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Mark J. Lundeen is a frequent author, having contributed to Talkmarkets and numerous other well known sites. He covers gold and other precious metals.


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Negative Bond Yields? Please, Not In Front Of The Children
Negative yielding bonds is an issue demanding ever larger attention in the financial markets. Overnight bonds with negative yields are an accepted fact of life in the mainstream media.
Market Update For Late August
I have to say what the real problem the current market has is that it’s overvalued to the point where a tweet from President Trump can result in a big daily, greater than 2%, decline in the stock market.
Fighting Inflation, Fighting Deflation, Fighting For Their Lives
When Mr. Bear comes to visit Wall Street, a big increase in daily market volatility begins. Seeing the huge increase in daily volatility in the past three weeks for the Dow Jones, I’m thinking we’re seeing a fresh bear sign at the NYSE.
Gold Continues Its Advance
An interesting feature of this bull market in the US bond market is how well gold and silver have been doing since it began in early summer. The smart money in this flow of refugee capital isn’t going into Uncle Sam’s IOUs, but into gold and silver.
An Inflection Point In The Markets?
In the late 1990s, even a rumor that Greenspan was thinking he may cut the Fed Funds Rate by 25 basis points caused the bulls on the NYSE to begin dancing. Twenty years later we live in a different world.
Cost Of Money & Inflation
After bouncing off the bottom of an 18% correction late last December, and a minor 7.5% correction on May 31st, the Dow Jones is losing steam as it began making new all-time highs in early July.
The NYSE Advance – Decline Ratio: 1926 To Today
The Dow Jones made four new all-time highs in the past three weeks. So the Dow Jones is again making new all-time highs, but if you look at NYSE breadth data going back to 1926, it becomes apparent it’s getting plenty of help.
A Look At Futures Contracts
Every bull market advance eventually sees its last all-time high. No one rings a bell when it happens, but from that point on things begin to change for the worse for the bulls.
Gold Breakout!
I became a bear two weeks ago, and should the Dow Jones go on and make a new all-time high from here, I’m going to remain in Mr. Bear’s camp. How much more does the stock market have to offer investors? As I view the market, not much.
Looking At Consumer And Corporate Debt
A frequent theme of mine is the growth of debt in the economy outstripping the economy’s means of servicing it. So, this week I thought I’d go back to my sources and create some charts illustrating this problem of consumer debt and personal income.
Central Banking: Dumb Money On An Epic Scale
What’s going on in the stock market? pIs this week’s advance the first stage of a recovery that will take the Dow Jones up to new all-time highs, or is it a bull-trap, seen in bear markets, indicating the Dow Jones has much further to go down.
July 2019 May Be A Big Month For Both The Dow Jones And Gold
Last week I was still optimistic on the prospects of the Dow Jones making new all-time highs in the weeks and months to come. However, seeing this tired old bull fall down changes all that.
My Pet Peeve With GDP
Is Mr. Bear about to whack Wall Street? I’m not ready to call it quits on the Dow Jones making a new all-time high in the weeks and months to come.
Mr. L, I Don’t Care: I Like The Gold And Silver Miners
What a difference a week can make. These past few weeks I’ve been complaining about the Dow Jones inability to do something to the up or downside. Then this week the Dow decided to do something; like going down 563 points from last Friday’s close.
Problems With The Financial Stocks
One item that I find interesting is how the banking stocks have done. note that now in May 2019 the NASDAQ Banking Index is performing no better than the NYSE Financial Index; both are down by double-digit percentages from their last all-time highs.
NYSE Margin Debt 1979 To Present
I’m sure the bulls remain optimistic that the Dow Jones will make history sometime in the weeks and months to come. What happens after that is the question.
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