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Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management. He is also a financial writer for websites such as Investopedia, Seeking Alpha and the Monster Stock Market Commentary providing stock and market analysis. He has over 20 years of industry experience as an analyst, trader, and an ... more


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Surging Oil Price Probably Won’t Sink The Stock Market Today
Oil prices are rising today following the drone attacks.
8 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of September 16
The week of September 16 will be highlighted by the Fed meeting on Wednesday afternoon. This is a quarterly meeting so the Fed will also release its growth and inflation forecasts, as well as projections surrounding future interest rates.
The Fear Of Missing Out Trade Is Slowly Taking Hold
S&P 500 futures are trading right at their all-time today. One will need to start thinking about how the next fear trade that is about to take hold. This time it may be fear of missing out, and that could help to push stocks higher into year-end.
The Great Bull Market Run Of 2019 And 2020 May Only Be Starting
Stocks had a solid showing this week, with the S&P 500 finishing the week higher by roughly 1%. For September the index has risen by over 3%. However, the real star this past week was the Russell 2000, which is now up over 5.5% for the month.
Stocks Rise And Yields Rise As Draghi Fails To Impress The Market
The market had a pretty solid day with the S&P 500 rising by about 30bps.
Stocks Are Gearing Up To Rise On September 12
The S&P 500 futures are rising this morning on news that President Trump will delay the next round of tariffs by two weeks.
Stocks May See A Massive Break Out Back To All-Time Highs And Beyond
Don’t forget that tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow we see Mario Draghi for the last time as ECB president.
Stocks Gearing Up For Next Leg Up As Rotation Calms, Well, For Now
The US futures are flat, but it appears the index is getting ready for its next move higher towards 3,000.
Some Stocks Plunge, Some Stocks Rise, Whats Going On?
It was an exciting day for stocks, to say the least — strange stuff was going on that for sure. Momentum stocks continue to get beaten up, while biotech, industrials, and materials trade up.
5 Monster Stocks To Watch For The September 10 Trading Session
Stocks are pointing to flat opening on September 10, and at least for now continue to be a range of consolidation.
Sector Rotation Sends Technology Stocks Lower And Banks Higher
Stocks finished flat on September 9, but sector rotation sent technology stocks sharply lower and energy and banks higher.
The Next Leg Of The Stock Market Rally May Be Starting
The S&P 500 is just grinding higher on the futures, and it looks like it getting ready for a big move higher. With the potential to push even higher than 3000. Plus, Acadia shares are jumping around 75% today.
8 Monster Stock Market Predictions For The Week Of September 9
The week of September 9 will be a busy one for the markets with the ECB announcement on Thursday. It is widely expected that the ECB will cut the deposit rate by ten basis points which could provide a significant tailwind to the equity market.
Here’s Why The Stock Market Rally May Only Be Starting
The S&P 500 (SPY) broke above a critical level of resistance this past week, and now the question on everyone’s mind is what happens next? I believe that the market continues to rally.
Stocks Are Set To Surge As The Global Break Out Enters Day 2
Markets are rising on the hopes of a thawing trade war between the US and China as both sides agree to meet in October.
Don’t Look Now Bears Stocks May Finally Be Breaking Out
Stocks had a solid day on September 4 with the S&P 500 rising by over 1%, and rising to around 2937.
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