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I grew up in a middle class working family in Milwaukee.I remember long gas lines, the first home my parents bought and the recession of the early1980s. My parents sacrificed to put me through Catholic Schools at a time that Milwaukee Public Schools were beginning to fail. I also remember all of ... more


JPOW Just Killed Tina!
Today we will be talking a bit about the market. We will be commenting on JPOW's actions that might be causing a huge recession, the slowing economy and some leading index finds.
S&P 500 Q4 Earnings Likely To Disappoint
A video walkthrough of some of my recent articles.
Buy Emerging Markets. Period.
Emerging markets are a great way to invest in the current bear market. On a percentage basis, big gains will come from there.
When Megacaps Correct, The Bear Will Hibernate
Tech is still king. Mega-cap stocks have been keeping the market high. When these stocks stop falling the market will be at its low and a turnaround will be in the offing. Perhaps?
Easter Egg Hunt: Fed Policy, Oil, Satellite Stocks, Twitter ...
A good place to put some of your risk money is in companies that make satellites. Cheap now, could go up 400-600% easily. Of course, they could also crash and burn - literally. Also watch for more buyers for Twitter.
The Fed Did Not Cause Inflation, Oil & Supply Chains Did
There's a false narrative that the Fed caused inflation. The Fed saved us from a depression. Oil prices are the primary reason that inflation is high.


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Peak Oil Demand Is On The Horizon
2 years ago

So, do you see a cyclical bull market within the secular decline? I do, I think it might have just started, though this could be anther false alarm and cyclical bull doesn't start until early 2021.

In this article: XOM, CVX, OXY, ECA, PXD
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Coronavirus Will Spur Much Deeper S&P 500 Correction
People ignore valuations until there are no more greater fools, then something makes valuations suddenly matter. Coronavirus is the something making valuations suddenly matter.
CES 2020: EVs Could Dominate New Car Sales By 2030
EVs will likely make up 50-80% of new car sales by 2030. Even with potentially watered down fuel efficiency standards by the Trump administration, European and Chinese mandates guarantee mass EV penetration.
My 2020 Outlook: Euphoria To Despair
The stock market is overvalued, politics are undervalued and money flow is flattening out as buybacks fall. The equation does not look good for a positive 2020. We'll either see a flat year with volatility, or something worse than 2018!

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