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Regime Change?
Considering that equity markets in the US got hit hard this week with the Nasdaq 100 giving up most of its gains for the year and now only up +1.25 % for the year, the question is what does that portend going forward?
Mixed Signs, Yet New Highs
After a spectacular 2023 with the S&P 500 up 24% and the Nasdaq’s 43% gain, it was inevitable that there would be some profit-taking early on. Is the profit taking over, and will we have another good year in 2024? We will explore this question.
The Fed Pivots And The Party Starts. Will It Continue?
By now, you're probably well aware that Jerome Powell and the Fed became “dovish” on Wednesday and pivoted to a stop on interest rate hikes. The markets reacted favorably, and the party (which may have begun in early November) kicked into high gear.
These Charts Clarify The Big Picture: See What They’re Telling You Now
Most major indices finished the holiday shortened week up around 1%. Interest rates have been drifting lower and now we are below 4.5% on the 10-year Treasury. This is a steep decline over the past month after hitting 5% in late October.
Investors Were Thankful This Week After Cooling Inflation Data - Will We See Additional Follow-Through?
This week, the CPI came out lower than expected and relieved investors of the potential pressure that the Fed may hike rates at their meeting next month. This information prompted a huge rally in all types of bonds.
Has The Fed Closed The Door To Future Rate Hikes, Or Does The Door Remain Partially Open?
The stock and bond markets seem to think the door has closed, or is about to close, on future rate hikes. Stocks soared and rates came down (as bonds rallied). Everything turned on a dime.
A Frightful October In The Markets - Will The November Seasonal Turn Happen?
As scary as Halloween can be, there is a lot going on around the world that may be scarier, including the economic uncertainty that plagues the US. October has exceeded the scary expectations many had about the potential downdraft of this season.
New Highs, But Perhaps Not Where You Want Them
Geopolitical risk continued to rule the markets. Uncertainty in the economy, given worldwide distractions, was the theme of the week. Tensions intensified between Israel and Gaza. Inflation fears persisted and continue to do so.
Turbulence From Headwinds But Reasons To Get Positive On The Market
I was on a long flight at the beginning of this week. We hit a couple of rough patches of turbulence. Reminded me a lot of the economic scenario right now and the accompanying market actions we have experienced since early September.
The Canary In The Silicon Mine
US equity markets were under extreme pressure in September and part of August as the Fed has been relentless in trying to bring inflation down. The jump in interest rates has been extreme, ranking as one of the biggest moves in rates ever.
Let Me Count The Waves
Equity markets have been under extreme pressure over the past month (-5% on average). The divergence in performance YTD between the Nasdaq 100 and the Russell 2000 is 33%, hitting extreme levels that we saw at market peaks like in 2000.
Fear Creeps Back Into The Markets The Negatives Versus Positives
The past few trading sessions have seen the markets come under pressure, particularly growth stocks.  The reason why, of course, is because the Federal Reserve made it quite clear that they may not be finished raising interest rates.
Will The Fed Finally Stop? A Current Seasonal Trade That Will Surprise You!
We have been operating in a volatile trading range since the end of July.  The rally from last (2022) had gotten overheated and was overdue for a pause and some profit taking.
Could Higher Oil Prices Throw The U.S. Into A Recession?
Today, we want to focus on the headwinds that higher oil, interest rates, and the U.S. dollar may cause. Moreover, higher energy prices, especially felt by all Americans at the gas pump, may force the hand of the Fed to continue raising rates.
What Might September Hold For The Markets?
This past week saw a couple of important economic statistics. July PCE Inflation was released. This is the Fed’s preferred inflation measure. It rose to 3.3%, in-line with expectations of 3.3%.
The Inflation Fighters: Will They Keep Raising Rates Or Pause?
Many thought that the Fed had done enough and now is the time to take a “pause.” However, when Chairman Jerome Powell spoke on Friday morning, his words conveyed the same narrative we have heard consistently over the past two years.
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