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Mark J. Lundeen is a frequent contributor to TalkMarkets and numerous other well known sites. He covers gold and other precious metals.

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The Pending Bond Market’s Time Of Woe
If commodity prices continue to rise, and bond yields increase to an unknown threshold, we may see this market decline faster than it had risen off its lows of a year ago.
Gold Is Now Very Oversold
The Dow Jones saw a little selling pressure this week; down on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but up on Monday and Friday. For the Dow Jones and most of the stock market (if not the Nasdaq Composite) I’d say this week was a net neutral.
NYSE 52 Week Highs And Lows Nets
The Dow Jones continues advancing into market history.  So far in February it has made five new BEV Zeros (new all-time highs), its 12th to 16th since its low of March 23rd 2020. 
The Dow Jones To Gold Ratio 1885 To 2021
The stock market isn’t crashing just yet and last week the stock market saw a lot of bullish action, everywhere but with the XAU’s gold and silver miners. 
A Grotesque And Nasty Chart
I like publishing a chart of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet every few months and what a grotesque and nasty chart it is too.  
Late January Market Update
Want a reason to panic?  For the first time since November 9 the Dow Jones saw not one, but two of those dreaded Dow Jones 2% days, or days of extreme-market volatility; one on Wednesday (-2.05%) and on Friday (-2.03%).
20 Largest Market Caps Over The Years
Since the Dow Jones declined to its BEV -10% level at the end of October, it’s been either advancing towards record territory, closing at new all-time highs (eleven so far since November 16), or closing within 1% of a new all-time high. 
2021 Begins With Markets Overvalued, But Will It End That Way?
During my holiday break the Dow Jones continued advancing. Not as if it were on fire, but it did make six new BEV Zeros in the BEV chart below, and remained within 1% of one every day since December 18th.
The FOMC’s Garbage Grinder
This week the Dow Jones saw its fourth post March 23rd bottom BEV Zero on Thursday, with the first of these four happening on November 16th. The Dow Jones goes on to a new all-time high, and then it takes a break for a week before it does so again.
Baseline Shifts In Commodity Prices Since 1957
Since November 16th when the Dow Jones made its first Bear's Eye View Zero since its -37.5% market bottom of last March, it has remained within 2.5% of its BEV Zero as well as making two additional new all-time highs. 
Wall Street’s Pending $100-Trillion-Dollar Margin Call
The market advance since 1982 is a huge inflationary bubble that ultimately will be followed by a deflationary bear market decline, similar to if not worse than the Dow Jones saw in the depressing 1930s.
Market Update For Late November 2020
When inflation flows into stocks, bonds and real estate it’s called “Bull Markets”, until the bubble goes pop and people’s lives are ruined in the following bust. When it flows into consumer goods and cost-of-living items it’s called CPI inflation.
Bears' Eye View Of The Dow
Our current bull market began in August 1982 when the Dow began an advance that took it above 1000. Now 38 years later the Dow is approaching 30,000.
I’m Calling It – Gold At New All-Time Highs Before December
Two weeks ago with the Dow Jones’ BEV closed the week at -4.11%. This week the Dow Jones closes with a BEV -4.16%. Boring stuff, until you realize that in-between these two Fridays the Dow Jones twice actually broke below its BEV -10% line.
Gold & Dow Jones’ Step Sum Symmetry
The Dow Jones remains range bound in the BEV chart below, though at week’s close it was in scoring position; <5% from making a new all-time high.
What’s The Problem With The Dow Jones? Maybe It’s Overvalued
The Dow Jones continues trading in a tight range in its BEV chart below. For the past three months it refuses to rise up to a new all-time high, and is incapable of deflating below its BEV -10% line.
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