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Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. He is also a financial writer for websites such as Investopedia, Seeking Alpha and the Monster Stock Market Commentary providing stock and market analysis. He has over 20 years of industry experience as an analyst, trader, and an investment ...more


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The Market Is Thinking About Fed Rate Hikes
The yield curve is breaking down, which could tell us that the 2-year rate is getting ready for a big move higher because the strong economy is making the Fed consider just how tight monetary policy is.
Stocks Give Up Massive Gains To Finish Lower
Stocks were sharply higher on the day but then suddenly gave back all of those gains to finish lower. Here's what may have happened.
Implied Volatility May Rise Into Nvidia's Results
The VIX is stuck around 12 currently until tomorrow's OPEX, and then it may begin to rise again, heading into Nvidia results.
Stocks Rally On Post CPI Volatility Crush
The CPI had no major surprises, leading to a post-CPI volatility crush.
The Hot PPI Report Is Creates Volatility Ahead Of CPI Report
Today's PPI report came in much hotter than expected but is creating more confusion than anything else.
The CPI Report May Shock The Market And The Fed
April is expected to be another hot month for inflation, and at this point, the CPI is running closer to 4% than to 2%.
Stocks Rally As The Dollar Falls On Weak Jobless Claims
The dollar weakened on disappointing jobless claims data.
The S&P 500 Comes To The Critical 5,200 Level
The S&P 500 is close to filling the gap and hitting multiple resistance levels at 5,200. This is happening as spreads between Italian and German rates widened again.
It Wasn't A "Dovish" Fed That Sent Stocks Higher This Week
The volatility crush that comes with FOMC policy decisions seems to occur on a regular basis. What's happening in the markets?
Stocks Rally As Rates And The Dollar Plunge On Weak Job Report
The job report came in weaker than expected, sending rates and the dollar lower and stocks higher.
It Wasn't The Fed That Sent The Stock Market On A Wild Ride
Copper has been a really good predictor of where the ISM Manufacturing report is going to go.
Rate Cuts Odd For 2024 Are Melting Away
The ECI report for the first quarter came in much hotter than expected.
This Week's Massive Data Dump May Send The Dollar And Rates Soaring
This week will bring a massive data dump to the market, an FOMC meeting, and a Treasury quarterly Refunding announcement. What will this lead to?
Nvidia's Stock May Not Have Much Further To Rise
Nvidia helped to drive the S&P 500's rebound today.
The 10-Yr Moved Sharply Higher On Surprise GDP Report
GDP numbers came as a surprise on a lot of different metrics. The annualized rate of change on the quarter-over-quarter basis came in much lower than expected.
The VIX May Soon Start To Turn Higher Again
The stock market rally has been driven by implied volatility melting and rates and the dollar stalling out ahead of a big week of data to come.
1 to 16 of 167 Posts
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