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Gold Still Lacks Sally With The S&P's Relief Rally
Regardless, whether we again reprise Isaak's "Goin' Nowhere"['95] or even reach back to The Vandellas' "Nowhere to Run"['65], Gold these days clearly exemplifies being on the Talking Heads' "Road to Nowhere"['85].
First The Fed As Gold's Still Dead
With all due respect to the Fed, which throughout its 108-year history has on balance beneficially created wealth for the masses, we are nonetheless becoming ever more justifiably concerned.
Gold Set To Reclaim 1900, Then 2000
That title ain't sayin' that much: but 'tis better than returning to the 1700s. And 'tis based on a technical quirk at which you might smirk, but with Gold having so far survived its underlying support zone...
Gold Wanders, Stocks Flounder
Its price more wandering than trending, Gold nonetheless just sported a three-week high (1879) under the umbrella of the otherwise declining parabolic Short trend.
Stocks Soar, But Gold's A Bore
Oh to be sure, the Index's regression trend (21 days) remains negative, but the S&P has just recorded five net gains in the past six trading days, including a +5.5% net gain in just these past three days toward finishing the week Friday at 4158.
Stocks Further Fizzle But Gold Lacks Sizzle
Year-to-date, the S&P 500 Index from its high (4,819 on Jan 4) is -19%. And in anticipation of it dropping lower still to the top of the 3,600-3,200 support zone, 'twill then be down by -25%; (to the base of said zone would be -34%).
Gold's Swoon Is A Bargoon
We've just had both Gold's fourth consecutive weekly drop and fourth consecutive weekly "lower low", price this past week not having just re-tested the 1854-1779 critical support zone, but having bored to 1810 on Friday.
Gold Tests Support, Stocks Further Abort
This past Monday and Tuesday gold finally tested the uppermost area of the 1854-1779 critical support zone. Gold then bounced a bit in settling its weak week on Friday at 1883.
Gold's Lower Grind And The Fed's Real Bind
Yes, Gold's price continues its lower grind, but 'tis the Fed that's in a Real bind. US annualized Real GDP just shrunk for the third successive quarter,-3.7% in Q3 2021, -0.2% in Q4 2021, and now a whopping -9.4% in Q1 2022.
Gold Still Can't See Its Way Clear, But The S&P High Looks In Place For The Year
Despite what current events should foretell Gold has been hit hard, recording its third-worst weekly change year-to-date in settling Friday at 1933. For now, nasty, belligerent Short trend (as is its wont) seems pressing on price.
Gold's Upstream Gleam
Gold's settling out the abbreviated trading week this past Thursday at 1,977 was the yellow metal's second-highest year-to-date weekly close, bettered only by that ending March 11, at 1,992.
Gold Takes A Snooze As Volume Cools
Dollar attractiveness, indeed. Why maintain one's dough in an account of the Euro paying zero when StateSide money, be it by the flat-curved Five-year Note, 10-year Note, or 30-year Bond, presently yields 2.7%.
Gold Seeks Support As Its Trend Flips Short
The current FedFunds targeted range is now 0.25%-0.50%. However: the FedFunds Futures contract for this next go 'round has already priced in a targeted range of 0.75%-1.00%, which means a Fed rate hike of 0.50% is "expected".
Gold Up, Volatility Down
Gold having completed its usual geo-political spike and fade finds its trade now more regularly played. The expected daily trading range is swiftly dropping from a war-high of nearly 50 pts now to sub-40, and shall further shrink into the new week.
Gold's Spike And Fade Has Played
As Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 gold opened at 1912 and rightly spiked onward to 2079, just 10 points shy of its 2089 All Time High reached on August 7, 2020. It has since spiked downward to 1895.
Gold Does The Bop 'n Drop
Specific to our missive's title, Gold bopped up this past week to as high as 2079, just 10 points from its All-Time High of 2089 on August 7, 2020 and then summarily dropped to 1961 toward settling out the week at 1992 on Friday, March 11.
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