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Remembering The Past & Looking To The Future
The markets are narrow. This has caused many technical analysts to conclude that we were not seeing enough participation in the market, and they would have to fall. No other year comes close to seeing the influence mega-cap stocks have right now.
Sunnier Skies This Past Week, But Will It Last?
The stock market rallied out of a long sideway consolidation pattern and made a new year-to-date high as well as a positive 52-week period. The S&P 500 was up 1.71%, and the Nasdaq 100 was up 3.53% for the week.
Dark Clouds Loom Large Over The Markets, But Investors Hope The Sun Shows Up Soon
The market has been extremely quiet over the past few weeks. This week, the Dow and S&P were down slightly, and the Nasdaq was up just a tiny bit. Dark clouds loom on the horizon. Let’s explore each one.
An Abundance Of Data This Past Week - What Is The Takeaway?
Last week, our outlook was all about the data and trying to eliminate some of the noise. This week, we received the latest input from the Federal Reserve, jobs, regional banks, and earnings. There was just so much data, but what matters most?
Lots Of Noise, But What Is The Data Telling Us?
There was an abundance of earnings announcements this past week. Can we evaluate how healthy companies are from their earnings announcements? Can we interpret the state of the economy from this information? Let’s explore.
The Fed’s Actions Appear To Be Working…. Or Are They? What Could Be Their Next Moves?
There was an abundance of news this past week, including the Government’s release of CPI, PPI as well as the Federal Reserve minutes that shed light on their thinking and potential future “game plan.”
Is The World Ditching The U.S. Dollar? What Investments May Benefit The Most?
As the world's reserve currency, the U.S. dollar is the default currency in international trade. Because of that, every central bank, Treasury, and major firm keeps a portion of their foreign exchange holdings in U.S. dollars. That may change.
Can The Fed Engineer A Soft Landing? The One Key To Your Investment Success!
The Fed raised 25 basis points this past week after their Fed meetings. We were steadfast in our column last weekend that this would happen.
It’s A Confusing Economic Picture. What To Do Next?
What we have been saying consistently since late 2021 when we said, “It Doesn’t Smell Right,” is to stay cautious. We are not on firm footing yet.
Plunging Banks Take The Market Down Economic Headwinds Persist
In other words, the Fed’s cure for inflation may have begun what will soon be called “a banking crisis” that ignited last week in crypto-centric financial firms.
After A Cloudy February, The Sun Peaks Out, Markets Go Up But Face Plenty Of Headwinds
After 4 weeks of consecutive, albeit small, negative performance weeks for most of the major indices, we finally got a positive week fueled by two up days in the S&P 500, the Dow, the NASDAQ 100, and Small and Midcap stocks.
Inflation, Interest Rates, And The U.S. Dollar - All Floating Higher
Estimates on future earnings for market pricing are still coming down. It may be hard to get a “real” bull market until interest rates, input prices, and other pressures on our economy subside. This may be the only way inflation cools.
Escalating Prices Keep The Inflation Gauge High
This past week, both CPI and PPI were released. Analysts and the “market” had less trepidation given that the most recent months have seen a significant decrease in both indicators. Surprise, both numbers came in hotter than expected.
Elevated Risk - What Might Cause Market Weakness?
After five straight weeks of up market performance in the major index averages, they all closed lower, with the small-caps down the most at -3%. The tech heavy Nasdaq closed down -2%, and the S&P 500 fell the least, at -1.0%. Will this continue?
Good News! Or Is It? Let's Take A Closer Look
As they often say on Wall Street, good news may be bad news. A few situations occurred this past week that may eventually lead to unexpected and unfavorable future actions. Let’s explore these together.
The Bull Is Awake, But Will It Continue?
After 6%, 9%, and 12% run-up moves in the S&P 500, Small Caps, and the Nasdaq, respectively, the most important question is, “Does this positive market continue? Are we in for even better returns in the near future?
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