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Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. He is also a financial writer for websites such as Investopedia, Seeking Alpha and the Monster Stock Market Commentary providing stock and market analysis. He has over 20 years of industry experience as an analyst, trader, and an ... more


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Stocks Plunge On May 18 Heading Into Monthly Option Expiration
Stocks have given back all of their recent gains and are trading sharply lower on May 18.
When Will The Stock Market Stop Falling?
Stocks have fallen dramatically just this past week, is a bottom near?
The Stock Market Rally Is Not Likely To Last
Stocks have ripped higher since February 24 as real rates plunged sparking a massive short-covering rally. But it does not change the overarching problem, the Fed.
A Massive Deleveraging Process May Be Set To Begin For Global Markets
The global markets have run-up, but that may unwind as the Fed talks about accelerating tapering, which could create a massive deleveraging process.
This Is Why I Am So Bearish On The Stock Market And See Prices Heading Lower
The data in front of us has a lot of hidden messages, and most of it would make it hard for anyone to be bullish on the stock market currently.
The Stock Market Is Now Extremely Overbought
Stocks have rallied sharply since the October lows and now find themselves very overbought based on a number of technical indicators.
The Recent Stock Market Rally May Be A Bull Trap
This week we explore the latest trends in the stock market and why the recent rally may be a bull trap.
Will Volatility Sellers Save The Stock Market?
The VIX index has been starting to head lower again, but it will need to keep falling for the S&P 500 to make a new high.
September Job Report Changes Nothing As Stocks Continue On Path Lower
The September job report was a mixed bag, but it was good enough to give the Fed what is needed to start the tapering process.
The Stock Market Drop May Have Only Started
The S&P 500 has fallen about 5% so far, and based on the technical and fundamental setup there may be a steeper drop to come.
Buy The Dip Or Mechanical Rip? Why The Market Is Surging
For the week ended Sept. 24, we explore the reasons behind this week's volatility.
Will Slower Growth And Tightening Financial Conditions Sink Stocks?
Growth rates are slowing as the economy is moderating, just as the Fed is about to taper its asset purchase.
The Strong August Job Report Will Not Derail A Fed Taper
The August job report was much stronger than it appeared on the surface.
Stocks Drop On April 13 But Avoid Any Significant Damage
Stocks fell on April 13, with the S&P 500 finishing lower by about 1%.
Stocks Are Dropping On April 13 And It May Just Be The Start
Stocks are pointing to a lower opening on April 13, with the S&P 500 futures pointing to a decline of about 1%.
The Case For S&P 500 Rising To 3,300 Remains Intact
The week of July 22 will be a busy one, between earnings and economic data. A big second-quarter GDP print will conclude it on Friday morning. Currently, the consensus is for 1.9%.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts