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30+ Years of trading experience; Current money manager, former floor trader, & member of all NY Commodities Exchanges. Co-founded Dataview, LLC, , and MarketVision, along with being the Developer of MarketGauge, HotScans, The Nuggets List and many of the ... more

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A Moment Of Truth - Ways To Help You Deal With A New Reality
The truth can be difficult to hear. This week, investors had to deal with a heavy dose of truth about the state of the economy. Based on the markets’ response, it was painfully unexpected and disappointing. However, we can deal with this new reality.
Through The Roof, Where To Invest Now?
Having grown up in the ‘60s and attended college in the late ’70s, I can remember my father telling me, “Cost of everything is going through the roof”. It was an often-used sentence by people living in the ’70s, when inflation was out of control..
Economic Storms Ahead? What To Do To Protect Your Investments
We have been saying inflation would soon exceed expectations. To make matters worse, higher-than-expected inflation would lead to "stagflation," which would be the problem that would finally weigh on the bull market in a way that could not be denied.
Dead Cat Bounce Or Bottom? What History Tells Us About The Near Future
After seven negative weeks in a row for the S&P 500 (eight for the Dow), we witnessed a healthy reprieve this week. The stage for this week’s rally was set by the prior week’s wild Friday, during which the S&P 500 was down over 2% intraday.
It’s Been A Rough Ride!
In the last hour of trading, we witnessed a sharp recovery as the shorts closed out positions before the weekend. By the closing bell, the Dow and S&P 500 had closed up on the day and the Nasdaq recovered most of its almost 3% loss. Fast and furious.
Weighing Heavily On The Markets...Suggestions To Help Protect Your Portfolio
This week was like a good gangster movie. It contained high drama, a love affair with the results, a quick turn in sentiment, and then… the villain getting shot, gangsters needing new people and recruiting, and another shooting.
Will April Showers Bring May Flowers? What You Can Do To Prepare For A Better Market
With much of the country thawing out from a long winter, many were looking forward to April. But April can bring with it highly volatile weather, cold rain, and sleet. This April was no exception, especially for the markets.
Do You Have An Investment Drawbridge? Here’s How To Build Your Own
We’ve done something similar at MarketGauge by developing trading rules, proprietary indicators, and mechanical trading systems that integrate acute risk-averse methodologies.
The Hawks Are Circling - How To Protect Your Portfolio
No, this is not about the Atlanta Hawks hoping to get into the NBA playoffs. We’re talking about financial hawks that grew in number this week, and the game these hawks are playing will affect not only their net worth, but your net worth as well.
March Madness, Revisiting The First Quarter
You might be surprised to learn that betting on March Madness this year topped $3.1 billion. That number only covers the legitimate bracket contests and betting. I am confident that it is much higher than that.
How Higher Oil Prices Impact Everyday Life, And What You Can Do About It
Oil. Commonly referred to as 'black gold.' In one way or another, everyone uses it. Recently, every newspaper, financial magazine, National TV news, Congressional press conference, and geopolitical commentary mentions oil and its rising price.
Walking The Tightrope... How To Adjust Your Portfolio To Handle Rising Rates
After many months of speculation, the Federal Reserve finally took away the punch bowl. This ended speculation of “when” and followed their action of reducing an accommodating stance.
Commodity Prices Hit Multi-Year Highs
Russian’s’ invasion into Ukraine and the US (and Europe’s) sanctions coupled with a disruption of goods from Russia and Ukraine have sent commodity prices soaring. Wheat and Nickel are major exports from Ukraine and Russia.
Fear & Greed Have Become Best Friends
It has been another bumpy week for the market. One day the market was down -1.5%, followed by a quick +2.5% bounce, only to again retreat with several days of continued selling to finish the week.
Why Did (Does) Ukraine Even Matter To The Markets?
The headlines this week were focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so let’s step back and look at the big picture and see how that may impact the markets.
What To Do When The Big Mac Barometer Is Bearish
What do hamburgers have to do with investing? After the great rise in food costs during the high inflation period between the late 1970’s and early 1980's, economists began to track food costs as a barometer of the economy and the rate of inflation.
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