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Joe has worked in the financial services industry since 1992 in various capacities, including Operations Manager, Compliance Manager, Registered Representative and Portfolio Manager. From 1997 to 2006, when he founded Alhambra Investment Management, Mr. Calhoun was a Director of Investments at ...more


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Weekly Market Pulse: Situation Normal
For younger folks bear markets are a painful gift that allow you to make new investments at cheaper prices. But for the retiree, especially one drawing a regular income from his portfolio, they are a curse that keeps you cursing.
Are Higher Interest Rates Good For The Economy?
Interest rates surged last week on the back of a hotter-than-expected inflation report that wasn’t actually that bad.
Market Morsel: Cash And Carry
A lot of “analysts” were saying that the big drop in the year-over-year change in credit was pointing to a recession. But that isn’t how this works.
Weekly Market Pulse: A New Paradigm?
Markets year to date have been a lot more interesting in the details than the headlines you get in the financial media.
Weekly Market Pulse: Rational Exuberance?
There’s been a lot of talk about bubbles recently as the S&P 500 scales new heights.
Weekly Market Pulse: An Economic Overview
Over the last two years, the evolution of the US economy has been driven by a return to “normal”.
The Best Contrarian Indicator
Government is a near-perfect contrary indicator. Whatever they are doing a lot of, just plan on it to fail. You will rarely be disappointed.
Dare To Be Different
Expectations are fine and necessary for tactical investors, just don’t get attached to them. While the crowd chases AI, you should be watching the dollar.
Market Morsel: Expectations Are Not Predictions
The dollar and interest rate trends are the most important indicators an investor has at their disposal. Changes in these two metrics have a big impact on asset class returns.
Weekly Market Pulse: Artificial Intelligence?
The AI boom has pushed the stock market into one of its periodic flights of fancy when the future seems certain and imminent.
Weekly Market Pulse: Questions
There is no change in the interest rate or dollar trends. The 10-year yield short-term trend is neutral, intermediate is up, and long-term remains neutral to up.
Weekly Market Pulse: Are You Ready For The Roarin’ Twenties?
With productivity already rising, another boost from AI – a very speculative assumption – could really push the economy into a higher gear.
Market Pulse: Skeptically Optimistic
The big sector winners last week were communication services.
Market Morsels: Corporate Bond Issuance
Corporate bond issuance in January is at $176 billion with a few days to go. That’s an all-time record for January and higher than any month last year.
Weekly Market Pulse: Surprises
We got the latest report on economic growth last week and it surprised most everyone. Real GDP expanded by an annualized 3.3% in the fourth quarter, well above the consensus estimate of 2%.
Weekly Market Pulse: Is The Recession Finally Here?
You need to sell when things look great – but not too soon – and buy when things look awful – but not too soon.
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