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I grew up in a middle class working family in Milwaukee. I remember long gas lines, the first home my parents bought and the recession of the early 1980s. My parents sacrificed to put me through Catholic Schools at a time that Milwaukee Public Schools were beginning to fail. I also ... more


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Coronavirus Will Spur Much Deeper S&P 500 Correction
People ignore valuations until there are no more greater fools, then something makes valuations suddenly matter. Coronavirus is the something making valuations suddenly matter.
CES 2020: EVs Could Dominate New Car Sales By 2030
EVs will likely make up 50-80% of new car sales by 2030. Even with potentially watered down fuel efficiency standards by the Trump administration, European and Chinese mandates guarantee mass EV penetration.
My 2020 Outlook: Euphoria To Despair
The stock market is overvalued, politics are undervalued and money flow is flattening out as buybacks fall. The equation does not look good for a positive 2020. We'll either see a flat year with volatility, or something worse than 2018!
1 to 3 of 3 Posts