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​​​​​​Rising Gold = Higher Future Bond Yields
The Dow Jones continues in an annoyingly tedious manner, where it refuses to go up or down as it hugs on to its BEV -10% line for dear life in the BEV chart below. It’s been this way for over a month.
Silver – The Metal That Gets No Respect
This week all the excitement was in the old monetary metals, gold and especially, silver. It’s been over a hundred years since silver has gotten any respect.
To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
Since early June the Dow has oscillated between its BEV -5% and -15% lines. This won’t last forever and if the Dow breaks above its BEV -5% or below its -15% lines this will be an important development.
This Week A Look At China
Since June 11th, the Dow Jones continues struggling with what it’s to do next; break above and stay above its BEV (Bear's Eye View) -10% line, or break below and stay below its BEV -15% line.
Market Comments For Late June
The stock market is only rising because the FOMC is flooding the financial system with “liquidity” at a time when the internal damage to the private economy by the CCP virus pandemic is still unknown, and that damage could be considerable.
A Primer On The Bear’s Eye View (BEV)
I usually begin with a Bear’s Eye View, or BEV chart of the Dow Jones, but exactly what is a BEV chart? It’s a view of the Dow Jones as Mr Bear sees it; with each new all-time high registering as a 0.00%, aka BEV Zero.


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To Wear Or Not To Wear: That’s The Question With These Stupid Covid Masks
8 days ago

I remember back last February when we saw videos of people in China just falling down on their face- dead - because of this virus, and stories about crematories in China running 24/7 as the piles of corpses just got higher. I was then as concerned, as you guys are now.

But it’s been six months since and we’ve seen nothing like that. Plus the death counts from Covid 19 are over counted. But one has to do a little research to discover that as CNN isn’t talking about that.

If a mass North American die off hasn’t happened yet I don’t think it’s going to happen at all. I got it figured out now: the corona virus has been weaponized for political purposes, and there are people are using this for all its worth in Washington DC and the media.

And those paper masks are stupid. I spent 20 years in the navy and served on six ships. So I’ve been in many chemical and biological war drills and a paper mask doesn’t do the job. It just doesn’t! That the mainstream FAKE NEWS tells their audience that it does tells me just how FAKE their NEWS is.

And should one have a proper mask, such as a US Navy Mark V mask, one thing no one should ever do is take one’s mask off if an agent such as muster-gas or a deadly virus is present in the ambient environment. Not for eating or drinking or even sleeping if you want to live!

Is it your understanding that like people, airborne viruses sleep at night, and are only active during the day time? You’re wrong! If the virus is active in our world, it’s also active in your bedroom 24 hours a day.

But I bet no one, not even Doctor Fauci sleeps with a mask on. Actually Dr Fauci is seen frequently without a face mask when speaking in public on TV. Fauci is an experienced epidemiologist who knows the rules; that one never takes off their masks if an airborne virus is in the ambient environment. Yet he does, frequently, which tells us what?

One thing the Fake News Outlets never tells people is the need to frequently change these paper masks or they’ll become little better than a bacteria breeding ground wrapped around one’s face, a dirty face diaper as some say. Yuck!

If someone insist on getting their news from Fake News Outlets and believing the propaganda these outlets send out, well go ahead and wear these stupid masks. I’m not going to stop you or demand politicians fine or imprison you for wearing a mask. Just don’t expect other people to do likewise if we choose not to for more cogent reasons than believing some guy on TV who isn’t wearing a mask says everyone else should.

Nuff Said

Mark J. Lundeen

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