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Joe has worked in the financial services industry since 1992 in various capacities, including Operations Manager, Compliance Manager, Registered Representative and Portfolio Manager. From 1997 to 2006, when he founded Alhambra Investment Management, Mr. Calhoun was a Director of ... more


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Weekly Market Pulse: This Again?
The global economy is still recovering from the COVID shock – the shutdowns and the response. The first two quarters of this year were a big rebound as the vaccines were rolled out.
Weekly Market Pulse: Who’s The Sucker?
The S&P 500 has become the default stock market investment for an entire generation of investors.
Weekly Market Pulse: Paging George Katona
Consumer sentiment hit a decade low last month, falling 6 points from an already low level. The culprit? Inflation, which we learned last week hit a 3 decade high in October.
Weekly Market Pulse: Divergence
The big winners on the week were small-cap stocks up over 6% and technically breaking out of a year-long consolidation pattern.
EC Weekly Market Pulse: Inflation Scare!
Investors have a very specific and nuanced view about the economy. They are certainly concerned about inflation and doing what people do when they are scared – trying to protect themselves.
Weekly Market Pulse: Perception Vs. Reality
It is ironic too that the provision of fiscal largesse during COVID may have finally pushed the economy to a tipping point. With help wanted signs everywhere, labor appears to have finally gained the upper hand.
Weekly Market Pulse: Inflation Scare?
Bonds sold off again last week with the yield on the 10-year Treasury closing over 1.6% for the first time since early June. The yield is now down just 16 basis points from the high of 1.76% set on March 30.
Weekly Market Pulse: Zooming Out
The current economic environment remains the same – falling growth and rising dollar – although the falling growth part of that may need updating soon.
Weekly Market Pulse: Not So Evergrande
US stocks sold off last Monday due to fears over the potential – likely – failure of China Evergrande, a real estate developer that has suddenly discovered the perils of leverage.
Weekly Market Pulse: Time For A Taper Tantrum?
We are about to run a real world economic experiment in the US labor market. Expanded unemployment benefits have now expired and we are about to find out what impact that has on the jobs market. Reports say there are plenty of jobs available.
Weekly Market Pulse: I Have Questions
Will the economy continue to slow? The current slowdown was telegraphed by the bond market – as it usually does – and we’re now in the midst of it.
Weekly Market Pulse: Windshield Investing
The economic slowdown we’ve been writing about for months officially arrived last Friday in the form of a, particularly weak employment report.
Weekly Market Pulse: The Illusion Of Control
Jerome Powell delivered his long anticipated speech at Jackson Hole last week. Well actually, I have no idea if he was actually in Jackson Hole since the speech was delivered electronically, another victim of the delta variant.
Weekly Market Pulse: All Or Nothing Investing
This week marks a change in our economic environment or at least our perception of it. Last year, post-COVID onset, we characterized the environment as one marked by a falling dollar and improving growth.
Weekly Market Pulse: Happy Anniversary!
Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the “Nixon shock”, the day President Richard Nixon closed the gold window and ended the post-WWII Bretton Woods currency agreement.
Weekly Market Pulse: What Is Today’s New Normal?
The New Normal is really nothing of the sort. I don’t know of anyone who predicted where we are today. I hear people say, well, of course not, look at the extreme things that have happened.
1 to 16 of 216 Posts
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