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The Election Countdown Continues
The key US Equity stock indexes (SPY, QQQ, IWM, DIA​​​​​​​) all digested their recent gains and closed within +/- 1% of the prior weeks close.
The Chopfest Intensifies
Virtually all assumptions about everything and anything are up for grabs. One thing that is a certainty is that volatility will persist.
A Classic Standoff
Markets retreated this week correcting almost 10% after setting new all-time highs on an intraday basis in two US Equity (SPY, QQQ) benchmarks.
Weekend Visit With The Economic Modern Family
With Daily’s recently titled “Granny Retail Hangs Tough” and “Granddad Russell 2000 Takes the Lead,” no wonder we saw rotation out of tech and into the matriarch and patriarch of the Economic Modern Family.
Invest With The Fed
US Equity Markets market improved their footing with most key benchmarks gaining more than 3%for the week.
You Keep Me Hanging On
Markets globally got hit hard as even traditional safe havens did not work.
Emerging Or Submerging?
The Corona virus continues to spread, and equity markets tanked globally. US equity markets were down -11% on average and there was not one foreign stock market positive for the week.
Risk Gauges Still Flashing Yellow
US stocks seem to like the bickering from democratic presidential contenders and the lingering threat of the Coronavirus, as three out of four US equity benchmarks hit new all-time highs.
The Impact Of More Tariffs And Negative Rates
US equities bounced off some key support levels late last week. However, the S&P 500 still closed down for the month and It took all of August to digest a nasty sell-off that hit the first few days.
“Risk Off Is Back On”
U.S. Stock indexes gave up all the gains made in July in just a few days, led by the Nasdaq 100 which dropped -4.07% for the week.
Appearance, Reality And Dichotomy
Despite the attention-grabbing headlines of the S&P 500, NASDQ 100, and the Dow industrials all hitting new all time highs early this week, stocks closed down by Friday and the Dow (DIA) had a bearish engulfing pattern.
Risk Gauges Head South Of The Border
U.S. Equity markets reversed their relentless climb up this year and dropped between -2 to -4% for the week. Risk Gauges flipped 100% negative by the end of the week, despite the rally into the close on Friday.
Where The Rubber Meets The Road
The nation averted another shutdown at the expense of Trump declaring a national emergency.
A TIPSY Market
US Equity markets embraced a newly dovish Fed by tacking on a +1.5% weekly gain.
I Want To Take You Higher
August performance for the Nasdaq 100 was up over 5%.
Market Outlook For Monday, July 2
Today, SMH cleared back over a critical moving average and could just well be the key to the market's direction in the next several weeks.
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