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Joseph James is the head-trader at (SOT), a trading education website based in Los Angeles, CA.

Joseph’s goal with SOT is to provide his students with the proper knowledge of how the business of day trading works, the technical analysis skills to find ... more

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Stimulus Trading Strategy (Plan The Trade, Trade The Plan)
We’re headed into what could be the biggest news day of the week tomorrow morning, and with everyone waiting on the next stimulus deal announcement, I’ve been busy getting myself ready for all possible outcomes.
Short The Pops (4 Range-Bound Patterns)
E-Mini S&P is bearish and only a few points away from re-testing Monday’s low, which isn’t a great place to start selling.
Ready For The Reversal? (Best Entry Patterns)
E-Mini S&P is bearish with a strong move lower today, telling us to look for short setups at key resistance levels up around 3445 tomorrow morning.
Plan The Best Pullback (123-Reversal Pattern)
E-Mini S&P is bullish after this afternoon’s 123-Reversal sent prices screaming higher, which tells me to get long on the next deep pullback to reliable support levels, such as the low of a new hidden channel around 3465.
OPEX Trading Strategy (Capitalize On Volatility)
E-Mini S&P is bearish into a trading-range, which tells me to look for short setups at key resistance levels above today’s trading range.  I have my eyes on a resistance trend-line up around 3495.
Snap Back Trading Strategy (Fill The Holiday Gap)
The biggest opportunity is trading the “snap back” on the Emini ES and Crude Oil, along with a Spike & Range pattern on Gold.
Trading The Collapse (Sell The Pops!)
Markets collapsed this afternoon after news circulated that stimulus talks would be postponed until after the Election in November.
Don’t Call It A Comeback! (3-Leg Trading Strategy)
E-Mini S&P is bullish and trading three legs higher today, which tells us to anticipate a sideways range while staying patient for a deep pullback to support levels down around 3375 on Tuesday morning.
Trading Non Farm Payrolls (One Big Hidden Clue)
Tomorrow is Non-Farm Friday, one of the most anticipated trading days of the month, which tells us to be patient overnight, but ready for explosive opportunities shortly after the news is released.
Trading The Blow Off Top (My 3 Favorite Patterns)
E-Mini S&P is bearish after buyers completed their pendulum swing and price reversed back into the weekly trading-range.
Can I Trade The Presidential Debate? (My Trading Plan)
We’re headed into the end of the month, and the end of the 3rd quarter tomorrow morning, but the big question on every trader’s mind right now is… “how do I trade tonight’s Presidential Debate?”…
Can Buyers Hold This Breakout? (Look For This!)
E-Mini S&P is bullish with a Spike & Range pattern, which tells me to look for buy setups using failure patterns below the range lows.
Favorite Trades For Friday (Focus On Failures)
We’re seeing nothing but range-bound markets ahead of Friday’s trading session, which means our plan is rather simple; buy support levels below the range, sell resistance levels above the range, and focus on failure patterns to trigger the entry.
Better Way To Trade Breakouts (Do The Opposite)
Charts look great ahead of Wednesday’s trading session; we have some strong moves, failed rotations, and plenty of reliable setups on our radar.
Which Entry Pattern Works Best? (Watch The Cycle!)
We’re back to our desks after last week’s Quad-Witching break, and with a little more than a week left in September, I want to make sure we squeeze every last drop of the best entry patterns this week.
FOMC Trading Strategy; BewareThe Traps
We’re headed into the FOMC Announcement tomorrow afternoon, which means tomorrow morning will be one of the more challenging days of this Quad-Witching week.
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