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Mark Mead Baillie has had an extensive business career beginning in banking and financial services for two years with Banque Nationale de Paris to corporate research for three years at Barclays Bank and then for six years as an analyst and corporate lender with Société ... more


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Behold The Gift Of Gold
ill the 1454-1434 support shelf stick? We ought to think so. As of a week ago, Gold had been putting in its best year (+18%) since 2010 (+29%), but with this lurch lower is now tied with 2017's full-year performance 'round +14%.
Gold A Go-Go Or A No-Go?
With 10 months plus one trading day now in the books for 2019, one can't complain about Gold's performance this year.
Gold Remains Meek; Silver Wins The Week
Of the 43 trading weeks thus far in 2019, there've been but 19 (44% of 'em) for which Gold and Silver have both recorded net gains. For the other 24 weeks, Gold and Silver either have both recorded net losses or have wandered away from one another.
Gold - Trading Range Tapering At 1500; Price Spring Coiling For 1600?
A week ago at this time, Gold's "expected daily trading range" was 24 points, the "expected weekly trading range" then being 48 points
Gold Stays As Told In Correction Mode
Recent weeks have highlighted that, in spite of Gold's trading being quite resilient, price nonetheless still is in a corrective stance, albeit on balance it is being met with bouts of buying which broadly bodes well.
Gold's Correction Seems A Short Inflection
Be it profit-taking of late by traders or short-selling raiders, Gold actually netted the barest of up weeks, settling Friday at 1510, for a seven-point (+0.5%) gain from where it was a week ago.
Gold At The 3/4 Post Is Putting In A Year Over Which To Boast
Gold's performance through 2019's first three-quarters (with Monday still in the balance) ranks as fourth-best across the like period since 2001.
Gold Up, Rate Cut, Recession Looming, Economy Booming
Gold found its price nicely accelerating into week's end in spite of the downshift in technical trend.
1526: Gold's Centerpiece Price
Gold reached that 1526 target on August 12 and price further punched through to trade as high as 1566 just a week ago ...only to have since sunk sub-1500 in settling out the week Friday at 1496.
Gold Loses Its Grip, Silver Triples The Slip
With the precious metals at long last getting their overdue notice as this year has unfolded, so has ensued ramped-up trading volatility.
Gold Can't Compete With The Silver Streak
From August 6 through 30, Gold increased in price by +2.9% and Silver by +12.3%. That's four times the pace of Gold. Gold can't compete with the Silver Streak.
Gold-Dip Wary But The Picture Stays Merry
Over the long haul both Gold and the S&P are inclined to rise as typically do wealth-valued assets. Just to catch up to stateside currency debasement alone, Gold's price needs to nearly double from its present level.
Gold Sticks Our 1526 Fix
since having achieved 1526 this past week, Gold come Tuesday found itself as high as 1546 before careening down 65 points (-3.7%) in just three hours to 1489. Upon the dust clearing, Gold posted a net weekly gain of 16 points (+1.0%).
Gold - 1500 Quick As A Wit
Just 10 weeks ago Gold was trading in the 1200s. Now it's trading in the 1500s. It can go quickly.
Gold - Contango And Tariffs And Fed Oh My!
Following five weeks of flatlining, Gold finally got off the ground and gained 2.4% (+34 points). It was Gold's best week since the week ending June 22.
Gold Furthers Its Flatlining
Two weeks ago Gold settled at 1418. It then gained +0.6% to close a week ago at 1427. This past week it dropped -0.6% to again settle back at 1418 Friday. If you day-traded Gold this past week, you endured one flat lining session after another.
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