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Not Your Ordinary Black Swan
This month, US equities suffered one of their worst Mays on record and it's something not to ignore. Risk Gauges remain 100% negative and getting worse.
Geo-Political Stress And A Bear Flag
US Equities got hit yet again, led by Grandpa Russell, (IWM​) which tanked -2.4% on week. The trade war with China escalated, as did tensions with Iran which sent Oil (USO) up almost +2%. Stocks went into a nasty retreat on a global basis.
Just A Tweet Away
US equities got hit hard, down -2.5% on average as the tariff war escalated. It sent stocks into a nasty retreat globally. China got hit the hardest down -6.55%; there wasn't a single Global Equity index that had a positive return this week.
Grandpa Russell (IWM) Awakes
Equities markets put in a respectable week as Fridays action turned things around from what was looking like a key reversal pattern. IWM was up almost +2% on Friday and +1.4 % on the week.
Housing Starts Stopping
One of the better leading economic indicators is housing starts and that dropped sharply in March. This followed a big drop in February where the market was expecting a large increase. Overall, housing starts are sitting at two-years lows.
The Physics Of Shorting
Are there new market physics at play that suggest fundamentals are meaningless, economic cycles don’t matter, and central bankers can cut rates to negative and keep stocks elevated forever?
Musk Melts Down, Emerging Markets Emerge
Global Equities melted up, gaining over 2.5% on average this week led by Emerging Markets. Norway’s highly respected $ 1 trillion-dollar sovereign wealth fund is dumping Emerging Market bonds and moving into Emerging Market equities.
Markets: Pick Your Poison
All four key U.S. equity markets bounced this week up about +1% on average. Gold retreated as did old Miners, and both look technically vulnerable However, copper, an industrial metal, performed well and is holding a bullish phase.
A Colorful Week: Yellow Vests And Red Flags
This week, the Fed also reiterated a dovish stance on rates over concerns about growth. Thus, the strongest economies are signaling a red flag that a recession is coming to a theater near you.
Good Junk
All four key U.S. equity markets continued their relentless climb up, +.5% (on average) last week shrugging off what would normally be considered lousy news.
Equities Rise While Risk Gauges Retreat
All four key US Equity markets continued their relentless climb up, +.72 % (on average) over the shortened week.
Not The Queen's Gold
Gold is at levels not seen since May 2018 and currently one of the top performing assets as ranked by our TSI indicator. This action in Gold seems counter-intuitive to strong equities and therefore, other forces must be at play.
Brinksmanship On The Hill
Equity markets continued their rebound last week and U.S. stocks were up almost +3% for the week. This price action is bullish, but we’ve also got our eyes on the major overhead supply of stock which comes in about 3-5% above current prices.
Market Update….Dual Diagnosis
Last week we received the news Mr. Market was suffering from Market Nervosa. After this week’s session, the diagnosis now indicates that Mr. Market is also suffering from a bi-polar disorder. Each condition is creating a feedback loop to the other.
Market Nervosa
Mr. Market was recently diagnosed with a resurgence of Market Nervosa, a mental condition resulting in wide market swings.This was expected, as he often suffers from episodes of anxiety especially after a very difficult year and a horrible December.
Risk Off Accelerates
US equities remain under relentless pressure, giving up some hard-fought gains earlier in the week. Stocks dropped about - 2% on Friday and all key indexes closed negative for the week. Equity outflows hit $46 billion.
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