Thursday and Friday, meaning investors were hungry for stocks.
Nvidia Delivers (Sell) – Weird Behavior Follows – Pay Attention
Stock market action on Thursday was strange and not exactly in a good way.
Nvidia, Nvidia, Nvidia, Apple And Super Micro
Stocks are in mild pullback mode. Nothing big. Nothing serious. And there may even be one more rally to new highs.
Figuring Out The Transports And Avoiding The Rust
The Dow Jones Transportation Index is nowhere near its August 2023 peak, which is concerning. Meanwhile, the iShares Transportation ETF is well above the peak from last summer. How can the same sector offer such different results?
One Day Wonder Or The Start Of A Big Decline
Let’s not get too myopic. One down day certainly didn’t correct the excesses in the markets. That is going to take some time.
Dotcom Bubble It Ain’t – Anatomy Of A Sale
The Nasdaq 100 has been a monster, not only this year, all of last year as well.
But It’s Only 6 Stocks And It Looks Like The Dotcom Bubble
With the plethora of news, the markets haven’t really gone anywhere lately. It seems like the world is now obsessed with the supposed narrowness of the rally and everyone has become a top-down expert in the area.
Horrible Market Action But Bears Carried Out On A Stretcher
It looks like the 2-Year Treasury Note is bottoming and wants to rally to at least 4.5% to 4.6%.
Sell The News, Buy The News, Scratch Your Head On The News
Between the Fed, employment report, and earnings from high-profile names, the markets have had a ton to digest.
Special Fed Day Update – Powell Has Cover To Cut
Fed leaves interest rates alone – no change in balance sheet reduction. Now you don’t have to wait until 2 pm to learn the news that everyone knows already. Powell’s press conference may be a different story.
The Ducks Are Quacking – Most Selling I’ve Done Since 2022
There is an old expression in the markets. When the ducks quack, feed them. It means that when investors crave something, give it to them.
BUT BUT BUT For The Bears - Not All Rainbows & Unicorns For The Bulls
The markets start the week at all-time highs. Let that sink in for a while. While the bears have doubled and tripled down this year with the nonsensical, the bulls have gone about their business after the brief pullback.
For All The Negative Fanfare, Stocks Remain A Whisker From All-Time Highs
For all the fire and brimstone, the S&P 500 remains just one good day away from new, all-time highs. Santa Claus may not have called and the first five days of the year may have been down, but the bulls continue to hang in there.
Fearless Forecast 2024 – Stock Market To Tack On Another 11-15%
2024 looks nothing like 2023. While I thought 2023 would be more front-loaded, I see the opposite in 2024 with some bumps and bruises during the first half of the year with a potential peak in mid to late January.
Santa Did Not Call But Be Careful With Bears Coming To Broad & Wall – Bumpy Is The Theme
In the stock market, it is now time for the bulls to remember who is really in charge. The bears scored a teeny tiny victory to end 2023 and they’ve kept up that little streak in 2024 so far.
1 to 16 of 361 Posts
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