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In-depth research and analysis of the current state of the economy in America, as well as how public policies contribute to the economic climate. It doesn't matter who is in the White House, House, Senate, or Fed, their monetary policy mistakes will be exposed, you'll know it, and you ... more

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E Libra Is Coming: Will FB Liberate Or Liquidate The Crypto Market?
The coming release of Libra is cause for several concerns. Not just in general and for all of us, but for other cryptocurrencies as well.
E The Federal Reserve: A Little History, Functions, The Dual Mandate, & A Little More
Find out a little bit of the history of our central bank, its purpose, how it achieves its goals, the mistakes it makes over and over again, and what the press conference today was all about.
E Fed Telegraphing Lower For Longer & More QE
Two Fed governors have said publicly in their statements and interviews that the country's central bank should go back to reducing rates and more QE with the onset of the next recession.
E Bitcoin: Trade The Rise And Fall, But Don't Invest
As the price of Bitcoin is rising significantly again, what are the lessons to glean from the current rally, and what differentiates crypto currencies from fiat currencies and more important, real money?
E Very Clever, Those Chinese Folks
One more important point on the tariffs that China has now imposed on American goods has to do with the fact that energy is (not so) oddly left out.
E More About Trade Wars
The trade war with China is ramping up, and China announced their own retaliatory tariffs against America.
E The Macro Market Wrap Up - Thursday, May 9
The Saint Louis Fed has telegraphed the next QE policy move, and in a word, it’s inflation. Unlike previous rounds of QE, this time it will be hidden.
E The Macro Market Wrap Up
The Trump administration announced more tariffs on Chinese goods this past Friday, the direct result of stalled trade talks.
E Looking Behind The Jobs Numbers
The Bureau of Labor Statistics put out its latest jobs report this morning. What’s the real story behind the numbers?
E How The Fed Will Probably Deal With Inflation And Prices
Some of the opportunities I see right now from Fed policy are in gold and silver, consumer staples, and midstream energy and uranium, and staying away from autos, housing, and financial institutions like banks and insurance companies.
E Lyft, Uber IPOs Indicative That This Bull Is About To Be Slaughtered
The Street has collectively become a drunken college freshman wearing a horribly blinding pair of beer goggles at his first frat party.
E Trade War With Europe?
More tariffs on tap for EU products won’t be good for Americans. Beside the consumer being the biggest loser in a trade war, literally everyone else along the way loses.
E The Fake News About Avocados
The average American eats five avocados a year - it's a niche market.
E Macro Market Wrap Up - Monday, March 4
Tariffs are bad for the economy, and two major studies just released confirm what I’ve been saying all along.
E Retail Moving In The Wrong Direction
Store closings are already set to double last year's pace. In the rising rate environment, the "Amazon Effect" is not the only reason.
Crypto: Hacking Concerns
Prior cryptocurrency hacks may have been the canary in the coal mine, but this one is like the countdown timer reaching the final 10 seconds on a sci-fi self-destruct mechanism.
1 to 16 of 21 Posts
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