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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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CNBC-Asia--Brexit, Sterling, The Euro, And Dollar
The dollar's entered a cyclical decline, and the "twin deficit" issue will likely frame the narrative.
Weaponization Of The Dollar And The Search For An Alternative
Throughout human history, there have been around 190,000 tonnes of gold mined. At current market prices, a tonne of gold is worth about $48 mln, making all the gold in the world (not just monetary gold) worth about $9.1 trillion.
Discussion Of The Deflationary Risks In Japan And Brexit
Most of the rise in Japan's inflation is due to food and energy prices. Despite an aggressive balance-sheet expansion effort, the BOJ has missed its target by a long shot.
Emerging Markets Continue To Sell-Off
The US dollar is rallying against all the major and most EM currencies. The second consecutive quarterly economic contraction in South Africa pushed the rand down the most in the EM space, but Turkey was also under pressure.
Dollar Drivers On Bloomberg
There have been no fresh legislative initiatives, and although many executive orders have been signed, the economic performance appears to be largely doing what is has done since the middle of 2009.
Oil, US Inflation
Oil prices had bounced back at the end of last week and were lifted further by news that Saudi Arabia and Russia were inclined to support extending output cuts not just until the end of the year, but through Q1 18.
"Turn Around Tuesday" Call In Early Asia Yesterday
There has not been much follow through today, though the euro broke below $1.08 in late-Asia and is maintaining the break in early European turnover.
Dollar Bottom May Be Near
The dollar tended to trade heaviest against those currencies that speculators were short, like the euro, yen, and sterling. It tended to rise against currencies that speculators were long such as the Australian and Canadian dollar.
Bearish Case For Euro And Prospect Of Currency Wars
Major countries have agreed not to seek a trade or financial advantage by having a foreign exchange target. Countries are still free to pursue the monetary and fiscal policies to address domestic economic consideration.
Bloomberg's Daybreak - Trump And Rates
In the most recent CFTC reporting week, which ended on January 17, speculators in the 10-year note futures market reduced the record net short position. It is only the second week reduction since the end of November.
Bloomberg's Daybreak--- Dollar Correction
The issue at hand was about the dollar's losses since the start of the year. I suggest that the correction actually began a day or so after the Federal Reserve hiked rates in mid-December.
Twas The Week Before Christmas, Amidst Powerful Trends
There are several powerful trends in the global capital markets. Three trends have been particularly robust. The dollar's climb against the yen, the rise in US 10-year yields, and the rise in Japanese stocks.
Big Picture Dollar Outlook
I had thought the aspirational policy of the incoming Administration was not the kind of thing on which monetary policymakers would anchor forecasts. Yet at the press conference, Yellen revealed that some but not all members did precisely that.
What To Watch For In European Central Bank Decision
A video discussion that covers various aspects of the ECB's decision.
Reiterate Bullish Dollar Call
The US Dollar Index is flirting with the 100 area that has blocked side since last year.
Chat With The FT's John Authers
The initial market reaction after the election was not as surprising, but the dramatic reversal was. About a dozen hours after the election was called, John Authers from the Financial Times came to my office and we chatted.
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