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Wallflower Gold Remains Untowed
Friday's release of the stunningly weak U.S. September payrolls data momentarily towed Gold off the mat, (emphasis on "momentarily"). Pre-report at 1763 before swiftly climbing to 1782, a 13-day high, only to give it all back less than two hours.
Gold Forecast High Goes Bye-Bye
Just as President Nixon nixed the Gold Standard back in '71, so too are we nixing for this year our Gold forecast high of 2401. We are wrong and not even close. Period.
Gravity Grasps Gold
It remains our take that the Fed's most unspoken fear is it all going south for stocks. However of note thereto, Fed Chair Powell did warn on Wednesday that the Fed shan't be able to shield the markets should the U.S. default on its debt.
Gold - Where Has All The Volume Gone?
Regionally, both the New York State Empire and Philly Fed Indexes posted bold September improvements over those for August. Also, August inflation readings slowed via the CPI and Ex/Im Pricing. This is all welcome news for the Federal Reserve.
Gold 20 Years On...
Twenty years on, Long Gold/Short S&P is an arbitrage play on a Silver platter toward future values being reflected by actual prices, which history proves always eventuates (nudge, hint, wink).
Own Gold With Reason Into S&P Crash Season
It goes without saying the September-October stint has a long history of being considered the stock market's most treacherous time of year. Thus given the S&P's mercurial run-up, right now is as good a time as any for it all to go wrong.


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Gold Docks In Its Box
4 years ago

Thanks so much, Lorimer, for reading my piece. With respect to the fine analyses of all these prudent Gold reviewers, at some point, something will give. Let us hope the catalyst shan't be catastrophic, but rather the reality of valuation, led by the sovereigns and wealth funds taking advantage of a stock market double what it ought be and the Gold price half what it ought be. Best to you.

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