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Paul Schatz, Founder, and President of Heritage Capital has a wealth of experience investing in equities, fixed income, options, and futures. While he is best known for his equity index and precious metals models, his technical driven strategies have taken him into other asset classes as well. ... more

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Market Passes Another Test
Market activity does not have the DNA of a bear market bounce. And while index and market leadership have been strong, I am now starting to see the various growth components outperform, adding more fuel to the fire.
The Important Test Begins
Last night and this morning we heard bad news from Microsoft, MMM, and Boeing.
When Markets Don’t Accommodate You Pivot Quickly
The stock market had another strong day on Friday after two down days. In the best of bull markets, a two-day decline is a universal time to buy.
How A Roth Conversion Could Lower Your Tax Costs
Taking advantage of a Roth conversion can potentially provide an effective tool for keeping your wealth growing while reducing your income tax liability.
The Fed Should Stop Right Now
A pause to refresh or a mild pullback would be good for the stock market after running hot and heavy. On Wednesday, we saw weaker economic data in retail sales. Unlike previous soft data, the stock market fell with bad news being bad news.
Bulls Looking Good
The thrust behind the rally hit extremes that typically are not exhausted easily or soon.
Why You Should Regularly Update Your Retirement Projections
Retirement planning is an important process that should become a lifelong habit, especially if you are a high-net-worth individual.
Santa Did Call – 2023 Should Be Good For All
The market looks like it wants to have a short-term resolution to the downside next week before Q4 earnings season begins. That could be an opportune time to buy.
Strong & Telling Market Action On The Way; Santa Delivering
2023 is finally here and most in the business will not miss 2022. Good riddance and adios to the most challenging year for stocks and bonds combined since at least the Great Depression.
Void Of Data Begins
The financial markets survived the FOMC meeting, inflation report and Friday’s enormous expiration of options and futures.
Fresh Selling Wave Hits Post CPI
It certainly has been a wild few days and it’s not over.
Disappointment On Friday
A few interesting tidbits from Friday’s action. The bond market as measured by TLT sold off a whopping 2.6%. Instances like that were seen 7 times so far this year, 4 times in 2020, 4 times in 2011 and 7 times in 2009.
Semis & Banks Offer Opposing Views – Home Heating Oil Update
The stock market is supposed to put in its final low for the year next week or by the middle of the following week and then rally into January. That’s what historical trends say, but not all years conform to those norms.
White Hot Jobs Market & Yields Go Down
The market sees continued economic softening in the quarters ahead.
Slice It How You Want, Yield Curves Point To Recession In 2023
For the economy, the best position is a steep and rising curve, meaning that the difference is large and growing.Today, we have the exact opposite.
Seasonal Headwind Today As Black Friday & Cyber Monday Get Weighed
Today, we have a strong seasonal headwind and the bears look ready to fight.
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