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Kurt Cobb combines two professional identities. He is best known for his work as a blogger, columnist, speaker and author focusing on energy and the environment. He also works as an independent marketing and publicity consultant and writer who has served a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit, ... more


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Solar Now 'Cheapest Electricity In History': How Much Will It Matter?
The International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook 2020 says solar-produced electricity is now the "cheapest electricity in history."  That seems like very good news until the actual expected impact of that fact is examined more closely.
Mobility Is Not Optional: Why The Losses Hitting Mass Transit Should Concern Us All
Transit makes possible much of the private commercial activity of cities, not the other way around. And mass transit is currently trapped in a doom loop.
Low Prices Batter Oil Industry (And Later The Rest Of Us)
The shale oil and gas industry as a whole has been free cash flow negative for years. That's okay for a few years, but as a long-run strategy it means a company is simply consuming the capital of its investors.
The 'New Normal' Has Been Postponed (And Probably Canceled)
The date for the recovery to a new normal seems to keep getting postponed.
North Dakota Blues: The Legacy Of Fracking
Even one of the most ardent oil industry promoters of shale oil and gas development said earlier this year that North Dakota's most productive days are over.
Evictions, Tenants And The Fragility Of A "Correlated" World
As eviction moratoriums around the United States come to an end, it is expected that landlords will begin evicting non-paying tenants en masse. It is estimated that in the past several years evictions have affected about 2.3 million people annually.
Cracks In The Supply Chain: Is Metastable Turning Into Unstable?
What we are witnessing as a result of this pandemic is a widespread challenge to metastable systems upon which our societies depend. So far those systems have largely kept functioning— enough to keep people in rich countries warm and fed.
Insanity? Markets Continue Disconnect From Economy And Society
The estimate for the current quarter started at minus 12.1 percent and has been dropping like a stone with each new piece of information. For comparison, U.S. GDP during the 2008-2009 financial crises shrank by only 4.2 percent.
A Stealth Peak In World Oil Production?
We who have been suggesting that a peak in world oil production was nigh almost from the beginning of this century have taken it on the chin for more than a decade as the U.S. shale oil boom kept adding to world supplies.
Oil Flows Spell Deep Depression
Energy is not just one commodity among many in the economy; it is the commodity.
The Return Of Resource Nationalism
The Chinese dominate the rare earth elements market because most of what is mined worldwide comes from China. The country produces 80 percent of global output. But it also controls 85 percent of the processing capacity.
Iran, Energy And War
Iran was an oil power back in 1953 and it remains one today. Iran is presumed to have the third-largest oil reserves in the world and the second-largest natural gas reserves.
The Troubled Saudi Aramco IPO: It's What You Can't See That Counts
It's what you can't see—the oil beneath the Arabian sands—that potential investors in Saudi Aramco's on-again, off-again initial public offering (IPO) ought to focus on.
Oil Prices And The Coming Financial 'Ice Age'
Albert Edwards turned bearish on stocks back in 1996—well, not exactly bearish, but cautious.
Is There A Way To Counter The Chinese Stranglehold On Rare Earth Metals?
China has threatened to retaliate in the ongoing trade war by restricting exports of rare earths. The last time the Chinese restricted exports in 2010, prices skyrocketed on the world market.
CO2 Emissions: The Trend Is Not Your Friend
When the IEA reported that energy consumption in 2018 rose at the fastest rate in a decade, it confirmed something that most of those who truly understand the climate crisis already know...
1 to 16 of 53 Posts
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