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Mark J. Lundeen is a frequent author, having contributed to Talkmarkets and numerous other well known sites. He covers gold and other precious metals.


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Dividend Payouts Are Under Pressure: That’s Not Good
This week the Dow Jones’ daily closes were within 1.30% of each other, as the 24,750 line of resistance held against the bulls’ second assault against it in a month.
The Dow Jones Has Done Nothing Since Mid-April
The Dow Jones is on the rebound from its March 23rd Bear's Eye View -37.5% bottom; the bottom of one, if not the steepest percentage decline in Dow Jones history.
FOMC Malfeasance Knows No Bounds - The Bear's Eye View
Some may look our chart comparing our present market decline to that of the Great Depression’s Dow Jones bear market and see hyperbole in it. But before this bear market sees its ultimate bottom, I won’t be the only one making this comparison.
Barron’s Confidence Index Is Collapsing
The week closed with the Dow Jones’ BEV -17.5% line of resistance holding, though on Wednesday the Dow Jones did close above this critical level, for a few hours anyway. Friday’s close found the Dow Jones at its lows for the week.
Market Pros & Cons In Late April 2020 - The Bear's Eye View
In this past week the FOMC “monetized” $256.23 billion of the US Treasury market. Back in August 1950 the entire US National Debt was $256 billion, and now the Federal Reserve “monetizes” that much in a single week.
The Stock Market Is Certainly Not Too Big For The Fed To Handle
It won’t be a resumption of the old bull market; rather the commencement of a BS Market by the members of the FOMC. Ultimately this will end badly for everyone – but when is the question.
Bear Market Week #7
So far the bottom of this bear market was on March 23rd, with the Dow Jones closing at a BEV of -37.09%. That’s almost a 40% claw back from its last all-time high (BEV Zero) of February 12th.
Panic At The FOMC!
Except for the average American wage earners and pensioners’ savings accounts, there isn’t a shortage of US dollars anywhere in our solar system. The problem is all these dollars were the result of debt creation by the Federal Reserve System.
The Bear’s Eye View Of Two Bear Markets
If you’re getting bullish on this market; you shouldn’t be as the stock market never advances as much as it does during bear markets. Mr Bear is just getting started, and he has as much time as it will take to complete his program of market hygiene.
How Did Pearl Harbor Affect The Dow Jones?
The Dow Jones (my proxy for the broad stock market) continues deflating. Last week the Dow Jones closed at a BEV of -21.54%, this week it closed at -35.12%, an additional 14 BEV points into what will ultimately prove to be a historic bear market.
EC The Three Stages Of Bull & Bear Markets
All hands standby for heavy rolls to both the port and starboard, as here’s the Bear’s Eye View of the Dow Jones. Every day this week the Dow saw a 2% day, a day of extreme-market volatility and almost broke below its BEV -30% line on Thursday.
A Week Of Stock Market Turmoil With More To Come
After a week where the Dow Jones saw four days of extreme market volatility (Dow Jones 2% days), and the NYSE saw two days of extreme market breadth (NYSE 70% A-D days), the Dow Jones closed UP 455 points from last week’s close.
Mr Bear Took His Pound Of Flesh From The Stock Market Last Week
At last week’s close, with the Dow Jones’ BEV value at -1.89%, I said I’d remain long-term bullish as long as the Dow Jones stayed above its BEV -7.5% line, or even if it remained in single-digits BEV values.
Gold & Silver In One Word: BUY
Last week closed with the Dow Jones down almost 2% from its last all-time high. Realize the bulls are only happy when the object of their affection is making new all-time highs, something the Dow Jones failed to do this week.
Gold Continues Its Bull Market Advance
Are you wondering how long the Dow Jones can continue advancing? Maybe the question you should be asking is how long can the FOMC continue its"Not QE#4" (quantitative easing 4) without causing a panic in the financial markets.
Review Of The Week - Plus A Look At The BGMI
In a market that saw the Dow Jones this week advance 1,124 points in just four trading sessions at the NYSE, I wouldn’t be shocked seeing it break above 35,000 sometime in 2020. But I wouldn’t be shocked seeing the Dow Jones break below 20,000.
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