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Kurt Cobb combines two professional identities. He is best known for his work as a blogger, columnist, speaker and author focusing on energy and the environment. He also works as an independent marketing and publicity consultant and writer who has served a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit, ... more


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The Return Of Resource Nationalism
The Chinese dominate the rare earth elements market because most of what is mined worldwide comes from China. The country produces 80 percent of global output. But it also controls 85 percent of the processing capacity.
Iran, Energy And War
Iran was an oil power back in 1953 and it remains one today. Iran is presumed to have the third-largest oil reserves in the world and the second-largest natural gas reserves.
The Troubled Saudi Aramco IPO: It's What You Can't See That Counts
It's what you can't see—the oil beneath the Arabian sands—that potential investors in Saudi Aramco's on-again, off-again initial public offering (IPO) ought to focus on.
Oil Prices And The Coming Financial 'Ice Age'
Albert Edwards turned bearish on stocks back in 1996—well, not exactly bearish, but cautious.
Is There A Way To Counter The Chinese Stranglehold On Rare Earth Metals?
China has threatened to retaliate in the ongoing trade war by restricting exports of rare earths. The last time the Chinese restricted exports in 2010, prices skyrocketed on the world market.
CO2 Emissions: The Trend Is Not Your Friend
When the IEA reported that energy consumption in 2018 rose at the fastest rate in a decade, it confirmed something that most of those who truly understand the climate crisis already know...
Helium Is A Finite Resource—who Knew?
Last week worries about a helium shortage appeared in my news feed. It seems that we are indeed going to party 'til the helium's gone as no steps that I know of have been taken to avert the inevitable shortage.
Does Chevron Know Exactly What Shale Oil And Gas Are Worth?
Welcome to the bidding war that didn't happen. Why did Chevron choose not to increase its takeover bid for shale oil and gas-heavy Anadarko Petroleum Corp. , when outbid?
Is Matter Conscious? If So, Does It Matter?
We are joined in a giant struggle in practically every aspect of society over the value of subjective experience versus objective experience.
The Russians Are Coming (And They're Bringing Oil)
As America's Russia hysteria is stirred once again by the arrival of the long-awaited report of the U.S. Department of Justice on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, a surge in Russian oil imports has arrived on America's shores.
Uber, Lyft And Oil Frackers: Tech Mirages, Not Real Businesses
Ultimately, businesses must make money for their investors or those businesses are shut down.
Will Anything Slow Down The U.S. LNG Juggernaut?
It is the legally mandated purpose of a for-profit corporation to make money for its owners and to prioritize that goal above all else.
Has US Shale Oil Entered A Death Spiral?
The bad news coming out of the shale oil fields of America could all be put down to slumping oil prices. That is certainly a big factor. But as investment professionals like to say, when the tide goes out, we all find out who's been skinny-dipping.
Bayer Suffering Buyer's Remorse For Monsanto Acquisition
If only Bayer, the German pharmaceutical and agricultural seed and chemical giant, had bothered to ask around before acquiring the American-based Monsanto Company for $63 billion in cash last June.
Shale Oil Becomes Shale Fail (and A Nice Subsidy For Consumers)
The US shale oil industry is using investor money to subsidize oil consumers.There is no other conclusion to draw from the fact that free cash flow continues to be wildly negative for those companies most deeply dependent on U.S. shale oil deposits.
Saudi Retreat On Oil IPO Highlights Dearth Of Reliable Information On World Oil Reserves
Since late 2016 the financial media has been abuzz about what would likely be the biggest initial public offering ever: The sale of 5 percent of the world's largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, which is wholly owned by the government of Saudi Arabia.
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