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Joseph James is the head-trader at (SOT), a trading education website based in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph’s goal with SOT is to provide his students with the proper knowledge of how the business of day trading works, the technical analysis skills to find ... more

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Fading The Crude Oil Spike – 4 Setups To Watch
Crude Oil is bearish after buyers failed to re-test this morning’s high, finishing the session inside a range around 25.
When ‘Traps’ Are Necessary – Avoid The Head Fake
Crude Oil is bearish and trading inside a range, which tells me to look for sell setups at resistance levels to get short off the high.
Trading The Turn – Best Reversal Setups
Crude Oil is bearish and back inside the range from yesterday, and with the bears in control of momentum, I’m looking for sell setups using three resistance levels overhead.
Predicting Breakouts – 4 Reliable Trade Setups
Crude Oil is bearish, but a recent breakout below today’s range tells me to anticipate a pendulum-swing back up in the opposite direction.
Trading Sharp Pullbacks – Avoid The Stop & Run
Crude Oil is bearish and trading below the weekly trading-range, which will act like a magnet to drag price higher on Friday.
3 Trend Lines To Watch On Thursday
Crude Oil is range-bound with a recent push higher for the bulls, which tells me to keep focused on selling back into the range, but with the recent spike higher, my plan is to wait for a “nested” failure pattern to get short.
Buy The Rumor, Sell The News & 5 Powerful Price Patterns
Crude Oil is bearish after a steep pullback off this morning’s high, and I’ll be looking for set-ups to get short for a re-test of today’s low tomorrow morning.
Trading The $3T Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
Crude Oil is range-bound with a bullish bias tonight, trading just above the highs of the range, which is a critical place for buyers and sellers.
Hidden Ranges, Trade The “Snap Back”
Crude Oil is bearish and finished the session in the middle of a range, which tells me to focus on buying low, selling high, and avoiding the middle tomorrow morning.
Overshoot Trading Strategy – Better Levels, Precise Entries
Crude Oil is bearish and grinding lower into a spike & channel, which is an important clue, because it tells me the best sell setups will likely be up around the “base” of the channel tomorrow morning.
Trading The Extremes, 3 Setups To Plan For
Crude Oil is bullish, but we’re trading directly into the major high of this week’s range, which is a HUGE psychological level for both sides of the market.
Price-Action Strategy, Listen To The “Story”
Crude Oil is bearish, and at first glance, appears to be running back to re-test today’s low, but when you “listen to the story” in the price-action, you can see we’re trading at the low of a range, which isn’t a reliable place to sell.
Trading Non-Farm Payrolls, Are You Ready?
Crude Oil is back in familiar territory again tonight; we’re bearish and grinding lower, but just below the low of today’s trading-range.
Failed Breakouts; Time Your Entry Like A Pro
Crude Oil is just below today’s range, which means buyers are looking for this failed breakout to snap back up to the highs ahead of the OPEC announcement tomorrow.
Trend Reversal Strategy, 3 Patterns I Trust
Crude Oil is bearish but we’re trading just below today’s range, so I’m looking for ways to buy this low while respecting the bear momentum with a “Crown Reversal” pattern.
Don’t Chase Trades, Wait For These Set-Ups Instead
Crude Oil is bullish and trading at today’s high with a strong spike higher, which is tempting to chase, but I’d rather wait for a more reliable entry, such as a 2-Try Trap on the way up to the $50 round number.
1 to 16 of 152 Posts
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