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In-depth research and analysis of the current state of the economy in America, as well as how public policies contribute to the economic climate. It doesn't matter who is in the White House, House, Senate, or Fed, their monetary policy mistakes will be exposed, you'll know it, and you ... more


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Negative Interest Rates Are Back In The News
Fed economists in the St. Louis regional Fed are pushing for NIRP. It's a really bad idea, the consequences of which will be more financial pain and suffering.
E Update: Oil And Natural Gas Opportunities
At the end of April I made the case for higher prices in natural gas, as well as how to profit from it along side the negative prices and volatility in crude oil. With natural gas down over 25%, here is an update.
E As Oil Crashes, There Are Several Opportunities On The Opposite Side Of This Crisis
Several new opportunities are now available or will be soon, and you can capitalize on them. They will be found in the energy sector, and they will be found in other energy intensive sectors as well.
Fed’s Newest Measures To (Fail To) Support The Economy.
Today's premarket Fed announcement shows the Fed to be like the victim of the horror movie monster in the lagoon, taking his last breath before pulled under one last time. Here's a look inside what is happening, as well as the expected outcomes.
E Market Rout And Takeaways: Outlook For US Economy, & Your Portfolio, In Wake Of Covid19
Here's a look at what is happening in markets right now, as well as what we can expect form both markets and governments. Position yourself correctly and you stand to be handsomely rewarded.
E History Buffs Take Heed: Democratic Candidates Set To Ruin American Economy
MMT is the road being paved to economic hell. Most people don’t understand that, and the politicians play with that ignorance.
After 7-Day Market Selloff, Expect The Fed To Move
The market has sold off over the last seven days in dramatic fashion. No one knows for sure if this is the black swan event that has been anticipated. One thing is for sure though, the Fed will scratch the do-something-do-anything itch.
The Truth About Negative Interest Rates & What To Expect
Rates are negative all over the world, and almost anyone involved in either asset management, reporting financial and economic news, or advising the politicians of the world who set monetary and fiscal policy, none understand what is happening.
2020 Forecast: Will The Emperor Finally Be Revealed To Be Wearing No Clothes?
What we can expect from this year's markets, what the main event will be, and how we can profit from what to expect.
E Libra Is Coming: Will FB Liberate Or Liquidate The Crypto Market?
The coming release of Libra is cause for several concerns. Not just in general and for all of us, but for other cryptocurrencies as well.
E The Federal Reserve: A Little History, Functions, The Dual Mandate, & A Little More
Find out a little bit of the history of our central bank, its purpose, how it achieves its goals, the mistakes it makes over and over again, and what the press conference today was all about.
E Fed Telegraphing Lower For Longer & More QE
Two Fed governors have said publicly in their statements and interviews that the country's central bank should go back to reducing rates and more QE with the onset of the next recession.
E Bitcoin: Trade The Rise And Fall, But Don't Invest
As the price of Bitcoin is rising significantly again, what are the lessons to glean from the current rally, and what differentiates crypto currencies from fiat currencies and more important, real money?
E Very Clever, Those Chinese Folks
One more important point on the tariffs that China has now imposed on American goods has to do with the fact that energy is (not so) oddly left out.
E More About Trade Wars
The trade war with China is ramping up, and China announced their own retaliatory tariffs against America.
E The Macro Market Wrap Up - Thursday, May 9
The Saint Louis Fed has telegraphed the next QE policy move, and in a word, it’s inflation. Unlike previous rounds of QE, this time it will be hidden.
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