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Joseph James is the head-trader at (SOT), a trading education website based in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph’s goal with SOT is to provide his students with the proper knowledge of how the business of day trading works, the technical analysis skills to find ... more


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Two Favorite Ways To Trade A Reversal (Friday’s Plan)
We’re heading into Friday’s trading session, and since tomorrow is the last day of trading for February, and we had such a big move down today, we’re expecting another volatile session to finish the week tomorrow morning.
OPEX Trading Strategy (Capitalize On Volatility)
E-Mini S&P is bearish into a trading-range, which tells me to look for short setups at key resistance levels above today’s trading range.  I have my eyes on a resistance trend-line up around 3495.
Overshoot Trading Strategy – Better Levels, Precise Entries
Crude Oil is bearish and grinding lower into a spike & channel, which is an important clue, because it tells me the best sell setups will likely be up around the “base” of the channel tomorrow morning.
Wide Range Trading Secrets
Crude Oil is bullish and trading just below a trading range, which is a great place to find entries, but watch out, because that pullback off the highs was very strong, which tells me to respect the momentum of the bears before I get long.
5 Set-Ups For This Short-Covering Rally
E-Mini S&P is rallying higher after the sellers successfully defended the lows this afternoon, which means I’m looking for my shot to buy the next pullback, and I have my eyes on a key support level just below the 3290 area.
Trading Triangles On Non-Farm Payrolls
Crude Oil is bullish as the buyers try to claw their way back into the range from the beginning of today’s session, but this bull momentum may not last very long because of a strong shot lower over lunch.
3 Secrets To Expanding Triangles
Crude Oil is bullish, but we’re back up to the 57.17 “half-back” resistance level we discussed in last night’s newsletter – which isn’t a reliable place to start buying.
The Rule Of Three
The FOMC Announcement is behind us this evening, but that doesn’t mean we’re finished with today’s price-action – because tomorrow is “Reaction Thursday” – where the professional traders get back into the markets with confidence.
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