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Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. He is also a financial writer for websites such as Investopedia, Seeking Alpha and the Monster Stock Market Commentary providing stock and market analysis. He has over 20 years of industry experience as an analyst, trader, and an ... more


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The Stock Market Surges And There May Be More To Come
Stocks put together a decent day with the S&P 500 rising about 75 basis point, but well off the highs.
Here’s Why Stocks May Surge During The March 26 Trading Session
The S&P futures are rising above critical levels of resistance today at 2,818 the first positive sign of the day.
The Stock Market May Be Gearing Up For A Sharp Rebound
Stocks did a lot of nothing on the surface, but there were a lot of positive developments that took place that may suggest the days of doom are not on the way.
Here’s Why Stocks May Rebound On March 25 From Their Steep Sell-Off
The S&P 500 has a zone of support between 2,792 and 2,798 which needs to hold today or the risk of a further drawdown increases.
12 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of March 25
The stock market will try to bounce back after the pounding it took on March 22. Small caps were hammered with the Russell falling 3.6%. Will it drop further at the start of the week?
The Yield Curve Isn’t Telling Us Anything That We Don’t Already Know
Stocks fell sharply on March 22, an unexpected decline. The S&P 500 fell a stunning 1.9%, in what seemed like a decline that came out of the blue. Is this the start of the next big wave of selling? I don’t think so.
The Recession That Everyone Is Waiting For May Never Come
Lots of shell-shocked investors are out there today, after Friday’s rather sharp and unexpected decline. Blame global growth concerns and the yield curve for the decline if you want. Has global growth slowed that much in the past 24 to 48 hours?
Can Amazon, Netflix, And Alphabet Lift Stocks On March 22
S&P 500 futures are pointing to a slightly lower opening today. 2,852 would be the first level of support to watch followed by 2,842, and then 2812.
Why The Fed Stopped Raising Rates, It’s Probably Not What You Think
The Russell hasn’t broken out yet but is on the cusp of a major break out. Should it break out, it could rally to 1,710.
What The Fed Doesn’t Know And 5 Stock To Watch On March 21
The S&P 500 is pointing to a lower open to start the day, but support for the index should be firm around the 2,810 to 2,815 level.
The Fed May Have Just Unleashed The Stock Market
When the ECB moved to a more dovish stance and became more accommodative, it put the Fed in a tough spot. The Fed had two choices: stay the course and risk a dollar that would soar, or put any thought of raising rates in 2019 on hold.
The Fed, FedEx, Amazon, And Micron Will Drive Trading On March 20
Stocks will attempt to rebound from yesterday’s late day sell-off, and by the looks of the futures, a flat opening is a good start.
Are Stocks' Late Day Fade A Cause For Concern, Or More Of The Same?
Stocks should continue to see gains in the days ahead despite the late day pullback today.
Stocks May Have More Big Gains Ahead As Amazon Breaks Out
Stocks finished the day higher with the S&P 500 climbing by nearly 40 basis point to 2,833.
8 Stocks To Watch As Global Markets Race Higher On March 18
The S&P 500 will try to continue to rally today after a big session on Friday which saw the index reach fresh 2019 highs.
The Week Of March 18 May Send Stocks Sharply Higher
The week of March 18 will be busy and if things go well it may help send stocks sharply higher and the S&P 500 on a path to 3,000
1 to 16 of 95 Posts
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