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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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Markets Finishing Week On Positive Note
Sentiment has improved since the volatility last month spooked investors and, perhaps, some policymakers.
Risk Assets Underperform As Investors Await Fresh Developments
The capital markets remain relatively subdued as fresh trading incentives are awaited, including US corporate earnings.
Markets Are Eerily Calm
There is an eerie calm over in the capital market through the European morning today despite some ostensibly worrisome developments.
The Death Of A Business Cycle
How do business cycles end? In the US, conventional wisdom is that they are murdered by the Federal Reserve.
New Phase Begins With UK Vote
Several of the equity benchmarks are flirting with six-week highs, including MSCI Asia Pacific Index and the Emerging Markets Index.
Dismal Chinese Trade Data Sets Tone
China's exports and imports were weaker than expected, though the trade surplus swelled to its widest in a couple of years. The implications have undermined equities and weighed on risk appetites more broadly.
Europe Moves To The Center Ring
From US/China, the focus in the week ahead shifts to Europe, and the outlook is not good.
Trade Optimism And The Recovery In Oil Boosts Risk Appetites
Optimism on trade talks between the US and China coupled with the biggest rally in WTI in two years (11%+) have helped keep the equity market recovery intact.
Two Takeaways From ECB Record
The record of the ECB's December meeting was released, and there are two takeaways. The first is that officials may have been more concerned with the deteriorating situation than they let on at the time.
Equity Bounce Stalls While The Greenback Steadies At Lower Levels
Equities, bonds and the dollar are consolidating the moves seen earlier this week.
Keep Fitch's Warning In Perspective
The global head of Fitch's sovereign ratings warned that the continued US government shutdown could jeopardize the AAA-status the rating agency grants America. It spurred little market reaction (and for good reason).
Equities Continue Recovery, Greenback Remains Heavy
Global equities have extended the New Year rally. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index advanced for the fifth consecutive session and the 10th in the past 11.
Dollar Steadies, But Weakly For Turn-Around Tuesday
The global capital markets remain calm after the surge in volatility seen over the last couple of weeks.
Recovery Falters In Europe
Issues impacting currencies around the world.
Greenback Looks Vulnerable
Fed Chair Powell was able to ease angst among investors without negating the Fed's assessment that the economy is strong enough to allow the central bank to gradually hike rates and continue to reduce its balance sheet.
For The Millionth Time, Markets Exaggerate
After crying wolf of an impending recession a year ago, market fundamentalists tell us again a recession is looming. Many who had been critical of the Fed expanding its balance sheet now want to it reconsider the pace of the unwind.
1 to 16 of 2817 Posts
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