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Paul Schatz, Founder, and President of Heritage Capital has a wealth of experience investing in equities, fixed income, options, and futures. While he is best known for his equity index and precious metals models, his technical driven strategies have taken him into other asset classes as well. ... more


Bulls Charging, But…
It has been a nice and fun run for the bulls since the middle of last week. The major stock market indices have all rallied 3-4%. It’s good that they are in sync.
When The Ducks Quack, Feed Them
What a difference a few days makes. We went from hearing all about 1970s style inflation, supply chain woes and challenged Q3 earnings to partying like it’s 1999, all in one week.
Bulls Roar Back, Who Knew? New Highs On Track For Q4
Thursday was a good day for the markets, at least price-wise. The major stock market indices were all up at least 1%.
EC Bulls Need To Step Up – Vital Canary Under Pressure
The market certainly isn’t behaving like the Fed is going to cut back. Yes, inflation is playing a role, but assets are not in sync. That’s not bad nor good. It’s just is what it is.
Bulls Thwart Bears To Finish In The Green – New Highs Still The Call
The stock market finally saw an intra-day reversal from a moderate down first hour to closing in the green in Wednesday.
Lots Of Investors Negative But Was It The Low?
Let’s take stock of where the markets are right now. As you know, my message has been consistent and crystal clear. The stock market has been in pullback mode since early September with the first low on September 20.


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All Smart Eyes On The Dollar
9 months ago

Hi Danny,

The buck recently started rallying, but I don't anything sustainable on the horizon. I think it sees more stimulus, more money printing and more inflation relative to the rest of the world. That's not a good recipe for a big rally that lasts.

Stocks Could Bounce But Better Buy At Lower Levels
1 year ago

I don't think "intrinsic" value matters in this environment as the Fed's VERY heavy hand is impacting markets to an EPIC degree. Market moves are very compressed as volatility is very elevated. Unless you are a very long-term investor, I think being nimble will pay off.

In this article: DJI
Stocks Could Bounce But Better Buy At Lower Levels
1 year ago

I think that's too broad of a question for me to properly answer. Since we run 15 different strategies, each one has its own method to portfolio construction and management. My overall theme would be to buy the dips and sell the rips while making sure you like what you own.

In this article: DJI
Stocks Could Bounce But Better Buy At Lower Levels
1 year ago

I am working on a piece regarding that now, but in short, I think stocks will be in decline to the election if Trump was going to lose. After that, I think there would be a year-end rally and bigger decline in 2021.

In this article: DJI
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Founder and President
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Founder and President
Heritage Capital
June 2003 - Present (18 years 8 months)


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