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Joseph James is the head-trader at (SOT), a trading education website based in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph’s goal with SOT is to provide his students with the proper knowledge of how the business of day trading works, the technical analysis skills to find ... more

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2 Ways To Trade This ‘Melt-Up’ Reversal
Both the Emini and Nasdaq continued to “melt” higher on low volume today, finishing the session at major resistance levels on the chart.
3 Best Pullbacks (And A Reversal) For Tuesday
I don’t wanna chase this move higher – so where’s the best pullback entry?
Why Can’t I Stop Chasing Trades? (3 Steps To Break The Habit)
One of the most common problems a new trader faces is the habit of chasing a trade.
Watch For This Breakout On Wednesday
Big news on the schedule tomorrow has our favorite markets trading inside ranges this evening, which means we’re looking for breakouts (and failures) on Wednesday.
6 Best Momentum Trades For Non-Farm Payrolls
We’ve been waiting all week for tomorrow’s NFP Report, and if it’s anything like last month’s report, we should have quite the busy Friday morning…
Too Early For A Reversal? 3 Ways To Trade It On Tuesday
The first week of the month is usually pretty exciting, and we didn’t waste any time getting started with big moves lower on the Eminis and a big pop higher on Gold.
Trading Breakouts (And Failures) On ‘Reaction’ Thursday
Emini, Nasdaq, and Gold are all coiled-up inside ranges after today’s announcement — perfect for trading breakouts, failures, and rotation.
Don’t Short This Bounce Until You Watch!
The Emini ES is in a perfect spot for a short off the bottom of today’s trading range, but the strength of this pullback gives buyers an easy opportunity to grab a reversal.
5 Ways To Trade This Breakout On Wednesday
Markets made some big moves on the charts today —both the Emini and Nasdaq finished the day tumbling lower, and Gold made a strong run higher.
Is This Reversal For Real? What If It’s A Trap?!
Gold, Emini and Nasdaq all pushed higher into the closing bell this afternoon with enough strength to suggest a bullish reversal may be in the making for Tuesday.
Time For A Short Squeeze? 3 Ways To Trade It.
You’re right — everything is bearish right now, but we’re sitting at major lows with ranges (magnets) just above us.I can’t think of any better opportunity for the buyers to grab this…
Trading A Head Fake – Don’t Let This Fool You
Heading into Thursday’s trading session, we have a bunch of potential “head fakes” on the charts tonight.
Sellers Look Trapped, How Do You Trade It?
Sellers took control of the Eminis and Gold to start the session today, but after failing to hold the lows, the bears look trapped with buyers ready to capitalize.
Love These Trades For Tuesday
We’re back to our desks for the last couple of days of Summer, and I have some awesome trades on my radar.
Trade The Fed! 6 Ways To Profit On Friday
With some “fresh blood” in the markets after today’s big drop and the Fed Speaker scheduled for mid-morning, I’m excited to finish the week with some more big moves tomorrow morning.
This Trap Pattern Is Hard To Resist!
The Emini and Nasdaq both look great for pullbacks and breakouts, but Gold has a trap setup that’s nearly impossible to resist.  Are you seeing it too?
1 to 16 of 381 Posts
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