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Mark J. Lundeen is a frequent author, having contributed to Talkmarkets and numerous other well known sites. He covers gold and other precious metals.


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EC The Untold Story Of Nixon And The $35 Gold Peg
It’s not hard predicting what comes next: The 2020s will be the decade when gold, silver, and commodities see a monster bull market as everything financial begins to deflate.
Looking At Market Capitalization: 1975 And 2019
Another week of nothing much happening with the Dow Jones; since last Friday it has advanced by only 42.44 points.
Market Update For Early February 2019
Gold, silver and their mining shares just have that feeling to me; that we are on the edge of something historic as decades of inflationary abuses by the central banking cartel to the global monetary system comes undone.
More On Daily Volatility In The Gold And Silver Markets
From here what’s next for the stock market? After its big advance a short term correction in the Dow Jones should be expected before it resumes its advance.
OTC Interest-Rate Derivative Contracts
The Dow has returned to its pre-October 3rd volatility; the daily moves for the past two weeks has been greatly reduced. Should daily volatility remain low, the likelihood for Dow Jones seeing new all-time highs in the months to come is very high.
Deflation Continues As The Driving Force In The Stock Market
Mr. Bear has begun clawing back inflated market valuations in the stock market. The Dow Jones has deflated by over 6% since last Friday’s close; everyone can see Mr Bear’s handy work in the included chart.
The Federal Reserve’s “Policy” Of Perpetual Bull Markets
As of the close of this week the Dow Jones has been trending the wrong way for over two months now, and now on a double-digit percentage basis.Yet since 1982 the Dow Jones has seen its strongest period of inflationary expansion in its history.
Valuing The Stock Market With Dividends
Since October 10 there have been 10 NYSE trading sessions where the Dow Jones has moved >+/-2% from a previous day’s closing price, or ten Dow Jones 2% days. During prolonged market advances, we can go years without seeing a single one of these.
Silver To Gold Ratio Points To Oversized Profits Coming To Silver
I’m not predicting it, and I think it unlikely, but should the Dow Jones see a new all-time high before Christmas I wouldn’t be surprised. Should the Federal Reserve “inject” sufficient “liquidity” into the stock market, anything is possible.
Dow Jones’ Earnings Are At Record Highs
With the Dow Jones closing this week only -3.31% from its October 3rd last all-time high, it’s hard being short-term bearish. So I continue expecting the venerable Dow Jones to make additional new all-time highs before the end of 2018.
Fake News Reports The Bull Market Isn’t Over
CNN Money reports the good news that the bull market isn’t over just yet: “Dow soars 432 points.However, personally I’m still thinking the advance that began in March 2009, ten years ago is getting pretty long in the tooth.
Reasons To Avoid The Stock Market
Deflation seems to be the primary theme in the market. The last time the Dow Jones saw its BEV value at -8% was in early July of this year. It took fifty-three NYSE trading sessions for the bulls to work up to a new all-time high on September 20.
The Hot Breath Of Mr. Bear On The Back Of My Neck
Extreme volatility (Dow Jones 2% Days) continues in the market; Tuesday saw the Dow Jones close 2.17% above the previous day’s close. So, that’s the third day of extreme volatility in the past two weeks and that isn’t normal, or bullish.
Big Problems In The Stock Market
It’s a better than house odds bet that we’ll see more extreme market events in the weeks to come. That can’t be good for the Dow Jones. I say that because NYSE 52Wk Lows have been increasing in the past few weeks.
A Look At The Mortgage Market
This week the Dow Jones on Tuesday and Wednesday closed at all-time highs. That makes four new BEV Zeros in the BEV chart below in the past ten trading days, and that’s something I can’t complain about.
Gold And Silver Days Of Extreme Volatility
Last week the Dow Jones saw new all-time highs on Thursday and Friday, but this week it saw none, closing the week -1.07% from last week’s close. Is this the pause that refreshes? It very well could be, and then maybe not.
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