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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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EC Risk Appetites Improve Ahead Of The Weekend
Equities are higher and bonds lower as the week's activity winds down.
Johnson's Ability To Lead Tories Into Victory At Risk
Two byelections are being held today and polls warn that the Tories could lose both. If so, the results will further tarnish the Prime Minister, whose ability to lead the Tories into victory in the next election will be questioned.
Risk Appetites Are Fickle
Yesterday’s strong US equity gains failed to carry over into today’s session.
Equities Jump, Dollar Slips, And European Yields Drop
While the US 10-year yield has edged up 3.26%, European yields are mostly softer, with the peripheral premiums falling more than core rates. The US dollar is mostly heavier.
US Holiday Facilitates Consolidative Tone
The dollar held below last week's high against the yen, seen around JPY135.60. The consolidative tone may not persist as the divergence of monetary policy will likely intensify further next month.
With The Central Bank Pivots Discounted, Will The Forex Market Consolidate?
The dramatic moves in the money market were investors discounting the acceleration of the tightening cycle among the major economies.
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Forget the adage about measuring twice and cutting once. Aside from the Bank of Japan, major central banks are in a hurry to tighten financial conditions even as a cyclical slowdown weakens demand.
Aggressive Tightening Sees Risk Appetites Evaporate
It might not have seemed that way in the cloud of hours following the FOMC conclusion, but risk appetites are taking the day off.
Prospects Of Aggressive Tightening Sends Shock Waves Through The Capital Markets
The markets' evolving expectations of a more aggressive monetary policy are not limited to the Federal Reserve, where the terminal rate is now straddling the 4% area, around 100 bp above late May levels.
Dollar Jumps, Stocks And Bonds Slide
The prospect of a more aggressive Federal Reserve policy has spurred a sharp sell-off in global equities and bonds and sent the dollar sharply higher.
Greenback Poised To Challenge May Highs
The firmer than expected US CPI did not change expectations that the Federal Reserve will hike the Fed funds target by 50 bp on June 15.
Fed, BOE, And The BOJ To Stand Pat: Week Ahead
Three G7 central banks meet in the coming days, and they dominate the macro stage. The Federal Reserve's meeting concludes on Wednesday, the Bank of England on Thursday, and the Bank of Japan on Friday.
Verbal Intervention Helps The Yen Steady... For The Moment
Chinese markets were the notable exception amid sharp losses in many of the large markets in the Asia Pacific. A rebound in the yen saw Japanese shares tumble. The US dollar rallied strongly against the Canadian dollar.
Over To The ECB
The market recognizes the hawkish pivot by the ECB. Consider that at the end of last year, the swaps market priced in a 10 bp policy rate at the end of 2022.
The Greenback Bounces Back
After modest US equity gains yesterday, the weaker yen and Beijing’s approval of 60 new video games helped lift most of the large markets in the Asia Pacific region.
Reserve Bank Of Australia Surprises, But Aussie Struggles
The Reserve Bank of Australia surprised the market by delivering a 50 bp hike earlier today. It was the largest move in more than two decades.
1 to 16 of 4083 Posts
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