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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more

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Dismal Q4 Japanese GDP Fails To Spur Yen Movement
t is only a US holiday today, but the global capital markets are subdued. In the Asia-Pacific region, equities traded lower with China and Hong Kong, the main advancers.
Strong Dollar Optics, Less Clear-Cut Details
The dollar's performance last week is best understood as the fulcrum of the seesaw. The major currencies that are perceived to be levered or growth and/or risk rose. These are the dollar-bloc and the Scandis.
Markets Are Data-Driven, But Which Data?
Betting that volatility stays low is a cash register for many, and there appears to be what Soros called "reflexivity" here, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why is volatility low?
EC Investors Continue To Look Past The Coronavirus
The capital markets are heading into the weekend, still trying to look past the coronavirus despite the new cases in Hubei.
Surprise? China Undercounts Afflictions And Fatalities, Curbs Risk Taking
There is one overriding driver today, and that is the incorporation of CAT scan diagnoses of the virus in Hubei, ground-zero.
The Greenback Slips In Subdued Activity
Investors appear to be increasingly looking past the latest coronavirus from China as new afflictions slow.
New Calm In The Capital Markets Continues, Powell Moves To Center Stage
Investors are taking solace from reports indicating that the increase in the new coronavirus at ground zero (Hubei) is slowing.
Quiet Start To The New Week In Which Politics May Dominate
The global capital markets have begun the new week on a cautious tone as investors seek to assess the latest news on the new coronavirus.
The Dollar Is Still King
Once again the US appears to be diverging from the world. With its large and mostly closed economy (exports plus imports as a percent of GDP), it is perceived to among the best positioned to escape the newest shock with minimal economic impact.
US Soars While Rivals Are Hobbled
We are approaching the mid-point of the first quarter, and the coronavirus is the new key development for businesses and investors. The economic impact appears to be still growing as the disruption to supply chains, production, and demand continues.
Dollar Rides High As Eurozone Disappoints, And Caution Sets In
A more cautious tone is evident today in the markets, which seem to have run well ahead of macro developments and evidence that the new coronavirus is not yet contained.
Stocks Push Higher But More Cautious Tone May Be Emerging
The bullish enthusiasm that carried the S&P 500 to new closing highs yesterday is helping Asia Pacific and European shares today.
Markets Extend Recovery, But Look For A Pause
The S&P 500 gapped higher and surged 1.5% yesterday, the most since in six months, helping set the stage for a continued recovery in global equities, and stoked risk appetites more broadly.
Relief Rally Fueled By Liquidity Not Peak In Coronavirus
The combination of the rally in US shares yesterday and the continued efforts of China to inject liquidity helped lift sentiment today.
February Monthly
The global capital markets were roiled in recent weeks by the new virus that jumped species in China.
EC Inauspicious Start To The Year Of The (Flying) Rat
The Year of the Rat is off to an inauspicious start as apparently a fly rat (a bat) virus has jumped to humans.
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