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Joseph James is the head-trader at (SOT), a trading education website based in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph’s goal with SOT is to provide his students with the proper knowledge of how the business of day trading works, the technical analysis skills to find ... more


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4 Favorite Trades For Friday
Buyers took control of momentum after this morning’s inflation report, which means I’ll be looking for ways to get long off support levels tomorrow morning.
FV Trade The Drop! (Or The News Pop?!)
With markets “rotating” off the high of weekly ranges, sellers are looking for ways to get short into this drop back to weekly lows.
Which Is Better, Breakouts Or Reversals?
The wide range from yesterday gave us exactly what we expected, volatility back and forth from top to bottom of the trading range.
How Do I Trade These ‘Melt-Up’ Markets?
Markets are bullish going into Tuesday’s trading session, and with big inflation news on the schedule, combined with easy magnets back at major highs, it’s easy to see these markets “melting higher” on Tuesday morning.
3 Ways To ‘Trade The Turn’ On Thursday
Tomorrow could be the best trading day of the week.
Can I Short This Pullback? (Re-Balancing Strategy)
After a wild start to the week, markets “re-balanced” after Monday’s Holiday session, and finished the day with bears firmly in control.
I’d Love To Buy This Breakout!
The Eminis look great for a bull breakout.
Miss The Reversal? Next Best Entries Are Here!
The Eminis are both very bearish, so I’ll be looking for sell setups at a couple key resistance areas up overhead, but there’s one key difference between the S&P and Nasdaq that you need to pay attention to.
Is It Too Early To Short This Breakout?
I know – the market is certainly bullish, and I’ll be looking for ways to buy pullbacks at support levels tomorrow morning.
Trading With *Failed* Breakouts On Friday
Markets turned sideways today after a week of strong trends, which means our trading plan for tomorrow is rather simple.
Sellers – Watch For This Setup On Thursday
The sell-off continued today after a record-breaking CPI Report tossed a grenade into the markets early this morning, and the bears didn’t let up until the closing bell.
Are You Seeing This Short Squeeze?
Gold completed its ‘pendulum swing pullback’ off today’s low and looks ready to make another run higher, and the Eminis finished their session with bulls back in control again too!
Which Pullbacks Work Best In Strong Trends?
Just like we anticipated last week, the day after Non-Farm Payrolls was filled with some amazing opportunities today.
Can I Short This On Tuesday? Here’s My Plan
The Eminis turned bearish this afternoon, and with the price sitting at today’s lows, I’ll be looking to sell the bounces at key resistance levels tomorrow morning.
Take Advantage Of ‘Hidden Traps’ On Friday
The markets were wild Thursday, with big moves in both directions, which will have a lot of traders searching for answers on Friday morning.
Trading ‘Reaction’ Thursday – Let’s Finish This!
With today’s major news out of the way and the end-of-month on the horizon, we should see a nice uptick in volatility (and trading opportunities) going into the next couple of days.
1 to 16 of 328 Posts
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