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Mark J. Lundeen is a frequent author, having contributed to TalkMarkets and numerous other well known sites. He covers gold and other precious metals.


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Gold & Dow Jones’ Step Sum Symmetry
The Dow Jones remains range bound in the BEV chart below, though at week’s close it was in scoring position; <5% from making a new all-time high.
What’s The Problem With The Dow Jones? Maybe It’s Overvalued
The Dow Jones continues trading in a tight range in its BEV chart below. For the past three months it refuses to rise up to a new all-time high, and is incapable of deflating below its BEV -10% line.
A Look At “Monetary Policy” Of The Past Four Decades
I used to subscribe to Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letter. I consider my actual education on markets began with Mr. Russell’s market comments.
Strange Things With The NYSE 52Wk H-L Ratio
With the presidential election coming early in November, something big happening in the market is a real possibility, as is the possibility of nothing big happening at all. 
What’s With Gold And The Dow Jones In Late September?
Gold and the Dow Jones have one thing in common; since their recent highs, the bears have yet to force them to correct by double digit percentages.
Market Update For Early September
At week’s close the 200 count for the Dow Jones, number of Dow Jones days of extreme volatility within the past 200 NYSE trading sessions, closed up one to forty-six.
EC 100 Years Of Indexes - What BEV Plots And BGMI Can Tell
In terms of CinC inflation, the stock market isn’t compensating investors for the risks they take, such as the loss of purchasing power in the dollars their capital gains and losses are denominated in.
Warren Buffett’s Partner Called Him A “Jerk”
Hey, cut the guys some slack because at some point everyone becomes a dumb-jerk if they can’t make the connection between what the FOMC is doing with manipulating bond yields lower and market valuations higher with the advances in gold and silver.  
The Dow Jones To Gold Ratio Gives A Sell To Stocks And A Buy For Gold And Silver
At week’s end, the Dow Jones has fallen short of breaking above its BEV -5% line. So, it isn’t in scoring position just yet, but maybe that’s what next week is all about.
Possible Ka-Booms As Far As The Eyes Can See
After a two month pause, the Dow Jones is finally making a move to take out its -6.7% BEV high of the post March 23rd advance made in early June. To do so from Friday’s close it would have to advance less than a half of a percent (140 points).
​​​​​​Rising Gold = Higher Future Bond Yields
The Dow Jones continues in an annoyingly tedious manner, where it refuses to go up or down as it hugs on to its BEV -10% line for dear life in the BEV chart below. It’s been this way for over a month.
Silver – The Metal That Gets No Respect
This week all the excitement was in the old monetary metals, gold and especially, silver. It’s been over a hundred years since silver has gotten any respect.
To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
Since early June the Dow has oscillated between its BEV -5% and -15% lines. This won’t last forever and if the Dow breaks above its BEV -5% or below its -15% lines this will be an important development.
This Week A Look At China
Since June 11th, the Dow Jones continues struggling with what it’s to do next; break above and stay above its BEV (Bear's Eye View) -10% line, or break below and stay below its BEV -15% line.
Market Comments For Late June
The stock market is only rising because the FOMC is flooding the financial system with “liquidity” at a time when the internal damage to the private economy by the CCP virus pandemic is still unknown, and that damage could be considerable.
A Primer On The Bear’s Eye View (BEV)
I usually begin with a Bear’s Eye View, or BEV chart of the Dow Jones, but exactly what is a BEV chart? It’s a view of the Dow Jones as Mr Bear sees it; with each new all-time high registering as a 0.00%, aka BEV Zero.
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