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Kurt Cobb combines two professional identities. He is best known for his work as a blogger, columnist, speaker and author focusing on energy and the environment. He also works as an independent marketing and publicity consultant and writer who has served a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit, ... more


U.S. Shale Oil And Gas Forecast: Too Good To Be True?
The nature of tight oil and shale gas plays is that they decline quickly, such that production from individual wells falls 75–90% in the first three years, and first-year play decline rates without new drilling typically range from 25–50% per year.
Technology That "Empowers The Individual" Can Threaten All Of Us
Whenever I hear about a new technology that "empowers the individual," I know that one thing is likely to be true about it: It will soon (if not already) be turned to negative and harmful ends
Critical Minerals Problem: Supply Chain Issues Come To The Fore
It seems that all of a sudden there is talk of mineral shortages and two metals which are thought to be plentiful in the Earth's crust, nickel and zinc, have been added to the list of minerals now deemed critical to the United States.
Another Extraordinary Delusion: Mining Helium From The Moon
The obsession with mining the Moon strikes me as the kind of fantasy that enters into civilizations when they are faced with huge, seemingly insurmountable problems and want magical solutions that let them avoid actually facing those problems.
Then And Now: Your Grocery Stores Are Like Museums
The cause for spreading shortages in grocery stores is a supply chain weakened by decades of streamlining in an effort to cut costs and reward investors with the savings.
EC Things Do Not Have To Run Out For Their Scarcity To Become Destabilizing
It's not that things are running out - it's the where, and the fragility of a globally interconnected system.


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