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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more


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Markets Unsettled, Dollar Rides High
The combination of OPEC+ decision not to boost output next month and Fed Chair Powell's seemingly lack of concern about the level of long-term rates pushed on a door that was already open.
OPEC+ And Powell Are Awaited
Equities are under pressure following yesterday's sharp losses in the US. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index suffered its biggest decline of the week today as Japanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong benchmarks slid by more than 2%.
The US Dollar Finds Footing
Equities have a more stable footing today, despite yesterday's losses in the US, as the relative stability in the bond markets bolster risk-appetites.
The Dollar Finds Better Footing
A warning from China's top banking regulator about the frothiness of foreign markets appeared to blunt the knock-on effect of yesterday's largest rise in the S&P 500 since last June (~2.4%) and weighed on global equities.
EC March 2021 Monthly
The investment climate is changing. The reflation trade has gained traction. Bond yields rose sharply, and curves steepened.
Animal Spirits Roar Like A Lion To Start The New Month
Equities and bonds jump back. Most Asia Pacific markets advanced 1.5-2.5% after the regional MSCI benchmark dropped 3.65% before the weekend and 5.3% last week.
Was Last Week An Inflection Point For The Dollar?
Last week the market concluded that the Bank of England was more likely to hike rates by the end of next year than adopt negative rates, which had seemed like a distinct possibility a few short weeks ago.
Week Ahead Highlights And The Dollar
The global capital markets are adjusting to higher interest rates and the reflation trade appears to have reached an inflection point. Commodity prices continue to rally, partly on supply issues and partly in anticipation of more robust demand.
Fed Hike Ideas Give The Beleaguered Greenback Support
A poor seven-year note auction and ideas that the first Fed hike can come as early as the end of next year spurred a steep sell-off in bonds and equities. 
The Dollar Remains Under Pressure Even As Bond Yields Rise
After several attempts, the euro has pushed above $1.22, and the Australian dollar has surpassed $0.8000 as the greenback remains under broad pressure against the major currencies. Only the yen is having difficulty gaining on the US dollar.
Equities Try To Stabilize And Low Short-Term Rates Help Keep The Dollar On The Defensive
The sharp recovery in US shares yesterday that saw the S&P 500 snap a five-day slide failed to carry into Asia Pacific trading earlier today.
Dramatic Market Adjustment Continues
Rising rates continue to spur a rotation and retreat in stocks.
Stocks Wilt Under Pressure From Rising Yields
Higher interest rates, driven by inflation expectations, is forcing an adjustment to equity markets.
The Dollar At The Fulcrum
The US dollar had a tough week. It fell against all the majors but the Swiss franc and Japanese yen. Like the dollar, they are often used to fund the purchases of higher-yielding or more volatile assets, giving a greater appearance of safe-haven.
The Week Ahead: Inflation And The Fed
Since the US election and the announcement of a vaccine in early November, the 10-year US break-even has risen from about 165 bps to over 225 bps, before it finished the week near 2.15%, accounting for the nearly 50 bps increase in the 10-year yield.
Equities Stabilizing While The Greenback Remains Under Pressure
The bond and equity markets are trying to stabilize ahead of the weekend.
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