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Mark Mead Baillie has had an extensive business career beginning in banking and financial services for two years with Banque Nationale de Paris to corporate research for three years at Barclays Bank and then for six years as an analyst and corporate lender with Société ...more

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Gold Looks To Languish Lower
On the heels of Gold having consecutively made four lower weekly lows, ‘twould appear there’s more languishing to go. ‘Course our being Pro-Gold, we hope we’re wrong as so.
Gold From Time Biding To Price Sliding
Wherein a week ago we wrote of “Gold Biding Time”, the yellow metal has since proceeded from time biding to price sliding, settling this Friday at $2032. And from our purview, purely the culprit appears technical.
Gold Biding Time, Bitcoin Prime Time
Since the SEC’s cautionary "Gensler Granting” of the ETFs this past Thursday, Wall Street treated Bitcoin as essentially it does “all things” anticipated: the rumor having been bought, the news then was sold.
Gold Stumbles Into New Year As The Dollar Gets Into Gear
The biggest eye-opener for us through the first four trading days of 2024, a year in which we’ve called for Gold 2375, is the Dollar’s sudden resilience.
Gold – We Conservatively Forecast 2375 For 2024’s High
Pointing toward more in 2024, we anticipate Golden fireworks galore. Next year’s high forecast for gold is predicted to hit 2375.
A Great Gift For Gold As It Climbs Into Christmas
You likely shan’t glean this from anywhere else, so here we go. In this 23rd year of the 21st century, for these past five trading days leading up to Christmas, Gold recorded a net weekly gain of +1.5%, settling Friday at 2065.
Gold’s Upside Fruition, Stocks’ Suicide Mission
Yes, ’tis The Gold Update, but we’re compelled to start with stocks’ suicide mission, given Gold in upside fruition is doing just fine, thank you very much.
Gold-Record’s Calamity; Stocks’ Stark Misfortune-To-Be
To be sure, a week ago we acknowledged Gold’s “Finally!” having recorded a fresh All-Time High of 2096 on 01 December, a milestone comprehensively missed by the FinMedia. 
Gold: Finally!
For Gold, as the expression goes, “Santa came early this year.” In settling the week Friday at 2092, closing in on February Gold (the current “front month”) which traded as high as 2096.
Basking Under Gold
Greetings from under the Tuscan sun. Here in Cortona, recorded history dates all the way back to the Etruscans in the 8th century BC, which for you WestPalmBeachers down there is some 2,900 years ago.
Gold Pops As Inflation Stops And The Economy Flops
Just as an advertisement for the San Francisco Examiner said some 40 years ago, "a lot can happen between 9 and 5." And relative to just this past week, this is perfectly analogous to the state of gold, inflation and the economy.
Gold’s Bang On Time Dive
Here's this from the We Hate It When We’re Right Dept., an age-old axiomatic quip: “Be careful of that for which you wish as you just might get it.” And you regular readers definitely get it. For bang on time this past week came Gold’s dive.
Gold’s Post-Geopolitical Pullback
From our purview, Gold appears on the perch of a downside lurch: a classic post-geopolitical pullback. Obviously Gold’s +10.7% climb from its October 6 (low 1824) to its October 27 (high 2020) was overwhelmingly induced by the Mid-East mayhem.
Gold: Range-Bound? Or Moon-Bound?
Across the past 23 trading days Gold traded per that date’s high of 1969 down -145 points to 1824 October 6, from which price then ascended +185 points through Friday, October 20, to as high as 2009 in settling out the week at 1993.
Awakening To Gold
Gold has been priced way too low for way too long, pure and simple. As the Investing Age of Stoopid seemingly unravels, those paying attention may finally be awakening to Gold.
Gold Further Tanks, To The Dollar No Thanks
The 1824 low for Golf was revisited for the first time since March 9. Despite the recent selling, both gold and silver at present exhibit trading support below their current price.
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